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Linkedin chad robertson conduent

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The timing, however, argues for the former, as the account purges for Apple and Amazon employees tracked by Pinho appeared to happen within the same 24 hour period. But the fabricated LinkedIn identities are confusing search engine results for CISO roles at major companies, and they are being indexed as gospel by various downstream data-scraping sources. That role is currently occupied by Christopher Lukas of Danville, Calif.

If you were confused at this point, you might ask Google who it thinks is the current Chief Information Security Officer of Chevron. Also, it might help that Jennie only has 18 connections on LinkedIn. In a statement provided to KrebsOnSecurity, LinkedIn said its teams were actively working to take these fake accounts down. Mason said LinkedIn also needs a more streamlined process for allowing employers to remove phony employee accounts.

He recently tried to get a phony profile removed from LinkedIn for someone who falsely claimed to have worked for his company. When KrebsOnSecurity recently explored how cybercriminals were using hacked email accounts at police departments worldwide to obtain warrantless Emergency Data Requests EDRs from social media firms and technology providers, many security experts called it a fundamentally unfixable problem.

The year-old Donahue said he left the FBI in April to start Kodex because it was clear that social media and technology companies needed help validating the increasingly large number of law enforcement requests domestically and internationally. One of the stated goals of Kodex is to build a scoring or reputation system for law enforcement personnel who make these data requests.

After all, there are tens of thousands of police jurisdictions around the world — including roughly 18, in the United States alone — and all it takes for hackers to abuse the EDR process is illicit access to a single police email account. Kodex is trying to tackle the problem of fake EDRs by working directly with the data providers to pool information about police or government officials submitting these requests, and hopefully making it easier for all customers to spot an unauthorized EDR.

As social media and technology platforms have grown over the years, so have the volumes of requests from law enforcement agencies worldwide for user data. For example, in its latest transparency report mobile giant Verizon reported receiving , data requests of all types from U.

Verizon currently asks law enforcement officials to send these requests via fax. Validating legal requests by domain name may be fine for data demands that include documents like subpoenas and search warrants, which can be validated with the courts. But not so for EDRs, which largely bypass any official review and do not require the requestor to submit any court-approved documents. Police and government authorities can legitimately request EDRs to learn the whereabouts or identities of people who have posted online about plans to harm themselves or others, or in other exigent circumstances such as a child abduction or abuse, or a potential terrorist attack.

But as KrebsOnSecurity reported in March , it is now clear that crooks have figured out there is no quick and easy way for a company that receives one of these EDRs to know whether it is legitimate. Using illicit access to hacked police email accounts, the attackers will send a fake EDR along with an attestation that innocent people will likely suffer greatly or die unless the requested data is provided immediately.

That might explain why the compliance rate for EDRs is usually quite high — often upwards of 90 percent. Fake EDRs have become such a reliable method in the cybercrime underground for obtaining information about account holders that several cybercriminals have started offering services that will submit these fraudulent EDRs on behalf of paying clients to a number of top social media and technology firms.

A fake EDR service advertised on a hacker forum in In other cases, hackers will try to guess the passwords of police department email systems. In these attacks, the hackers will identify email addresses associated with law enforcement personnel, and then attempt to authenticate using passwords those individuals have used at other websites that have been breached previously.

Donahue said depending on the industry, EDRs make up between 5 percent and 30 percent of the total volume of requests. In contrast, he said, EDRs amount to less than three percent of the requests sent through Kodex portals used by customers. KrebsOnSecurity sought to verify those numbers by compiling EDR statistics based on annual or semi-annual transparency reports from some of the largest technology and social media firms.

While there are no available figures on the number of fake EDRs each provider is receiving each year, those phony requests can easily hide amid an increasingly heavy torrent of legitimate demands. Almost 80 percent of the time the company produced at least some data in response. Facebook has long used its own online portal where law enforcement officials must first register before submitting requests. Government data requests, including EDRs, received by Facebook over the years.

