stray haven humane society
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Stray haven humane society stuart henderson accenture

Stray haven humane society

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Our Hours:. Monday: Closed. Tuesday ampm. Wednesday ampm. Thursday ampm. Friday ampm. Saturday ampm. Sunday: ampm. Our lifesaving mission envisions a community that promotes turning compassion into action for dogs and cats by adopting healthy animals into loving homes, promoting the human-animal bond through outreach, education and advocacy, spaying and neutering to end the suffering of overpopulation and to improve public health and the humane and compassionate treatment of all animals.

Thanks, in no small part, to our amazing volunteers and dedicated staff. Through generous donations we are able to provide educational programs and short-term residential care for adoptable animals all to ensure the protection of animals in our area.

We believe strongly in our no-kill policy which means fundraising relentlessly to cover medical and hygiene costs for our animals as we seek to pair them with their perfect home. Stray Haven is a Humane Society dedicated to ensuring the protection of animals through education and service. Stray Haven was established in by Elaine Forkan, the founder. Elaine began Stray Haven Humane Society as a solution to care for stray and abandoned animals in the community. We were established as a c3 on June 1, and moved to our current location at Shepard Road in Waverly, NY As of , we transitioned, proudly, to becoming a no-kill shelter.

Our mission here at Stray Haven is to continue to provide quality care for the abused, neglected, and unwanted animals of the Southern Tier region. Our staff cares deeply for this mission and strives to provide the best quality care for these animals. Unfortunately, between medical expenses and day to day care this comes at a high cost. We are reaching out to the generous members of our community looking for sponsors for our kennels.

These sponsorships will cover both routine and emergency medical care, food, training, enrichment opportunities, and everything needed to make the animals stay at the shelter the next best thing to being in a forever home.

Please consider reaching out and sponsoring a kennel. Your generosity will make a significant difference in the quality of life of our shelter pets. What you will get with a sponsorship: a plaque with your name displayed on the kennel, your business link posted on our webpage, a copy of our newsletter with you listed as a sponsor, and the warm feeling and good karma that comes with giving to the needy animals.

Please email sarah strayhavenspca. Hopefully someone takes me home and has enough patience to give me the time I need to adjust. Especially if you bring me food! I can also be very playful and toy mice are my favorites! The staff here is still unsure if it was her cats that had a problem with me, me having a problem with them, or the fact that I was unaltered at the time and would spray if I was upstairs.

They did what they thought was best for me, and eventually I made my way to another rescue where I went to stay until I could come and be Neutered.

Since then, I have made my way here, and have of course been Neutered and Microchipped! I have since made my way out to the Big Cat Room and have been given my own cage to stay in by this nice, big window. I still get pretty annoyed when I see some of the other cats, so for now, I have everything I need all to myself.

I love my human friends, and you could definitely say that I enjoy being the center of attention. They passed on that I was particularly fond of an 11 year old girl, and I had grown pretty close to her during my stay.

I soak up any and all attention that is given to me and I am extremely receptive of pets! I can be pretty photogenic at times as well too and my face is sure to be worthy of all of your social media posts!

It is unknown if I have met any canine companions yet, so you would have to chat with the staff to see how I might do if I was ever introduced to one of those. Maybe their a little better than my feline counterparts? I'm really hoping that I can manage to find the right home that I would thrive in. If you think that your home might be suitable for me, then I advise you to stop down and meet me!

I can guarantee you that you won't regret it! Ellie got to go on a field trip with one of our wonderful volunteers. This is what she had to say about her day with Ellie. Ellie has had a hard time finding the perfect home because she is after all a hound dog. Expect that she at times will want to sing the song of her people making hound sounds. She also loves to use her nose and be kept busy. That being said Ellie is a perfect delight, loves people, long walks, sniffing out adventures, loves treats, and did someone say hot dogs?

So even if you aren't into Elvis but have a love of hounds Ellie maybe the perfect dog for you. We cannot place an animal on hold, if we receive multiple applications on the same animal in a short time frame we choose the home we feel most closely matches the needs of the animal. All of our cats are as unique as the people looking to adopt.

The majority of our cats are housed in communal cat enclosures and are well socialized with people and other adult cats. Cats and kittens will likely go home the day of adoption, for this reason, we suggest that you prepare your home in advance.

Consider having a litter box, food, bedding, and a "safe space" prior to coming to the shelter day on the adoption day. If you have any questions about how to prepare for your new pet please call, our staff is happy to help!

Each animal is different and adjusts differently however there are some general guidelines. Please, make sure you're keeping in contact with your primary care veterinarian. Remember the rule of 3. Cats are VERY sensitive it takes about 3 days for cats to adjust to new smells, sounds, tastes, textures, and surroundings. It takes about 3 weeks for cats to adjust to new people and animals. They need to realize their new family is not in competition with them for resources, or a danger to their safety.

It takes about 3 months for cats to feel like they fully and truly belong. However, there are cats that can take longer to adjust into the home. If you're concerned about a behavior; document, document, document.

What time of day did it start? Is it reoccurring? Has anything else changed in the last 3 days remember that rule of 3 for cats to adjust!

Keep in mind a veterinarian will usually start with the same questions to establish a baseline, so until you're able to get to a veterinarian consider making notes for yourself to streamline your visit;.

Has the animal's routine or environment changed in the last three days? Has the animal's energy level significantly changed recently? Has the animal begun to avoid previously appreciated activies; i.

Kittens are fed a quarter can of Friskies pate once a day. Adults receive treats and wet food for enrichment or medication.

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