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Diana hudnell caresource

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Harry was only 12 years old when Diana passed away. His brother, Prince William , was William, and his wife, Princess Kate , welcomed Princess Charlotte in May and graced her with Diana as a middle name.

Harry did the same in June when he and wife Meghan Markle welcomed their baby girl, Lilibet. For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews — Subscribe on YouTube!

Cancel OK. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Sign In. Need an account? Sign up now! Forgot password? Sign Up. The earliest depictions of the Artemis of Ephesus are found on Ephesian coins from this period. By the Imperial period , small marble statues of the Ephesian Artemis were being produced in the Western region of the Mediterranean and were often bought by Roman patrons.

If she was shown accompanied by a deer, as in the Diana of Versailles , this is because Diana was the patroness of hunting. The deer may also offer a covert reference to the myth of Acteon or Actaeon , who saw her bathing naked.

Diana transformed Acteon into a stag and set his own hunting dogs to kill him. She was worshiped there as Diana Tifatina. This was one of the oldest sanctuaries in Campania. As a rural sanctuary, it included lands and estates that would have been worked by slaves following the Roman conquest of Campania, and records show that expansion and renovation projects at her temple were funded in part by other conquests by Roman military campaigns. In the Roman provinces, Diana was widely worshiped alongside local deities.

Over inscriptions to Diana have been cataloged in the provinces, mainly from Gaul , Upper Germania , and Britannia. Diana was commonly invoked alongside another forest god, Silvanus , as well as other "mountain gods". In the provinces, she was occasionally conflated with local goddesses such as Abnoba , and was given high status, with Augusta and regina "queen" being common epithets. Diana was not only regarded as a goddess of the wilderness and the hunt, but was often worshiped as a patroness of families.

She served a similar function to the hearth goddess Vesta , and was sometimes considered to be a member of the Penates , the deities most often invoked in household rituals. In this role, she was often given a name reflecting the tribe of family who worshiped her and asked for her protection. Other family-derived named attested in the ancient literature include Diana Cariciana , Diana Valeriana , and Diana Plancia.

As a house goddess, Diana often became reduced in stature compared to her official worship by the Roman state religion. In personal or family worship, Diana was brought to the level of other household spirits, and was believed to have a vested interest in the prosperity of the household and the continuation of the family. The Roman poet Horace regarded Diana as a household goddess in his Odes , and had an altar dedicated to her in his villa where household worship could be conducted. In his poetry, Horace deliberately contrasted the kinds of grand, elevated hymns to Diana on behalf of the entire Roman state, the kind of worship that would have been typical at her Aventine temple, with a more personal form of devotion.

Images of Diana and her associated myths have been found on sarcophagi of wealthy Romans. They often included scenes depicting sacrifices to the goddess, and on at least one example, the deceased man is shown joining Diana's hunt.

Since ancient times, philosophers and theologians have examined the nature of Diana in light of her worship traditions, attributes, mythology, and identification with other gods. Diana was initially a hunting goddess and goddess of the local woodland at Nemi, [72] but as her worship spread, she acquired attributes of other similar goddesses. As she became conflated with Artemis, she became a moon goddess , identified with the other lunar goddesses goddess Luna and Hekate.

Along with Mars , Diana was often venerated at games held in Roman amphitheaters, and some inscriptions from the Danubian provinces show that she was conflated with Nemesis in this role, as Diana Nemesis.

Outside of Italy, Diana had important centers of worship where she was syncretised with similar local deities in Gaul , Upper Germania , and Britannia. Diana was particularly important in the region in and around the Black Forest , where she was conflated with the local goddess Abnoba and worshiped as Diana Abnoba.

Some late antique sources went even further, syncretizing many local "great goddesses" into a single "Queen of Heaven". The Platonist philosopher Apuleius , writing in the late 2nd century, depicted the goddess declaring:. My will controls the shining heights of heaven, the health-giving sea-winds, and the mournful silences of hell; the entire world worships my single godhead in a thousand shapes, with divers rites, and under many a different name. The Phrygians, first-born of mankind, call me the Pessinuntian Mother of the gods; the native Athenians the Cecropian Minerva; the island-dwelling Cypriots Paphian Venus; the archer Cretans Dictynnan Diana; the triple-tongued Sicilians Stygian Proserpine; the ancient Eleusinians Actaean Ceres; some call me Juno, some Bellona, others Hecate, others Rhamnusia; but both races of Ethiopians, those on whom the rising and those on whom the setting sun shines, and the Egyptians who excel in ancient learning, honour me with the worship which is truly mine and call me by my true name: Queen Isis.