Image: Meta Transparency Report. Apple said it received 1, emergency requests for data in the last reporting period it made public — July — December Twitter says it received 1, EDRs in the first half of , or roughly 15 percent of the global information requests sent to Twitter.

Discord reported receiving requests for emergency data disclosure in the first half of Discord accepts EDRs via a specified email address. For the six months ending in December , Snapchat said it received 2, EDRs from authorities in the United States with a 59 percent compliance rate , and another 1, from international police 64 percent granted.

Snapchat has a form for submitting EDRs on its website. Tiktok handles EDRs via a form on its website. Microsoft says that in the second half of it received more than 25, government requests, and that it complied at least partly with those requests more than 90 percent of the time.

Google said it received more than , government requests for user data in the last half of , and that about 76 percent of the requests resulted in the disclosure of some user information. Google also runs its own portal for accepting law enforcement data requests. Verizon said it complied with approximately 91 percent of requests. The company accepts law enforcement requests via snail mail or fax. T-Mobile did not respond to requests for more information. Image: T-Mobile. If you received a link to LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn redirect links allow customers to track the performance of ad campaigns, while promoting off-site resources.

This search via Urlscan reveals dozens of recent phishing attacks that have leveraged the Slinks feature. Image: Urlscan. Urlscan also found this phishing scam from Jan. Internal Revenue Service. This Nov. Let me be clear that the activity described in this post is not new. In a less complex attack, an adversary could send an email appearing to be a connection request from LinkedIn that redirects through LinkedIn to a malicious or phishous site.

A report last year from Check Point found roughly 45 percent of all brand phishing attempts globally target Microsoft. Check Point said LinkedIn was the sixth most phished brand last year. The best advice to sidestep phishing scams is to avoid clicking on links that arrive unbidden in emails, text messages and other mediums. Most phishing scams invoke a temporal element that warns of dire consequences should you fail to respond or act quickly.

One of the oldest scams around — the fake job interview that seeks only to harvest your personal and financial data — is on the rise, the FBI warns. Last week, someone began began posting classified notices on LinkedIn for different design consulting jobs at Geosyntec Consultants , an environmental engineering firm based in the Washington, D.

Gwin contacted KrebsOnSecurity after hearing from job seekers trying to verify the ad, which urged respondents to email Gwin at a Gmail address that was not his.

I feel horrible about this. Erica Siegel was particularly excited about the possibility of working in a creative director role she interviewed for at the fake Geosyntec. On Monday, someone claiming to work with Gwin contacted Siegel and asked her to set up an online interview with Geosyntec.

Worried that her potential new dream job might be too-good-to-be-true, she sent the recruiter a list of her own questions that she had about the role and its position within the company. You never get all three of those things. So she called her dad, an environmental attorney who happens to know and have worked with people at the real Geosyntec Consultants. Then she got in touch with the real Troy Gwin, who confirmed her suspicions that the whole thing was a scam.

I never heard from him again. In late April, the FBI warned that technology is making these scams easier and more lucrative for fraudsters, who are particularly fond of impersonating recruiters. But the real losses each year from employment scams are likely far higher; as the Justice Department often points out, relatively few victims of these crimes report the matter to the IC3. LinkedIn said its platform uses automated and manual defenses to detect and address fake accounts or fraudulent payments.

A ridiculous number of companies are exposing some or all of their proprietary and customer data by putting it in the cloud without any kind of authentication needed to read, alter or destroy it. When cybercriminals are the first to discover these missteps, usually the outcome is a demand for money in return for the stolen data. Troia had discovered that All American Entertainment , a speaker bureau which represents a number of celebrities who also can be hired to do public speaking, had exposed thousands of speaking contracts via an unsecured Amazon cloud instance.

The contracts laid out how much each speaker makes per event, details about their travel arrangements, and any requirements or obligations stated in advance by both parties to the contract. No secret access or password was needed to view the documents. Fox and a host of others. Prior to that, he worked in investment banking at Piper Jaffray in the Healthcare Group. Bayko had been involved in the Mezzanine Group as a credit research analyst. Bayko joined the CCS credit research team.

