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Supply chain accenture

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Connecting with team members and customers in a diverse way makes it rewarding. A diverse supply chain analytics team brings a broader vision and more innovative solutions for our clients, helping their supply chains to be more resilient and responsible and to positively impact society and the planet.

As a managing director in our supply chain and chemicals industry business, Corinne works on some of the largest, most challenging supply chain optimization and transformation programs in the world. Our clients have really started to see the value that digitalization can provide — by increasing transparency, efficiency, and resilience ," she says.

They bring different perspectives that keep everything fresh and create countless opportunities for you to learn and grow. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Get Foresight app. Supply Chain Operations in India. Supply chain operations in India. View Transcript. Supplier enablement in a P2P Coupa implementation. Cloud-based digital transformation for procurement. Data and AI for intelligent supply chains.

Accenture helped a technology company create a more resilient and sustainable supply chain allowing it to respond in almost real-time to disruptions. Supply chains vary by company and industry. But at their core, they comprise several interdependent disciplines and, at a high level, commonly contain seven basic components:. For example, Sales and Operations Planning can provide real-time sales results to inform product innovation that drives repeat business.

In addition, Procurement must source and buy the right parts and get them to the right plant in time to meet production schedules. And products must be made and shipped on time to ensure that customers get what they want, when they were promised. Intelligent supply networks are similar, but they have one key difference: They leverage digital tools and technologies to optimize the supply chain and provide visibility across the ecosystem to deliver deeper insights and greater value, more quickly.

This shift has a knock-on impact on the seven core components of supply chain management, and the skills that each requires. Each discipline within supply chain management must transform to meet the needs of the future.

Engineering drives the ideation, design and development of a new product or service. In the future, AI and cloud technologies will help engineers innovate using new capabilities, automate deployment and testing for faster product launches, and will connect with the business to optimize functions. Tomorrow, algorithms will make most day-to-day planning decisions. A digital twin can optimize outcomes based on different variables. In order to acquire the goods and services for finished products, procurement teams will need entrepreneurial, collaborative and analytical skills to build relationships with ecosystem partners to select supplies that provide transparency into supply sources and practices.

AI and cloud technologies will transform logistics to provide real-time visibility and optimize decision-making for more efficient movement of raw or finished goods from supplier to factory, warehouse or store. Factory managers will have a wealth of information from advanced AI and algorithms, coupled with sensors across manufacturing facilities. Read more: case study. AI and cloud technologies will allow companies to offer true omnichannel fulfillment of orders to customers.

This will enable customers to buy anytime, anywhere, with dynamic delivery options. Rather than being reactive in supplying parts and personnel, companies will have AI and cloud technologies that enable them to make real-time decisions about product support, decrease resolution times and improve service performance and profitability.

The result? Slow response times, waste, conflicting priorities between functions, delays and rigidity. Furthermore, traditional supply chain organizations usually focus on optimizing a particular aspect of the supply chain—not all of it. Instead, organizations should share data across silos and optimize along the entire value chain. To address these challenges, companies should create intelligent supply chains based on data, analytics and AI. These, along with digital twins, are among the top technologies that supply chain executives are looking to deploy in their organization.

Enabling and optimizing them all, however, starts with the cloud. Operating in the cloud is critical because it allows companies to process huge amounts of data—from virtually unlimited sources across the entire supply chain—at speeds and volumes never before possible. Deeper analysis of more data, faster, means developing critical business insights and smarter decision making.

This includes gaining the ability to reconfigure how people work, and gaining the agility to respond quickly to new insights that the data generates. Along with being more powerful, simple and flexible, the cloud is also more affordable. This opens up endless possibilities for improving and optimizing the supply chain, particularly in terms of building in resilience and ensuring responsible operations.

There are additional benefits, too. When companies transform their supply chain organization, the focus shifts from driving profitability to delivering value across growth, sustainability and trust. Along with driving profits, the supply chain becomes instrumental in positively impacting the planet and society alike. Digital technologies and data lay the foundation to make supply chains customer-centric, service-oriented, self-learning, intelligent and agile. There are five keys to executing an effective intelligent supply chain strategy:.

New technology means big changes to existing supply chain roles. Companies that are serious about sustainability are working hard to make their supply chain networks more responsible and resilient. Greenhouse gas GHG emissions are categorized into one of three different scopes. Reducing carbon emissions can occur all the way through the supply chain.

Companies that find new sources of value at the intersection of digital technologies and sustainability are 2. Cloud is one of the core ways to create supply chain sustainability and responsibility—but also creation of a resilient supply chain. The cloud enables companies to efficiently process huge volumes of data, they can also use new technologies to reduce their environmental impact, boost efficiency, improve compliance, mitigate risk and maintain efficiency even amidst global disruption.

