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Lee baxter davis

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What his grandmother could not have known at the time, was that the combination of the biblical stories he heard, and the drawing materials she had provided, sparked a lifelong expedition of discovery, introspection, and insights he would eventually pass on to generations of art students. From these, he taught himself rendering and began to create complex and portentous narrative drawings.

The subjects of these works were drawn from his imagination and inspired by myth and the origin stories of Adam and Eve and Noah.

These early drawings helped to shape the foundation of what was to become his artistic point of view. After graduating high school, he joined the regular army and worked as a medic in post cease-fire Korea where he developed the habit of keeping sketch book diaries. Despite initially wanting to be a painter, he continued to focus his attention on drawing, and because of the innate graphic quality of his work, his art teachers urged him to explore printmaking instead of painting.

In Lee took a position at East Texas State University in Commerce, Texas to teach printmaking and quickly added a course in drawing to his teaching load. It was not easy teaching concepts of narrative representational art when the rest of the academic world seemed to revolve around Abstract Expressionism; but, over his teaching career, Lee seemed to have been a magnet for students who appreciated what and how he taught.

Many of the Biblical stories were the same but the sacramental rituals provided a more complex structure for his temperament and ultimately a more fertile mythology from which to draw inspiration. Having been, from early age, made aware of the protestant view of Heaven and Hell, the mythos of Catholic sacramentality provided a comprehensive visual construct.

Lee retired from teaching as a full professor in to devote more time to his church and studio. Early on, Lee would devise ways to develop his memory, visual acuity, and drawing skills. This allows you to work with your inner eye as well as your outer sight. Throughout the early part of his career, unsatisfied with drawing the ubiquitous still life or landscape, Lee would search for unusual ways to generate personal images.

While teaching at East Texas State, he was invited to sit in on an English class where many types of unusual story-mapping techniques were discussed. As Lee described it, they talked about a way to generate a paragraph where one randomly chooses a noun, and then made a chart under the noun with 8 lines. On each line, was to be placed 8 randomly created words. Then all these words were to then be combined to create a paragraph.

Lee further developed this technique to generate subject ideas for his work, narrative drawings of personally generated mythological events. All surfaces should be activated into a dynamic, not just balanced composition. This is a fundamental aesthetic.

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Sep 1, †∑ LEE BAXTER DAVIS, A Lifelong Expedition of Discovery. September 1, Kevin Vogel. Lee Baxter Davis was born in Bryan, Texas on October 20, He was raised . Legendary artist and teacher Lee Baxter Davis was born in Bryan TX in He received his masters from Cranbrook Academy and began a year career teaching art at East Texas . Lee Baxter Davis was born at Bryan, Texas. He enlisted in the regular army out of high school. Afterwards he attended college and graduated with a masterís degree from Cranbrook .