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12 valve cummins diesel

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The injectors on 6BT engines are all mechanical. They are spring-loaded and fire when the injection pump pushes fuel to each injector. Today's engines are choked down with EPA emissions restrictions. The valve is very efficient, comparably. With lower horsepower and verses their high torque output, common fuel economy in valve trucks is mpg in the city and on the highway, depending on how the truck is set up.

The 6BT will typically outlast the valve and the valve will usually outlast the common rail engines. The valve uses connecting rods that are made from two pieces of cast steel. The cap of the rod that goes on the bottom of the crankshaft is cast separately from the rest of the rod.

The cap combines with the rest of the rod and is assembled with bolts. Common rail engines use what is called a "split rod" design, where the rod and cap are cast as one piece. After the casting is complete, they break the cap from the rod so it can be installed on the crankshaft.

These new rods use less metal and are thinner than the and valve rods, especially around where the rod connects to the crankshaft. Over time, the rod stretches where it connects to the crankshaft and allows the rod bearing to spin and cause catastrophic engine failure. Cummins went to the split rod design to lighten the rotating assembly so it could achieve higher rpms.

We should also note that all of the points about the 6BT we've discussed in this article promote longer, more reliable engine service life. The term "million mile engine" was earned originally by the 6BT. We would not use the same term for the common rail engine. The valve 6BT is significantly quieter than the valve ISB because there are fewer moving parts. We think the valve has a nice smooth diesel clatter when compared to the louder, choppier clatter of the valve engine.

Neither the or valve can be called quiet when compared to the refined common rail engines. Our primal, inner man or woman desires the 6BT's character traits. Deep down, we want to be more 6BTish in our own way. Simple, reliable, tough as hell. This is why we've purchased another valve Dodge as a project truck. We picked up a clean Quad Cab, long bed with , miles. The engine, exhaust and drive train are bone stock.

We'll show you each step as we build and test this truck. Close Search. Subscribe now! Newsletter Facebook Share. Why does the 6BT bring inner peace? These are some of the reasons we like the valve 6BT Cummins.

Like what you read? Want to know when we have important news, updates or interviews? Join our newsletter today! Sign Up. Share Send to your friends! Your Friend's Name. Your Friend's Email. Your Name. Up next. Share article The post has been shared by 2 people. Facebook 1. Twitter 0. Pinterest 1. Mail 0. Just about any competent engine shop with a reputation for building reliable diesel power plants can build a 5. Along with decking the block and boring the cylinders, a line-hone is ideal in ensuring all seven main bearing bores are perfectly round so the crankshaft can spin as freely as possible.

Many performance valve builds also entail machining the block to accept cam bearings on all seven journals. With any big horsepower goal, the trick is making things live at big boost. To keep the head secured to the block and all the immense combustion forces contained, both the block and head should be machined to accept fire-rings an old-school groove cutter is shown here.

Half the thickness of each steel fire-ring should protrude into the block, and the other half into the head. Excessive rpm comes with added heat and pressure in the cooling system. Because of this, the factory freeze plugs in the 5. Bolt-in freeze plugsósuch as the three billet side freeze plugs, single rear unit, and front freeze plug shown here from Keating Machine eliminate that possibility.

A coolant bypass system is also a must-have for stabilizing coolant pressure across all cylinders, as well as dropping coolant temp in the rear holes especially number 6. Just know that if you do opt for this insurance item, it pays to know exactly which block you have. Early 5. Main studs are a must in any high-horsepower Cummins build, and ARP has been a leader in the diesel industry for two decades now. Factory forged-steel valve rods have been campaigned in many high-horsepower builds over the years.

However, at a bare minimum, they should be shot-peened, polished, and weight-matched to give them the best chance of holding up to four-digit power and potentially triple-digit boost. Best case scenario: go with a proven aftermarket connecting rod. The tipping point in valve performance is roughly the hp mark. At this point, not only should fire-rings be employed but so should stronger rod bolts. These pistons featured a deep top ring land, a shallow yet wide bowl, and higher compression than later pistons.

Impressive headway has been made in camshaft design over the years, and today there are several high-horsepower cam options available for valve owners. Higher rpm, boost, and drive pressure means the potential for valve float and valve creep come into the fold.

To combat it, valve springs with a higher seat pressure are required. This includes beveling, chamfering, further opening up the valve throats by hand, and unshrouding the valves. The process of unshrouding the valves intake and exhaust opens up airflow in the head substantially. This is especially true at low cam lift. Running a billet cylinder head on a valve Cummins is nowhere near necessary for 1, hp, but it does pay to open it open via porting, Along with milling off the intake shelf and running a higher flow manifold, a properly ported street head with stock size intake and exhaust valves will get you where you need to beóalong with allowing for lower boost pressure to achieve your horsepower goals.

As previously mentioned, cutting fire-rings into the head is a must at this power level. Over-tightening a head stud is bad news for a couple of reasons: 1. Adhering to the correct torque spec is paramount in a fire-ring application, where a hot re-torque process has to be performed. A hot re-torque scenario begins with allowing the engine to reach operating temp which, although time-consuming, is best done by letting the engine idle until properly warmed up.

After the re-torque procedure has been performed, valve lash should be checked. This is because re-torquing the head studs crushes the head gasket further, effectively altering valve lash.

For added insurance, it pays to re-check torque one last time before the engine ever sees full load or maximum rpm. P-pump selection for a high-powered valve intended for street use is a loaded proposition to say the least. Some say a worked over and benched 12mm P is best for street driving while others swear a 13mm unit can be set up to behave under the same circumstances.

The real trick is to buy a quality pump from a reputable builder. Quicker injection rates mean less timing is required, which leads to quicker turbo spool, and when properly configured and matched to the right injector usually leads to less smoke. Another big name in the P-pump world is Scheid Diesel, which builds everything from potent 12mm pumps to 16mm, Pbased competition-killers.

A billet front cover such as the one pictured here from Keating Machine provides the entry point you need to advance or retard your pump timing.

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AdLow Price Guaranteed. Shop Our High Quality Dodge Cummins Parts Today! Norman Diesel Performance Is Your One Stop Shop For All Your Diesel Parts andypickfordmusic.com Truck Upgrades†∑ Free Shipping Over $99†∑ Expert Service†∑ Best Customer ServiceModels: Ford, Dodge/Ram, Chevy/GMC, Jeep. Unlike todays electronically controlled, common-rail diesel injectors that can run upwards of $3, per set, performance injectors for a valve typically range from $ to $1, (give or take). One common injector comes from the hp version of the valve used in marine applications. Made by Bosch, the marine See more. Running a billet cylinder head on a valve Cummins is nowhere near necessary for 1, hp, .