aft juniper networks
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Aft juniper networks

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If micro BFD is enabled on an aggregated Ethernet ae interface, the micro BFD packets are not subjected to firewall filters for both tagged and untagged ae interfaces. The MXSFB3 creates a highly scalable and resilient "all-active" centralized switch fabric that delivers up to 4 Tbps of full-duplex switching capacity per slot for MX and MX routers.

The pic-mode specifies the speed of the active ports. If pic-mode is not specified, then the default mode is Gbps. Supports both normal mode the deafult mode and enhanced priority mode for interface schedulers. Supports interface queueing modes, namely WAN port queueing mode the default mode , limited queueing mode, and enhanced queueing mode.

You can choose to configure all ports in a PIC to operate at the same speed or configure all the ports at different supported speeds. The default port speed is Gbps for all ports. For the 10 Gbps speed, you will need a breakout cable. Using Junos node slicing, you can create multiple partitions in a single physical MX Series router.

Each partition, referred to as a guest network function GNF , behaves as an independent router. An Abstracted Fabric interface is a pseudointerface that exhibits a first-class Ethernet interface behavior. The abstracted fabric interface facilitates routing control and management traffic between GNFs through the switch fabric. Use the following resource paths to export sensor data for interface information and traffic, logical interface traffic, firewall filter counters, and policer counters:.

The Subscribe RPC and subscription parameters are defined in the gnmi. Starting in Junos OS Release Both packages support the JTI. JTI enables the export of statistics from these sensors to outside collectors at configurable intervals using remote procedure call gRPC services. Because of this, there is a difference in the resource path and key-value kv pair output compared to the Junos kernel output.

Both packages support JTI. Forwarding CoS Q-depth monitoring —You can configure a Junos telemetry interface sensor that exports queue depth statistics for ingress and egress queue traffic. Telemetry data is exported directly from the line card. You can also apply one or more regular expressions to filter data. Only UDP streaming of data is supported. Layer 2 firewall forwarding support. You can configure the MAC limit size at global level at the [ edit protocols l2-learning global-mac-limit ] hierachy level.

You can also configure the MAC table size using bridge domains at the [ edit bridge-domains bridge-domain-name bridge-options mac-table-size ] hierarchy level. Pseudowire subscriber interfaces using either logical tunnel or redundant logical tunnel interfaces as anchor point. To check the status of the card, use the show chassis fpc pic-status command. Use the show chassis errors active command to view the fault details and the show system alarm command to view the alarm details.

By configuring minimum-hold-time , you can now prevent BGP session establishment toward BGP peers trying to negotiate a BGP session hold-time lower than the configured minimum-hold-time , which helps reducing the load on a router by avoiding sending constant keepalive messages at a high frequency.

Use it with caution and only for a limited number of BGP peers. We recommend that you configure the disable-4byte-as configuration only if the BGP peer does not support or ignores the capability advertisement of 4byte-as, and brings up the session as a 2byte AS. Configure minimum-hold-time at any of the following hierarchy levels:. Configure disable-4byte-as at any of the following hierarchy levels:.

The GRE tunnel interface supports the tunnel statement with these options: destination , key , source , traffic-class and ttl. The copy-tos-to-outer-ip-header statement is also supported. The LT interface supports family inet , family inet6 , and family iso options.

The fabric links are monitored for cyclic redundancy check CRC errors. Each Packet Forwarding Engine supports G fabric throughput when all 24 fabric planes are operational. In a dynamic tunnel configuration, where the Routing Engine forwards a lot of routes to the Packet Forwarding Engine, the FIB convergence may take more time resulting in traffic loss. Also, when you restart an FPC restart in a dynamic tunnel configuration, traffic flow may not resume.

You can configure port mirroring for the CCC, bridge, and family any only. This support requires you to enable enhanced subscriber management.

This capability is useful, for example, when subscribers purchase Internet access for a specific period of time and must log out when the session expires. In earlier releases, the router does not recognize the attribute if it is included in a CoA message. To enable the Dyce randomizer, use the dyce statement at the [edit system rng] hierarchy level and reboot the Routing Engine when prompted. You can use this feature through password-options , a new configuration statement, to configure options for local authentication; and its option tacplus-authorization , to choose the remote authorization for locally authenticated users.

You must configure the password under authentication-order when password-options is configured. The feature does not work in a local fallback scenario because password is not configured under authentication-order for a local fallback scenario. To configure remote authorization, include the tacplus-authorization option under the password-options configuration statement at the [edit system] hierarchy level.