Later poets and historians looked to Diana's identity as a triple goddess to merge her with triads heavenly, earthly, and underworld cthonic goddesses.

Maurus Servius Honoratus said that the same goddess was called Luna in heaven, Diana on earth, and Proserpina in hell. Her sovereignty in Heaven, in Earth and Hell". Based on the earlier writings of Plato , the Neoplatonist philosophers of late antiquity united the various major gods of Hellenic tradition into a series of monads containing within them triads, with some creating the world, some animating it or bringing it to life, and others harmonizing it.

Within this system, Proclus considered Diana to be one of the primary animating, or life-giving, deities. Proclus, citing Orphic tradition, concludes that Diana "presides over all the generation in nature, and is the midwife of physical productive principles" and that she "extends these genitals, distributing as far as to subterranean natures the prolific power of [Bacchus].

Within her divinity was produced the cause of the basic principle of life. Projecting this principle into the lower, Hypercosmic realm of reality generated a lower monad, Kore , who could therefore be understood as Ceres' "daughter".

Kore embodied the "maidenly" principle of generation that, more importantly, included a principle of division - where Demeter generates life indiscriminately, Kore distributes it individually. This division results in another triad or trinity, known as the Maidenly trinity, within the monad of Kore: namely, Diana, Proserpine, and Minerva, through whom individual living beings are given life and perfected. Specifically, according to a commentary by scholar Spyridon Rangos, Diana equated with Hecate gives existence, Proserpine equated with "Soul" gives form, and Minerva equated with "Virtue" gives intellect.

In his commentary on Proclus, the 19th century Platonist scholar Thomas Taylor expanded upon the theology of the classical philosophers, further interpreting the nature and roles of the gods in light of the whole body of Neoplatonist philosophy. He cites Plato in giving a three-form aspect to her central characteristic of virginity: the undefiled, the mundane, and the anagogic.

Through the first form, Diana is regarded as a "lover of virginity". Through the second, she is the guardian of virtue. Through the third, she is considered to "hate the impulses arising from generation. In this role, Diana is granted undefiled power Amilieti from the other gods. This generative power does not proceed forth from the goddess according to a statement by the Oracle of Delphi but rather resides with her, giving her unparalleled virtue, and in this way she can be said to embody virginity.

Diana embodies virginity because she generates but precedes active fertility within Neoplatonism, an important maxim is that "every productive cause is superior to the nature of the produced effect". Using the ancient Neoplatonists as a basis, Taylor also commented on the triadic nature of Diana and related goddesses, and the ways in which they subsist within one another, partaking unevenly in each other's powers and attributes.

According to Proclus:. Proclus pointed to the conflict between Hera and Artemis in the Illiad as a representation of the two kinds of human souls. Where Hera creates the higher, more cultured, or "worthy" souls, Artemis brings light to and perfects the "less worthy" or less rational.

As explained by Ragnos , "The aspect of reality which Artemis and Hera share, and because of which they engage in a symbolic conflict, is the engendering of life.

Sermons and other religious documents have provided evidence for the worship of Diana during the Middle Ages. Though few details have been recorded, enough references to Diana worship during the early Christian period exist to give some indication that it may have been relatively widespread among remote and rural communities throughout Europe, and that such beliefs persisted into the Merovingian period.

Many of these were probably local goddesses, and wood nymphs or dryads , which had been conflated with Diana by Christian writers Latinizing local names and traditions. The 6th century bishop Gregory of Tours reported meeting with a deacon named Vulfilaic also known as Saint Wulflaicus or Walfroy the Stylite , who founded a hermitage on a hill in what is now Margut , France.

On the same hill, he found "an image of Diana which the unbelieving people worshiped as a god. Vulfilaic destroyed a number of smaller pagan statues in the area, but the statue of Diana was too large. After converting some of the local population to Christianity, Vulfilaic and a group of local residents attempted to pull the large statue down the mountain in order to destroy it, but failed, as it was too large to be moved.

