availity bulgaria weather
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Availity bulgaria weather emory adventist employee health

Availity bulgaria weather

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Place weather widget on your site! Mini Widget Size: x Sunny Beach. Kalofer Bulgaria, Sunny Beach. Hotel Aktinia Bulgaria, Sunny Beach. Hotel Perla Bulgaria, Sunny Beach. Aurelia Bulgaria, Sunny Beach. Tia Maria Bulgaria, Sunny Beach. Radio Bulgaria News. Listen to the daily news from Bulgaria presented in "Bulgaria Today" podcast , available in Spotify. Radio Bulgaria News clouds daytime highs forecast minimum temperatures weather wind.

More from category. Dangerous wind warning, code orange in eight regions Wednesday remains windy, with strong southerly winds. Defence Minister: I don't see why the SU issue is being raised again Defence Minister Dimitar Stoyanov said that the publications that Bulgaria provided combat aircraft to Ukraine through third parties were an insinuation.

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In winter, precipitation is not abundant in the lowlands, but it is quite frequent and often occurs in the form of snow. The rainiest months are May and June because of thunderstorms, which can occur in the afternoon. These heat tunderstorms are less frequent in coastal areas, while they are more frequent and abundant in mountainous areas. Typically, in August and September, it rarely rains, but even October is often a dry month, at least in the plains and in Sofia.

Bulgaria is a fairly sunny country, although the sun does not shine very often in winter. The sunniest season is summer. The seasons Winter , from December to February, is cold throughout the country. Spring , from March to May, is not very rainy; however, because of the clash between different air masses, it experiences great changes in temperature, especially in March and April, when the first warm days alternate with characterized by cold weather coming back, during which some late snow showers can occur.

Usually, from mid-April or May, temperatures in the plains begin to be mild or warm in a more stable way. By May, in fine weather, afternoon thunderstorms begin to occur. Summer , from June to August, is warm, or even hot, especially in inland plains: the heat is intense in the lowlands, especially at a distance from the sea.

Heatwaves are more frequent in July and August, but can sometimes also occur in the second half of June and in the first half of September. In coastal areas, the heat is less intense and tempered by the breeze. Autumn , from September to November, starts as a mild and pleasant season, with rare rains. Actually, in the first half of September there can still be summer-like weather.

As you move westward you will gradually reach the higher lying parts of the country, including Bulgaria's beautiful and historic capital, Sofia , lies in the far west.

Sofia sits in the Sofia Valley, surrounded on all four sides by mountains. Sofia's climate is continental- meaning it experiences high-temperature amplitudes across the year. Winter in Sofia really begins around November, when temperatures drop down to 1. Winter is one of the driest times of the year in Sofia, with January actually recording the lowest precipitation for the year, at only 28mm, and similar conditions in February with 31 mm of rain.

While snow can be expected in many areas across the country, due to Sofia's higher elevation it is possible to see snow cover well into spring, and you can make the most of the winter snowfall by engaging in the variety of winter sports that the region offers. The city centre of Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. Rainfall picks up in the summertime, by May the city is being washed with 73mm of rain which picks up to 75mm by June and stays above 50mm throughout the rest of the season.

While average precipitation is at its highest in late spring and early summer, average days of rain is pretty consistent across the year, with each month normally seeing about 10 days of rain, other than May and June which see 14 and 13 respectively. The mercury begins to rise by late May and June brings daily highs of Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, possible to be traced back over years, so as a result you can wander the well-preserved walls and take in the architecture that dates back before 7 th century BC.

Along with being home to some of the oldest cities in Europe, Bulgaria also plays host to about different rivers- most of which are fairly short and very shallow in parts- making many of them perfect for cooling down in on a summer's day. Along with a dense network of rivers Bulgaria houses about 50 spa towns and resorts which is a popular getaway in the warmer months.

Residence of the Romanian queen by the black sea in Balchik, Bulgaria. Tuesday 17 January. View by:. Sort by: Alphabetical Hottest. Flag Name Temp. Top Countries Sort by:. Sort by: Alphabetical Hottest Most Popular. About Bulgaria Bulgaria lies in the south-east of Europe and is home to an enviable Mediterranean climate which shifts more towards continental as you move toward the interior.

Coastal Region Along the coast is where you will find conditions that are most reminiscent of parts of the Mediterranean, and it is here that you will find a few coastal resorts scattered which are perfect for summer getaways.

Varna beach, Bulgaria.