He also received a Masters of Accounting degree from the University of Michigan. Anson H. Prior to Cary Street, Mr. Prior to Vollero Beach, Mr. He joined GSO in and is principally involved in analyzing, evaluating, executing and monitoring private credit and equity investments across a diverse range of industries.

Before joining GSO, Mr. Zachary S. Beck is a Managing Director, having joined Strategic Partners in Beck is an advisory board member of multiple funds. Beck attended Cornell University where he graduated with a B. Jared Becker is a Managing Director and U. Earlier, he worked at GSC Group analyzing loan and high yield investment opportunities. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Prior to joining Corbin Capital Partners, Mr. He received his M. Anthony W. Beovich has worked in the financial reporting group and is involved in tax research and tax compliance for all Blackstone Real Estate Partners BREP funds. Beovich has also been involved with tax matters relating to fund formation and BREP acquisitions and dispositions.

Beovich received a BS in Accounting from St. He is a Certified Public Accountant. Bernstein has played a key role in the asset management and oversight of several investments, including BioMed Realty and International Market Centers.

Bernstein was a Managing Principal at Great Spruce Capital Partners, an investment and development company that he founded.

Prior to Great Spruce, Mr. Beutler has been involved in portfolio management focused on supply chain and global cross-portfolio procurement as well as portfolio monitoring. In addition Mr. Beutler worked at Webvan, Inc. Mark A. Bhupathi sits on the Infrastructure Investment Committee and is an advisory board member of multiple infrastructure and real assets funds.

Bhupathi attended Columbia University where he graduated with a B. Joshua S. Blaine sits on the Investment Committee for each of the Strategic Partners funds and is currently an advisory board member of multiple funds. Blaine received a B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University. Since joining Blackstone, Ms. In this role, she focused on developing and implementing various control processes and business management initiatives.

Prior to that, she held a number of roles in the Chief Financial Office focused on financial reporting, as well as administrative, control and regulatory initiatives. Stern School of Business. She is a Certified Public Accountant. Bleackley started his career as a solicitor based in London focusing on capital markets and subsequently worked in the securitized products group at J. Prior to joining Barings in July , Mr. He is also published in the Journal of Alternative Investments.

Prior to Wells Fargo, Mr. Edwards Inc. Prior to entering sell-side research in , Mr. She serves as a primary spokesperson and government relations representative for the firm across Asia. Bogard has more than 15 years of experience across corporate, political, government and consulting work.

Before joining Blackstone, Ms. Prior to that, Ms. Bogard held a variety of roles in government and politics, including Campaign Manager, Communications Director, and Legislative Director for local, state and U.

Senate campaigns, as well as for labor and consumer rights organizations in her home state of Missouri. He also previously led the asset management team for private equity investments at Hudson. Prior to Hudson he had various roles as a management consultant and restructuring advisor at AlixPartners, Ariba, and Accenture. Bokerman has been involved in new business initiatives, fund structuring and related issues, investment transactions, special projects, and other legal and compliance matters.

Prior to joining Blackstone Credit, Mr. Bokerman primarily focused on representing private equity sponsors and their portfolio companies on leveraged financing transactions. Bokerman received a B. His investments spanned a wide range of industries including Financials, Consumer, Healthcare, Industrials, and TMT Technology, Media, and Telecommunications and backed three private startup reinsurers.

Bommer started his family office, focusing on venture capital, late-stage growth, and public equity investing. Bommer received a B. He also spent a year in Tokyo on a Luce Scholarship.

Panayiota Toula K. Before joining Blackstone Credit, Toula served for 18 years in the SEC's Division of Enforcement in the New York Regional Office, conducting all facets of complex investigations and litigation involving the federal securities laws. For the last seven years, Toula served as an Assistant Regional Director of the Asset Management Unit, supervising a group of attorneys and industry experts on matters pertaining to the asset management industry.

Court of International Trade. She received her B. Heidi Boyd is a Senior Managing Director in the Infrastructure Group, where she focuses primarily on investments in utilities and transportation sectors.