In Vulfilaic's account, after praying for a miracle, he was then able to single-handedly pull down the statue, at which point he and his group smashed it to dust with their hammers. According to Vulfilaic, this incident was quickly followed by an outbreak of pimples or sores that covered his entire body, which he attributed to demonic activity and similarly cured via what he described as a miracle.

Vulfilaic would later found a church on the site, which is today known as Mont Saint-Walfroy. Additional evidence for surviving pagan practices in the Low Countries region comes from the Vita Eligii , or "Life of Saint Eligius ", written by Audoin in the 7th century.

Audoin drew together the familiar admonitions of Eligius to the people of Flanders. In his sermons, he denounced "pagan customs" that the people continued to follow.

In particular, he denounced several Roman gods and goddesses alongside Druidic mythological beliefs and objects:. For no cause or infirmity should you consult magicians, diviners, sorcerers or incantators.

Do not observe auguries No influence attaches to the first work of the day or the [phase of the] moon. No Christian No one should observe Jove's day in idleness. No Christian should make or render any devotion to the gods of the trivium, where three roads meet, to the fanes or the rocks, or springs or groves or corners.

None should presume to hang any phylacteries from the neck of man nor beast. None should presume to make lustrations or incantations with herbs, or to pass cattle through a hollow tree or ditch No woman should presume to hang amber from her neck or call upon Minerva or other ill-starred beings in their weaving or dyeing.

None should call the sun or moon lord or swear by them. No one should tell fate or fortune or horoscopes by them as those do who believe that a person must be what he was born to be. Legends from medieval Belgium concern a natural spring which came to be known as the "Fons Remacli", a location which may have been home to late-surviving worship of Diana. Remacle was a monk appointed by Eligius to head a monastery at Solignac , and he is reported to have encountered Diana worship in the area around the river Warche.

The population in this region was said to have been involved in the worship of "Diana of the Ardennes " a syncretism of Diana and the Celtic goddess Arduinna , with effigies and "stones of Diana" used as evidence of pagan practices. Remacle believed that demonic entities were present in the spring, and had caused it to run dry.

He performed and exorcism of the water source, and installed a lead pipe, which allowed the water to flow again.

Diana is the only pagan goddess mentioned by name in the New Testament only in some Bible versions of Acts 19 ; many other Bibles refer to her as Artemis instead. As a result, she became associated with many folk beliefs involving goddess-like supernatural figures that Catholic clergy wished to demonize. In the Middle Ages , legends of night-time processions of spirits led by a female figure are recorded in the church records of Northern Italy , western Germany, and southern France.

The spirits were said to enter houses and consume food which then miraculously re-appeared. They would sing and dance, and dispense advice regarding healing herbs and the whereabouts of lost objects. If the house was in good order, they would bring fertility and plenty.

If not, they would bring curses to the family. Some women reported participating in these processions while their bodies still lay in bed.

Historian Carlo Ginzburg has referred to these legendary spirit gatherings as "The Society of Diana". Local clergy complained that women believed they were following Diana or Herodias , riding out on appointed nights to join the processions or carry out instructions from the goddess.

By , the names of the goddess figures attached to the legend were sometimes combined as Herodiana. Herodias was often conflated with her daughter Salome in legend, which also holds that, upon being presented with the severed head of John the Baptist , she was blown into the air by wind from the saint's mouth, through which she continued to wander for eternity. Diana was often conflated with Hecate , a goddess associated with the spirits of the dead and with witchcraft.

These associations, and the fact that both figures are attested to in the Bible, made them a natural fit for the leader of the ghostly procession. Clergy used this identification to assert that the spirits were evil, and that the women who followed them were inspired by demons. As was typical of this time period, though pagan beliefs and practices were near totally eliminated from Europe, the clergy and other authorities still treated paganism as a real threat, in part thanks to biblical influence; much of the Bible had been written when various forms of paganism were still active if not dominant, so medieval clergy applied the same kinds of warnings and admonitions for any non-standard folk beliefs and practices they encountered.

This might indicate a cultural mixture of medieval folk ideas with holdovers from earlier pagan belief systems. Whatever her true origin, by the 13th century, the leader of the legendary spirit procession had come to be firmly identified with Diana and Herodias through the influence of the Church.

In his wide-ranging, comparative study of mythology and religion, The Golden Bough , anthropologist James George Frazer drew on various lines of evidence to re-interpret the legendary rituals associated with Diana at Nemi , particularly that of the rex Nemorensis.