When a dynamic interface-set is not explicitly assigned an output TCP, a static TCP configured as the default output TCP for a dynamic interface-set is automatically assigned to this interface-set. Likewise, when a dynamic interface-set is not explicitly assigned an input TCP, a static TCP configured as the default input TCP for a dynamic interface-set is automatically assigned to this interface-set.

To set the default input TCP and output TCP, add interface-set-input profile-name and interface-set-output profile-name options at the [edit class-of-service system-defaults traffic-control-profiles] hierarchy level. Support for input traffic control profile assignment to dynamic logical interface sets MX Series —To support assigning both static and dynamic logical interfaces to the same interface set either static or dynamic , starting with Junos Feature was originally introduced in Junos OS We support this feature in a data center architecture that includes a layer of spine devices that perform EVPN Layer 2 and Layer 3 functions.

The DHCP relay functions are centralized at the spine layer. As a result, this architecture in known as the centrally routed bridging architecture. Enabling IGMP snooping helps to constrain multicast traffic to interested receivers in a broadcast domain. Single-Source Multicast SSM S,G —you must explicitly configure by including the evpn-ssm-reports-only configuration statement at the [edit protocols igmp-snooping] hierarchy level.

The OAM packets created for the ping overlay and traceroute overlay commands follow the same underlay network path as the data packets. This allows you to verify the connectivity and to detect fault in the underlay network for an overlay segment between two VTEPs. Inline mode helps increase the number of supported sessions. If micro-BFD is enabled an aggregated Ethernet ae- interface, the micro BFD packets are not subjected to firewall filters, for both tagged and untagged ae interfaces.

You can use the existing show commands such as show chassis pic and show chassis hardware to view the inventory details of the transceivers. IPv6 support enables Python scripts to establish connections and perform operations using IPv6 addresses.

AFI provides clients with the ability to program a section of the forwarding path via a small virtual container called a sandbox. Packages available on vMX Eval Download page. Note: Please follow the instructions provided on the above page for Ubuntu Trusty You can use '-g ' option to specify the docker image installation location. Please make sure that the location has around GB of space available.

This step uses the container built in the previous step and builds another docker container where provided VMX can also be run. Please wait for the following message to appear before proceeding with next step. Please download "AFI 1. Note: Please ignore any "Ignoring unknown extended header keyword" logs which are displayed while decompressing the tarball.

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Open Average volume 2. Annual div ADY 0. All markets data located on FT. All content on FT. AFT Fathom AFT Fathom is used to calculate pressure drop and flow distribution in liquid and low-velocity gas piping and ducting systems. Includes heat transfer, time simulation, automatic goal seeking, cost calculations and built-in tools for modeling piping system components. Learn More. Settling Slurry. Goal Seek and Control.

Identifies input parameters that yield desired output values and simulates control functions. Extended Time Simulation. Models dynamic system behavior and how critical system parameters vary over time. Automated Network Sizing. Evaluates the complex interaction of system variables to reveal combinations of cost savings. Including adiabatic, isothermal, heat transfer, sonic choking, automatic goal seeking, cost calculations and built-in tools for modeling piping system components.

Define a wide range of operating conditions during a time simulation such as tank pressures, compressor speed variations, and more. AFT Impulse Analysis software used to calculate pressure surge transients in liquid piping systems caused by waterhammer. Models and simulates your pipe system to help avoid the potentially catastrophic effects of waterhammer and undesirable system transients. Pulsation Frequency Analysis. Helps identify and avoid resonant frequencies in systems, especially in those caused by positive displacement pumps.

The only commercial software solution that can model both non-settling and settling slurry waterhammer effects. AFT xStream AFT xStream is a powerful fluid dynamic simulation tool for high-speed, acoustic transients that occur in steam and gas piping systems.

Uncertainty in design and operations costs money and time. Now you can accurately simulate how your steam and gas systems will respond to potentially harmful transient events. Helps identify and avoid resonant frequencies in systems, especially in those caused by reciprocating compressors. Chempak Database A chemical property database of up to fluids and gases with mixing capability. Education Bundles Teaching pipe flow analysis and modeling can be easy.

Once students learn the basic methodology, instructors are able to show their classes more advanced practices using our modeling software. Take advantage of these steep discounts on full licenses for classroom instructional use. Determine the Optimal System Pump performance, BEP, fluid transients, force calculations, detect sonic choking, and so much more

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WebFrom devices to data centers, from consumers to cloud providers, Juniper Networks delivers the software, silicon and systems that transform the experience and economics . WebSoftware Engineer (Current Employee) - Sunnyvale, CA - April 15, Juniper is an average company overall. The payment is relative low compared with other big . WebAFT's pipe flow software for engineers includes products for incompressible and compressible flow, waterhammer and surge analysis and more. Pipe Flow Software | .