Since joining Blackstone in , Ms. Boyd has been involved in the execution of Blackstone investments, including Carrix and FirstEnergy, and serves on the Board of Directors of Carrix. Boyd was at Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets, where she was involved with numerous transactions in the utility, energy, waste, and transportation sectors.

Boyd was a Consultant for the Boston Consulting Group. Breen is involved in sourcing, evaluating and executing private equity and growth investment opportunities in the technology sector. Prior to rejoining Blackstone in , Mr. Breen was a Managing Director in the Strategic Advisory Group at PJT Partners formed by a spin-off from Blackstone in where he was responsible for advising emerging and established companies, financial sponsors and growth investors in the technology industry. Prior to that, he worked in investment banking at Citigroup in Palo Alto.

Breen received a B. Previously, Ms. Brescia received a J. Brest was a Partner at Governors Lane where he focused on event-driven and special situations investing. Prior to Governors Lane, Mr. Earlier in his career, Mr. Brettman joined Clarus in September Brettman is focused on investments across the firm's portfolio, including startups and partnerships with pharmaceutical companies.

Prior to Clarus, Dr. Brettman completed a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in cardiology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Brettman was also an NIH-sponsored post-doctoral fellow at the MGH Center for Systems Biology, where he studied the autophagy of lipid droplets and used electronic medical record-based big data analytics at Partners Healthcare to conduct clinical research and improve disease management.

Brettman is a member of the Board of Directors of Praxis Precision Medicines, a startup in genetically defined neuropsychiatric disorders. Brettman received his M. While a medical student, he was a Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation Fellow at Stanford University, where he studied angiogenesis. Brooks worked as an Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers focused on the alternative asset management sector.

Brookshaw was responsible for the management and implementation of the day-to-day investment strategy for the U. Prior to joining Blackstone in , Ms. Brookshaw worked at CIBC World Markets and was responsible for the transaction logistics and settlement functions for the structured investment vehicles managed by Trimaran Advisors, L.

Brown began his career at Prudential Real Estate Investors where he focused on asset management and dispositions. Brown received a B. Bu has focused on marketing and client relations. Bucci served as Senior Counselor to U. Department of Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, whom he also held a leadership role with during her tenure as Governor of Rhode Island. In addition, he has led United States Senate, congressional and gubernatorial campaigns across the country.

At CAM, Mr. Burger was responsible for the sourcing, implementation, execution, and risk monitoring of the firm's publicly traded securities. Additionally, he was responsible for evaluation and selection of external fund investments that specialize in the macro, commodity and uncorrelated sectors. Prior to joining CAM, Mr.

He began his career as a trader at Moore Capital Management where he specialized in global commodities. Mark J. Burton worked at Goldman Sachs where he was a Vice President in their Special Situations Group, overseeing domestic commercial real estate investing. Burton received a B.

In this role, she focuses on portfolio and team management, and leverage for European direct lending strategies. In her prior roles within BXC she was involved in the origination, structuring and monitoring of various European direct lending deals and was also a member of the European and US CLO franchise.

Jimmy Byun is a Managing Director with Blackstone Credit, and is principally involved in analyzing, evaluating, executing and monitoring private credit and equity investments across a diverse range of industries. Byun was a Principal at American Capital focused on middle market private credit and equity investments.

Previously, he was an Associate at HarbourVest Partners, focused on private equity investments, and an Analyst in the investment banking division of Salomon Smith Barney, in the Financial Sponsors Group. Caccia founded High Peaks Advisors, a risk management consulting firm. Before Goldman, Mr. Camacho was a partner at Goldman Sachs responsible for financing transactions across multiple asset classes including corporate credit, structured products and fund finance.

Cambias spent 9 years as a Regional Director with Russell Investments where he was responsible for the service, growth and expansion of the retail investment market in Florida. Cambias led a team that consulted with financial professionals to provide investment solutions, in-depth capital markets research and practice management services.