Internet of Things IoT and blockchain are examples of cloud-based technologies that can help optimize the supply chain by avoiding overproduction, minimizing shipping distances, maximizing sell-through and managing returns more efficiently. Companies can connect their products, too. This paves the way for the use of a wide range of circular business models including rental, re-commerce of used goods and product-as-a-service. Leading companies are taking greater responsibility for what's happening at the end of the supply chain.

Some businesses are creating formal takeback programs, whereby people can send back products at the end of their lifecycle so the materials can be transformed into new, useful products. Helping customers reduce their environmental impact has several knock-on benefits, including a boost in customer loyalty, increased sales, a competitive advantage and reduced materials costs.

The key is using circular economy principles, in which manufacturers are responsible for their products throughout the lifecycle, to help supply chains address resource scarcity and rising demand for sustainable goods. Meet several of our supply chain leaders from around the world.

Learn more. Successful supply chain leaders can better anticipate and adjust to shifts and disruptions in the market. They maintain high levels of customer satisfaction because they have a holistic view of their service levels, are sustainable, are responsible and create trust through data that helps generate actionable, predictive insights. Once companies migrate their systems and applications, and gain the ability to process massive and diverse data sets from across all functions, they quickly experience the erosion of organizational silos as data is shared and acted upon more intelligently and with greater speed and accuracy.

Companies can become even more informed by using technology to build digital twins of their supply chains. These virtual supply chains allow companies to model and simulate disruptions or changes, as well as identify ways to improve supply chain performance before implementing those changes in the physical world.

There are two types of supply chains: Reactive and Data-Driven. Reactive supply chains make operational improvements based on guesswork or imitating competitors. A Data-Driven approach, however, helps every function within the supply chain, including even best-in-class manufacturing operations find new ways to improve efficiency. Supply chain management involves five main functions: engineering, planning, sourcing , fulfillment, manufacturing and aftermarket services.

For example, supply chain management helps ensure vaccines are manufactured and delivered safely and on time. It helps retailers maintain adequate stock levels of critical supplies. It directs recyclable products to the right facilities instead of landfills. It enables the ability to feed billions of people around the world. When supply chain management is truly effective and optimized for flexibility and efficiency, it makes coping with uncertainty and responding rapidly to ever-changing demands less of a challenge, and more "business as usual.

The COVID pandemic amplified the need for supply chain organizations to seek tools that help them make better and more informed decisions, faster.

New digital supply chains will be based on a flexible, asset-light model that places customers firmly at the center so they can anticipate and withstand disruption, as well as support environmental, social, governance and other sustainability practices. Companies will be able to serve diverse customer segments through multiple agile and responsive supply chains based on a network of shared assets. Ecosystems partners and digital technologies will be at the heart of this shift in supply chain planning, all the way through to aftermarket services.

Skip to main content Skip to footer. Supply chain management. Explore Our Latest Insights. What is supply chain management? Explore our latest insights. Procurement organizations are poised to generate greater—and different—value for the broader business as never before.

A use-case-driven Supply Chain Control Tower moves companies beyond improved visibility to increase enterprise value. How different types of visibility can help build resilient supply chain networks. Supply chains are now a major part of the CEO's environmental focus to unlock net zero emissions. Putting people first as we build the supply chain of the future. The future digital supply chain. They enable companies to implement supply chain strategy and achieve three key outcomes: Operational resilience, which helps companies withstand disruptions Customer and employee relevance, which provides flexibility and agility to respond to changes in demand and personalization in a cost-effective way Business responsibility, which fosters sustainable practices enabling prosperity for society and the environment These outcomes are important to business, society and the planet.

Visibility to build supply networks for change.

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Conduent layments The impact and cost click to see more closed loop spend management can have on a companies entire spend. Sign In. Technology Vision For supply chain networks. Https:// comprehensive supply chain resilience stress test has been developed by Accenture and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT to assess the operational and financial risks created by disasters or other catastrophic events. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Environment and social responsibility Consumers, CEOs, regulators and investors drive the transformation towards more sustainable business, and procurement has a central role to play. Https:// value-driven customer offerings are the basis of future ssupply advantage—and supply chains networks play a crucial chajn in delivering them.
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WebSpeed change with Intelligent Supply Chain. Covid and geo-political tensions have . WebSupply chain management is the orchestration between these networks comprising . AdWe’re Helping To Solve The Biggest Sustainability Problems Our Clients & The World Face. We Embed Sustainability Into Everything We Do, With Everyone We Work With. Learn More.