6.7 cummins arp 625 head studs
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6.7 cummins arp 625 head studs cigna private insurance

6.7 cummins arp 625 head studs

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They are centerless ground to assure perfect concentricity. The ends of the studs are broached to facilitate easy installation. This feature also enables the cylinder head to be removed in tight quarters.

Also included in each kit are heat-treated, chrome-moly steel point nuts and parallel-ground washers. They are black oxide finished for extra durability. ARP cylinder head studs are the clear favorite among top professional engine builders in nearly every form of motor sports.

ARP uses a premium grade alloy that is rated superior to aircraft quality. Then each stud is specially heat treated in a vertical fixture that insures complete heat penetration.

Then it was time to install the head gasket. To work in conjunction with the fire-rings, a factory four-layer MLS 6. The only difference is that this head gasket has the center rings removed in order to accommodate the 0.

With the head gasket aligned using the factory front and rear dowels in the block, Bosie set each fire-ring atop its respective cylinder. Without them, the entire process is much more difficult and could easily be compromised. You can never be too careful in a job like this. Taking care to ensure all passageways were free of any leftover oil or debris, Bosie shot compressed air into every orifice in the head once it was chained to the cherry picker.

Inch by inch, the pound head was slowly lowered onto the block. With the fire rings resting freely inside the head gasket, it was important to set the head correctly on the first attempt so as not to move the fire rings or damage the head gasket.

As an added guide for the head, two exhaust side ARP studs were inserted with minimal thread engagement. This way there were essentially four guides two head studs, two alignment dowels aiding the process of setting the head flat on top of the fire rings and gasket. Once the head was positioned on the block, a telescoping inspection mirror and flashlight were used to confirm it was in fact sitting in the alignment dowels.

First, all head studs were threaded in by hand, and then Bosie turned them a little more using a 0. The key here is to hand-tighten, not torque them down. After each stud had bottomed out in its respective hole, the rest of the ARP installation hardware was unwrapped. Prior to installing the washers and point nuts, they were coated with the supplied ARP Ultra-Torque assembly lubricant.

The ends of the head stud threads were also bathed in a little lubricant as well. With all nuts installed, Bosie began the torque sequence. Working from the center out and torqueing in three separate steps, he got started with a 50 ft-lb. The second round of torqueing down the head called for ft-lbs. Bosie then went over each nut once more. The air inlet, which does away with the factory grid heater, is said to be percent larger than stock.

Next, Bosie fitted the injectors with new O-rings and reinstalled them, the injector hold downs, injector feed tubes which were matched with the same cylinder they fed prior to teardown , and the fuel rail. After that, the Stage 1 push rods from Scheid were installed, along with the rockers. Then it was time to reattach the exhaust manifold to the head, complete with six new manifold gaskets. By only disconnecting the exhaust manifold where it bolts to the head allowing the turbo and exhaust to support it reconnecting it was a piece of cake.

Reinstalling the 6. One requirement that is absolutely necessary when settling fire-rings is the hot re-torque process. After the first heat cycle, all head studs need to be retightened to the ft-lb.

The hot re-torque process is as follows: 1 Idle the truck up to operating temp allowing the thermostat to open , 2 Shut the truck off and promptly tear down until all head stud nuts are accessible, 3 Re-torque all head studs to ft-lb. Before buttoning everything back up this time for good , Bosie ran the valves. Once Bosie adjusted the valve lash to 0. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You May Also Like. Diesel Engines Parts Rack.

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