Cambias spent 3 years as a Regional Sales Consultant for Heritage Asset Management, a subsidiary of Raymond James Financial, where he was responsible for business development and product distribution throughout the Southeastern United States.

He is involved in financial evaluation, benchmarking, and modeling of health plan performance optimization for existing and prospective portfolio investments including benefit design alternatives, clinical programming and innovation partner opportunities.

Camire served as Vice President of Financial Modeling with Unum, spearheading the modernization of the actuarial and financial management capabilities across the enterprise. Prior to Unum, Mr. Camire operated his own health actuarial and healthcare reform consulting practice supporting payer, provider, employer and government clients in navigating the risks and opportunities of the rapidly evolving health system dynamics. Earlier in his career, he held actuarial leadership roles with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

He is involved with originating and executing investments in the energy transition, renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure sectors. Campbell worked as a Managing Director in the Global Infrastructure Finance Group at Citi, advising clients in the power, energy and infrastructure sectors on structured financing solutions. He helps navigate regulatory and legislative matters for the firm and its portfolio companies.

He previously served as chief counsel for the U. He was a senior counsel for the U. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. Carapiet holds a J. Private Capital Group. He joined Blackstone from Offit Capital, an advisory firm focused on building global, multi-asset class investment portfolios for individuals, families, and non-profit institutions. Carroll joined Blackstone from hedgefund Smith Cove Capital, where he had been responsible for all trading activity since Prior to that, he spent 10 years at Perry Capital as Head of Trading.

Carroll was a trader at Litespeed Partners and Imperial Capital. Carson worked on acquisitions for New Boston Fund, a real estate investment management firm. Kendra brings nearly 20 years of international human resources experience to the firm. Caruso has been involved in analyzing real estate investment opportunities across various property types in Europe.

He also served as the Head of Strategy for multi-asset funds and models and as the Head of the Markets Team. Prior to those roles, Mr. Chan structured and marketed cross-asset derivatives within the Securities Division of Goldman Sachs. Chan began his career as a consultant with Oliver Wyman. He has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Shaw in New York. She was also an attorney at Davis Polk and Wardwell and an investment banking analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Chartoff received a B. Prior to his tenure at Blackstone Growth, Mr. Chaudhry is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science degree. He is a member of the investment committees for Tactical Opportunities and Blackstone Insurance Solutions.

Prior to the launch of Tactical Opportunities, Mr. Chee graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a B. Chehab has executed financings across all major asset classes and capital markets sectors.

Chen heads up the tax compliance and reporting function for all Blackstone Credit's investment funds and its affiliated entities.

Her responsibilities include managing the tax compliance and reporting obligation both in the US and in foreign jurisdictions as well as FATCA compliance. Chen was a Director of Tax at Amber Capital Investment Management where she was responsible for all tax matters related to the investments funds as well as the management company.

She collaborated with the investment team, operation team and legal team on all portfolio transactions. Baruch College. Prior to joining Cravath, Ms. Cheng served as a law clerk to the Honorable William G. Chhaparwal is the Head of Strategy Implementation and is involved in model management, portfolio construction, and alpha research on systematic credit strategies.

Chhaparwal was a portfolio co-manager and researcher for global equity long-short strategies at Incapture Investments. Chhaparwal is a CFA charter holder and received a B.

Chin worked at Fullerton Fund Management in Singapore where she was involved in managing a global portfolio of hedge funds, private equity and private credit funds. She also led due diligence for co-investments and late-stage growth investments.

Prior to Fullerton, Ms. Prior to K2, Ms. Chin worked at Goldman Sachs in the Special Situations Group, focused on opportunistic investing across equities and credit. Chiurco was a Vice President at J.

Morgan Asset Management in London where she was responsible for commercial real estate investments in continental Europe. Cho joined Blackstone in and has been involved with Westlink China and other commercial and multifamily real estate assets across China.

Choi received a B. Arch from Syracuse University. Chung held roles at Fremont Private Holdings, the direct investing arm of the Bechtel family office, and J.

