raceme tuner 6.7 cummins
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Raceme tuner 6.7 cummins baxter bunny

Raceme tuner 6.7 cummins

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Works great. Emissions warranty expired, and now I have the missing power back! Works great! Time to get this rig to the track. I had removed the exhaust prior to installing the RaceMe, but cleared all the codes prior to uploading to the ECM.

Hiccuped on the initial install, but that was user error. I had updated the SD card, but forgot to update the RaceMe module. Missed that line in the instructions…. Dan verified owner — David Hamilton — I have a 6. I decided to try a tuner, after lots and lots of research I landed on the RaceMe Ultra. This thing is ridiculous.. Josh — They are also super easy to set up and have some of the best costumer service around. Marty — February Unbelievable difference!

THis tuner was so easy to install and made a complete difference in my Ram No need to remove all the extra weight in your truck although it helps. This tuner made my fuel mileage increase right away and helped with turbo lag off of the line. No need to wait for the truck to generate power, its instant.

Thanks Race Me! Dermot — I installed this in my Ram 1 year ago and it has worked flawlessly. I love it. Truck actually sounds like a real Cummins now and unreal power at the hp default setting. I deleted the EGR valve and cooler and the throttle valve also. Ben hassler verified owner — This tuner is amazing. Within 30 minutes I went from limp mode permanent codes to going 60 down the road. If I had known about this before it would have saved me a few headaches.

Thank you!!! Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. We are offering now a single Display for customers who lost it from a car theft. Customer support: office raceme. Rated 5. Share Social. Worldwide delivery - all prices are in USD. Breaks limits not your warranty.

Premium support for our customers. Description Additional information Reviews 12 Attachments Description. You can leave the EGR in place and just unplug the wiring or you can completely remove it. The DEF tank can also be removed or remain installed. However, if some other issue comes up you will still be alerted.

Fuel Mileage - Expect to see a significant fuel mileage gains. If your DPF is plugged up your probably averaging about mpg. More or less depending on the severity of the restriction. Larger tires and poor driving habits will skew mileage downward. The logistics of coordinating a cancellation are not feasible. Returns are accepted for most items. Returns must be made within 30 days of receiving item. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

Original shipping charges are non refundable.

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Customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Original shipping charges are non refundable. Electronics that require custom tuning or are VIN specific cannot be returned and are non refundable. Contact us for return instructions. Do NOT send to return address on original package. Ford Powerstroke Ford Powerstroke 6.

Dodge Cummins Ram Cummins 6. Nissan Titan. Your cart is empty. Select Year: stock hp 5 power levels. Description Return Policy Description. Return Policy. This brilliant device works the same way as the base model describe above and yet delivers bhp more across 10 stages. If you really want to push the boundaries that your Dodge Ram can reach we suggest you check out the RaceME Ultra tuner, another model that gives you bhp extra, with a single touch use and easy to navigate menu, plus all the features of the Pro model and more.

The main talking point with the Ultra model is the Transmission Tuning feature, which gives you sharper changes, raised pressure and 6 th gear unlock, and you can also remotely adjust tire pressures, making your life easier behind the wheel and the truck more capable on the road.

The RaceME series performs a full delete of the standard applications on a 6. Strictly, these tuners are intended for use on vehicles in organized competition rather than road use, and we are unable to ship to California due the laws of the state. At RaceME we are proud of our tuners and have many satisfied customers who have extracted the full available power and efficiency from their Dodge Ram 6.

More Horsepower Our basic 6. Pro Tuner Benefits What if we told you that your Cummins 6.

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New Ram 3500 DPF EGF EGR delete with RaceMe Ultra

Dec 12,  · PETERSBURG — Three directors and one manager were fired from City Hall this month. Nina Mahmoudi, the city’s marketing director of eight years, submitted her resignation . Dec 9,  · The RaceME series performs a full delete of the standard applications on a Cummins, so we recommend you check the legality of the product in your state. Strictly, these . Nov 24,  · Injection pressure: fuel pressure present in the common rail. Injection timing: the time of the start of a injection event, measured in crankshaft degrees relative to top dead .