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Nuance software login

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With Dragon Law Enforcement, you can speak your reports while staying situationally aware. Flexible, cloud-hosted AI speech recognition integrates seamlessly into enterprise workflows, accelerating productivity and saving organizations money. Short-cut repetitive steps and create accurate documentation 3x faster by voice. Robust, highly customizable speech recognition increases productivity and cuts costs.

Improve efficiency and cut costs with legal-specific speech recognition that enables you to create, transcribe, and revise documents by voice, automatically formatting citations. Learn more about Dragon cloud solutions Play a video. From students to authors to small business owners, individuals are doing much more in less time with Dragon.

There's no job too big—or too small—for speech recognition that takes the work out of paperwork. From memoirs to homework to emails and internet searches, Dragon takes the stress out of self expression, delivering transcription 3x faster than typing, with optimal accuracy. By capturing information at the speed of thought—and at the point of interaction—busy professionals are able to reproduce details with specificity and immediacy that may be lost when transcription requires retrospective typing at 40 wpm or less.

To ensure the security of your data, our cloud solutions feature For health and human services professionals that encounter Personal Health Information PHI in the course of their jobs, rest assured that our Windows client Dragon Professional Anywhere supports HIPAA requirements for security and confidentiality in public sector settings such as social services, employing secure encryption methods throughout the workflow to safeguard all communication, documentation, and data.

Optimized for diverse professions and accessible to everyone, Dragon makes overachievement inevitable. Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions. Discover how. Productivity solutions Dragon cloud solutions Individual productivity Benefits Contact us. Productivity solutions for every purpose. Dragon Professional Anywhere. Dragon Legal Anywhere. Not only are they quick and professional, they also have an internal QA …. A little over a year ago, we discovered Nuance and I'm so happy we did!

Their in-language coding capabilities allowed us to shorten timelines and red…. I'm very happy to have Nuance as our partner for coding needs.

They are responsive, detail-oriented, and very professional. I can always depend on th…. Nuance is refreshing in their approach. Our Project Manager…. Our company has taken several surveys of our membership on various topics.

There have been at least two occasions when a more detailed analysis of th…. I chose Nuance to carry out a major survey of the U. From the outset, the team was extremely helpful…. Coding thousands of open-ended survey responses seemed overwhelming until we discovered Nuance. All our open-end coding is handled by Nuance.

They are great to work with and do a fantastic job of consulting with us to help develop our coding cat…. I can always count on Nuance to provide excellent, highly detailed coding for our open-ended questions. They offer reliable and fast service across m…. We've used Nuance's coding services for several of our projects. Nuance understands our vision and goals when it comes to delivering easy-to-understa…. We have been working with Nuance for the past two years for our coding and tabbing needs.

On every project, the Nuance team has delivered cross-tabs…. We conducted a major international survey project in numerous languages. For each open-ended question, Nuance coded the responses in …. Nuance began as the internal Coding Department of Decision Analyst over 30 years ago. The whole focus has always been on providing extremely high-quality coding services to support Decision Analyst's advanced, sophisticated marketing research projects worldwide.

Over time, the Coding Department has evolved into Nuance, a stand-alone company, so that it can better serve the coding needs of other research companies and corporate clients. The inclusion of a few good, open-ended questions in surveys meant that questionnaires could be more concise. Very often a well-crafted, open-ended question could take the place of 10 to 20 closed-end questions.

The open-ended question could reveal what we the survey creators did not know. The rise of open-ended questions injected a qualitative element into quantitative surveys and made surveys more effective in revealing the truth. In marketing research, verbatim coding is the assignment of numeric codes to various words, phrases, ideas, sounds, or pictures so that information and meaning can be extracted and analyzed quantitatively.

Coding verbatim comments "in language" saves money and time over translating text into English prior to coding. Utilizing our services for coding in these languages means you won't have to pay for translations or The advances in technology make it easier for people, now more than ever, to share images and photos, as well as video and audio files. However, the interpretation of these digital files is dependent on Client Login. Call Us Email Us info nuancecoding.