Whitney Capital Partners where she led all consumer and consumer-impacted investments. Cohen is a Managing Director and is responsible for trading U. Cohen spent seven years at UBS Investment Bank where he was responsible for trading leveraged loans, high yield, and credit default swaps.

He serves as a director of Tricon Residential Inc. Brad Colman is a Senior Managing Director with Blackstone Credit, and he focuses on originating, analyzing, executing and monitoring credit investments across a diverse range of industries for the Direct Lending business.

As part of the Performing Credit Group, Mr. Concannon has been involved with global expense reporting and planning and has managed the accounting and reporting for our Registered Investment Advisors. Having joined Blackstone in , Mr.

Before joining Harvest in , Mr. Prior to Credit Suisse, Mr. Before moving to research, Mr. Since joining Blackstone over 10 years ago, Laura has been involved in a variety of initiatives across the Firm.

She partners with these pools of capital on liquid and illiquid alternatives solutions across Blackstone, including co-invests. She has also been responsible for product structuring and legal due diligence. Cook worked for the U. He started his career with J. David J. Since joining Strategic Partners in , Mr. He serves or has served on numerous advisory and charitable boards and is currently a Trustee of Marin Academy.

Corey received a B. Cort was Chief Administrative Officer of Fortress Investment Group, overseeing the managed account platform, global trading activities, financial planning and strategic initiatives for the hedge fund business.

Prior to that, he worked at Credit Suisse where he managed the Prime Services client documentation team, responsible for client fund onboarding, operational and credit related issues.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Averys. During his studies, Mr. Having joined Blackstone as part of its acquisition of Clarus in December , where he was a Managing Director. Cunningham joined Clarus in Cunningham has led investments in medical technology and biotechnology, including partnerships with pharmaceutical companies.

Prior to joining Clarus, Dr. Prior to Eyetech, Dr. Cunningham was at Pfizer, Inc. Cunningham is an internationally recognized specialist in infectious and inflammatory eye disease with over publications. Cunningham was a Director at Harbourmaster Capital where he was part of the portfolio management group supporting the Portfolio Managers for the CLOs under management at Harbourmaster Capital, and was also involved in capital formation and investor relations. Prior to joining Harbourmaster Capital in , Mr.

Cunningham worked as a credit analyst in WGZ Bank focusing on structured finance transactions. Cunningham worked at Blackstone Insurance Solutions, overseeing investment grade portfolio management activities. Cunningham received a B. Prior to Lone Star, Mr. Dalmia has primarily been involved in monitoring the performance and development of Blackstone portfolio companies in India.

Dalmia had diverse operational experience of over 13 years with Hindustan Unilever India "HUL" in various management and business leadership roles ranging from finance and accounts to commercial and supply chain. Dalmia He has undergone a management training program with the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and subsequently worked extensively on in-company training at Unilever.

Dalmia received a B. Xaviers' College from the University of Kolkatta, India. Daniel worked at BlackRock as a product specialist for its hedge fund solutions business.

Prior to joining BlackRock, Ms. Davies lead the tax function for the European real estate business focusing on tax planning around fund formations, acquisitions and disposals.

Davies worked as a Senior Manager in the Investment Management and Real Estate team at PricewaterhouseCoopers and specialized in the tax affairs of international real estate funds and investments. Davis is involved with valuations, performance and investor reporting for the global BPP real estate fund platform. Credit Research analyst involved with the ongoing analysis and evaluation of primary and secondary fixed income investments.

Our People. Follow Mr. Schwarzman on LinkedIn. Michael Chae Chief Financial Officer. Finley Chief Legal Officer. Berman is on the board of directors of several Blackstone portfolio companies. Berman received a B. Dowling has a B. Sean Klimczak Global Head of Infrastructure. Vik Sawhney Chief Administrative Officer. Dwight Scott Global Head of Credit. John Stecher Chief Technology Officer.

Senator Kelly A. Title All Sr. Qasim Abbas. Qasim Abbas Sr.

