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Conduent on don haskins

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Learn More. Explore Industries. Be Different. This was every call, back to back, from the time you clocked in, till the time you clocked out. There was no slow day. And most likely the call that will be pulled is the one your having the best time in the world with, the worst person you've spoken too in the last hour.

And you will be "coached" on your call. A person can only take so much if this sort of atmosphere. Do yourself a favor and go work at chic filet. You'll get paid more, and hassled less. Pros Mon-fri. Cons Short breaks, chaos rains yes, done on purpose , customers. The Nashville location is very poorly managed. The "upper" level managers have no idea what they are doing. The work environment is extremely stressful and unprofessional. It feels like you are back in high school, there is a ton of drama and management refuses to address the issues, so everything just festers until in boils over.

The Operations Manager micro manages everyone and has a bullying style of leading; plus he had no prior experience prior to being given this role. It is a commission based job, but the commission pay out is constantly changing. So it is very difficult for the sales agents to make commission consistently.

Supervisors are supposed to get commission as well, but every month there's some new "reason" why we didn't get our commission.

Supervisors are over worked; there is too much work thrown on them for what little they are paid. Overall this is a horrible place to work and I would not recommend it to anyone. Pros Nothing. Cons Everything. Associate Nashville, TN Jan 12, The call center was somewhat small, management stressed a family-like culture.

I personally didn't feel like a family member. Some reps, like myself, took calls for HCA employees who called about their benefits. Others took calls for k, which seemed less stressful. The hardest part of the job was handling various inquiries that weren't part of training. The frustrating part was when no info was available in tools and resources, resulting in having to leave my seat for assistance.

The most enjoyable part was working on the 6th floor with a wonderful view of Nashville. Pros team spirit functions. Cons project position although I applied for a permanent one. Enjoy the work, very disappointed in the respect for their hard working employees.

I enjoying doing what I do at Conduent and I enjoy the people I work with. The down side is their support of their existing employees. When they got a new contract and started hiring additional employees they were brought in at a higher rate than their existing employees, when asked if the existing employees would receive an increase so that we were being paid equally at the first of the year wage review, we were told to quit on good terms and then wait a couple weeks, then reapply and get rehired!

So loose any seniority that you have wait 90 days for benefits and then 6 months before you would start accruing vacation time again! Hey guys, so i don't want to diss Conduent, because what limited interaction I had with them was fine. If you get any kind of interview from Conduent, go to their main website and scroll to the bottom. There is a contact number that you can call, and verify your recruiters information and job offer.

I just cant believe there are people out there doing this during a pandemic when a job is so hard to come by. The training sells you a lot of good things but once you're on the floor it's a whole other reality. A lot of agents did not get the commissions they were promised, even the best agents. There was not enough communication between the agents and their supervisors or between the supervisors and the manager.

The turnover rate was really high. Many agents and supervisors quit. The hardest part was the high transfer rate. We never got our paid vacations. The only good thing was the great agents I worked with.

The company should choose better clients and sign contracts that benefit them better than the client so that they can take care of their employees. Management is okay if you have the right person. The benefits are the minimum required, and the k plan is one of the worst I've seen. Compensation is average and their is almost no room for growth. Prepare to be micromanaged by a outside group overseas, managers, and co-workers.

Cross training only increases your workload without a pay increase, and tenure doesn't have any reward either. My second worst job experience, and the saddest part is that corporate policy and in house politics prevented the possibility of a positive employment experience. The leadership is not helpful. Pros East job to learn. Cons Inadequate pay. Do NOT work for this company.

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