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He is responsible for analysis and engagement in connection with investments by Icahn Capital in public securities. Prior to joining Icahn Capital, Mr. Miller has served as a director of: Herc Holdings Inc. Miller brings to the Board his investment and financial expertise, experience with complex debt matters and experience serving as a private equity investment professional.

He previously served as a member of GNL's audit committee. He also currently serves as a director of Chewy, Inc. Motricity Inc. Icahn had controlling interests in Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. Nelson also previously served as chairman and chief executive officer of Eaglescliff Corporation, a specialty investment banking, consulting and wealth management company, from until ; chairman and chief executive officer of Orbit Aviation, Inc.

Nelson brings to the Board expertise relevant to Xerox, including his significant audit experience and his investment and financial expertise from serving as a director and chief executive officer. Hernandez Ventures is a privately held entity engaged in the acquisition and management of a variety of business interests. With over 30 years of experience, Ms. Chris Fisher was named senior vice president and chief strategy officer effective September Chris began his career in banking and was an assistance vice president at Bank of America with expertise in structured finance and global operations.

Previously, she spent over a decade investing in stressed, distressed, and event-driven debt and equity securities at Onex Corp. He leverages sales activities and maximizes coverage through direct, indirect and eCommerce channels to drive top and bottom line growth while increasing customer satisfaction.

During his more than year career with Xerox, he has held various sales and marketing management roles, including serving as senior vice president of EMEA Business Operations and Marketing and senior vice president of International Operations Commercial Excellence and SMB.

Jacques-Edouard is passionate about nurturing diverse talent, building high-performing teams, and embracing change to drive operational excellence. He is the executive sponsor of Xerox employee resource group Enable All, which supports team members and communities who have or are involved with disabilities. He is fluent in French and English. Steve Bandrowczak was named chief executive officer of Xerox Holdings Corporation effective August An accomplished technology executive across a range of industries, Steve has a proven track record of leveraging digital platforms to transform global operations, drive market share and increase profitability.

Steve joined Xerox in as president and chief operations officer. Prior to joining Xerox, Steve served as chief operating officer and chief information officer at Alight Solutions, where he was responsible for the application portfolio and technical infrastructure of the organization. Throughout his career, Steve also held senior leadership positions at various multi-billion-dollar global companies, including Avaya, Nortel, Lenovo, DHL and Avnet.

Xavier Heiss was named chief financial and business supporting functions officer, effective January Prior to his current role, Xavier served as interim chief financial officer beginning September and previously, he was the president of EMEA Operations. During his more than year career with Xerox, he has held various finance and sales management roles in Europe and the U.

He is passionate about mentoring talented, diverse teams and nurturing a culture of inclusivity to drive positive business outcomes. He is the executive sponsor of the Xerox Veteran Service Members Association VSMA , an Employee Resource Group dedicated to the support and engagement of our military veterans, service members, military spouses, and families. Louie Pastor was named chief corporate development officer and chief legal officer for Xerox effective February He is also an executive vice president of Xerox Holdings Corporation.

He joined Xerox in October as general counsel. Louie joined Xerox from Icahn Enterprises, where he was deputy general counsel, responsible for, among other things, numerous long-term strategic initiatives, including the acquisitions and dispositions of various operating companies, and investments in and engagements with various public and private companies.

Louie serves on the Board of Directors of the U. Tracey Koziol was named senior vice president of Global Offering Solutions and chief product officer at Xerox effective June She is responsible for products and solutions strategy, planning, and execution covering Global Document Services, Production Solutions, and Workplace Solutions Technology. Tracey joined Xerox in November as vice president of workplace solutions, bringing her extensive experience delivering high-tech, cost-effective, and differentiated products to the role.

Previously, Tracey served as the chief experience officer at Gee Holding LLC, responsible for driving new customer acquisitions, product portfolio, quality, and customer service. Before these roles, Tracey spent 20 years as the corporate vice president and general manager of mid-tier products and mobility solutions at Motorola, leading engineering and product management.

Throughout her career, Tracey has been an advocate for diversity and inclusion. She currently serves as the executive sponsor for Xerox's Asians Coming Together employee resource group. She also serves as a board member of Better Chance, a program dedicated to identifying, recruiting, and developing leaders among underrepresented young people of color throughout the United States. Naresh Shanker was named senior vice president and chief technology officer effective May Naresh is responsible for leading the innovation business, including scientists and engineers located around the globe.

Under his leadership, Xerox has made strong progress, developing disruptive technologies that the company has productized and commercialized. He brings more than 25 years of technology experience from diverse industries. Prior to joining Xerox, he was chief digital and information officer for a start-up company focusing on disruptive nanomaterials and clean energy solutions.

Naresh serves on the Advisory Councils of venture capital firms and on the Advisory Boards of several start-ups, all of which have had successful financial exits. Suzan Morno-Wade was named chief human resources officer effective November , and is an executive vice president of Xerox Holdings Corporation. She has over 20 years of progressive human resources leadership experience spanning several industries, including positions at global organizations including Hess, Quantum, Mitsubishi, General Electric and Quaker Oats.

She holds multiple human resources certifications as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois. John Bruno was named president and chief operating officer of Xerox Holdings Corporation effective November In his role, John partners closely with the CEO and leadership team to shape the company's global strategy and is accountable for operating model advancements to improve company performance.

He also oversees global offerings, service delivery, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, procurement, information technology, and Xerox's IT services business unit. As COO, he led 22, professionals accountable for enterprise innovation, information technology, security, procurement, and all business line and corporate shared services operations globally.

Fred Beljaars was named chief delivery and supply chain officer effective October In his role, Fred is responsible for leading all delivery, manufacturing, supply chain, and procurement operations globally. Fred first joined Xerox in as chief supply chain officer and led the company's global supply chain, procurement, and real estate functions.

Fred brings more than 30 years of global executive leadership and operations experience to Xerox, having held many roles in supply chain and customer logistics solutions. Before that, he spent six years as executive vice president of Operations for DHL Express, responsible for all operations in the U. In this capacity, he drove cost savings and efficiencies within the supply chain, integrating and optimizing critical systems and networks while improving customer delivery performance. Deena Piquion was named chief marketing officer effective October In this role, Deena leads all aspects of global marketing and is responsible for enabling our go-to-market teams to generate revenue and build awareness and demand for Xerox, its offerings and new businesses.

Prior to her appointment she served as senior vice president and general manager of Xerox Latin America Operations. Deena is a member of the Advisory Board of Teach For America Miami Dade County, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educational equity and excellence.

She is a dynamic blogger who created her own personally branded platform to share tips on personal and professional growth with an engaged following in the industry. Joanne Collins Smee was named president, Americas effective June , and is an executive vice president of Xerox Holdings Corporation. In this role, she is responsible for leading all go-to-market operations across the region and enhancing the way Xerox brings its full portfolio of offerings to partners and clients of all sizes in the U.

Dedicated to helping underrepresented groups advance their careers, Joanne serves as the executive sponsor of the National Black Employees Association NBEA employee resource group. Leading by Example. Steve Bandrowczak. John G. Fred Beljaars.

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Goodbye , Hello ! Happy New Year! HPC Fire Inspired ?? Kickoff Podcast Episode #6 ?? “What are HPC’s core values that facilitate your team’s. WebNov 21,  · Chad Robertson’s headquarters phone number is () Which industry does Chad Robertson work in? Chad Robertson works in the industry of Government. Who are Chad Robertson’s peers at other companies? Chad Robertson’s peers at other companies are Jake Mort, Brian Scott, Shea Guinn, David Stokes, Josh . Aug 3,  · Transaction Processing Associate at Conduent. Wanda Robertson is a Transaction Processing Associate at Conduent based in Florham Park, New Jersey. Previously, Wanda was a Customer Service Spec ialist at General Dynamics. Read More. Contact. Wanda Robertson's Phone Number and Email. Last Update. 8/3/ AM.