Frazer developed his ideas in relation to J. Turner 's painting, also titled The Golden Bough , depicting a dream-like vision of the woodland lake of Nemi. According to Frazer, the rex Nemorensis or king at Nemi was the incarnation of a dying and reviving god , a solar deity who participated in a mystical marriage to a goddess.

He died at the harvest and was reincarnated in the spring. Frazer claimed that this motif of death and rebirth is central to nearly all of the world's religions and mythologies. In Frazer's theory, Diana functioned as a goddess of fertility and childbirth, who, assisted by the sacred king, ritually returned life to the land in spring.

The king in this scheme served not only as a high priest but as a god of the grove. Frazer identifies this figure with Virbius , of which little is known, but also with Jupiter via an association with sacred oak trees. Frazer argued furthermore that Jupiter and Juno were simply duplicate names of Jana and Janus ; that is, Diana and Dianus , all of whom had identical functions and origins.

Frazer's speculatively reconstructed folklore of Diana's origins and the nature of her cult at Nemi were not well received even by his contemporaries. Godfrey Lienhardt noted that even during Frazer's lifetime, other anthropologists had "for the most part distanced themselves from his theories and opinions", and that the lasting influence of The Golden Bough and Frazer's wider body of work "has been in the literary rather than the academic world.

While The Golden Bough achieved wide "popular appeal" and exerted a "disproportionate" influence "on so many [20th century] creative writers", Frazer's ideas played "a much smaller part" in the history of academic social anthropology.

Folk legends like the Society of Diana, which linked the goddess to forbidden gatherings of women with spirits, may have influenced later works of folklore. One of these is Charles Godfrey Leland 's Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches , which prominently featured Diana at the center of an Italian witch-cult.

In this belief system, Diana is said to have created the world of her own being having in herself the seeds of all creation yet to come. It was said that out of herself she divided the darkness and the light, keeping for herself the darkness of creation and creating her brother Lucifer.

Diana was believed to have loved and ruled with her brother, and with him bore a daughter, Aradia a name likely derived from Herodias , who leads and teaches the witches on earth. Leland's claim that Aradia represented an authentic tradition from an underground witch-cult, which had secretly worshiped Diana since ancient times has been dismissed by most scholars of folklore, religion, and medieval history.

After the publication of Margaret Murray 's The Witch-cult in Western Europe , which hypothesized that the European witch trials were actually a persecution of a pagan religious survival, American sensationalist author Theda Kenyon's book Witches Still Live connected Murray's thesis with the witchcraft religion in Aradia.

Clifton took exception to Hutton's position, writing that it amounted to an accusation of "serious literary fraud" made by an " argument from absence ". Building on the work of Frazer, Murray, and others, some 20th and 21st century authors have attempted to identify links between Diana and more localized deities. Lowe Thompson, for example, in his book The History of the Devil , speculated that Diana may have been linked as an occasional "spouse" to the Gaulish horned god Cernunnos.

Thompson suggested that Diana in her role as wild goddess of the hunt would have made a fitting consort for Cernunnos in Western Europe, and further noted the link between Diana as Proserpina with Pluto, the Greek god associated with the riches of the earth who served a similar role to the Gaulish Cernunnos.

Because Leland's claims about an Italian witch-cult are questionable, the first verifiable worship of Diana in the modern age was probably begun by Wicca. The earliest known practitioners of Neopagan witchcraft were members of a tradition begun by Gerald Gardner. Published versions of the devotional materials used by Gardner's group, dated to , are heavily focused on the worship of Aradia , the daughter of Diana in Leland's folklore.

Diana herself was recognized as an aspect of a single "great goddess" in the tradition of Apuleius , as described in the Wiccan Charge of the Goddess itself adapted from Leland's text. Anderson claimed that he had first been initiated into a witchcraft tradition as a child in , [99] and that he had been told the name of the goddess worshiped by witches was Tana. A few Wiccan traditions would elevate Diana to a more prominent position of worship, and there are two distinct modern branches of Wicca focused primarily on Diana.

The first, founded during the early s in the United States by Morgan McFarland and Mark Roberts, has a feminist theology and only occasionally accepts male participants, and leadership is limited to female priestesses. This tradition combines elements from British Traditional Wicca , Italian folk-magic based on the work of Charles Leland, feminist values, and healing practices drawn from a variety of different cultures. A third Neopagan tradition heavily inspired by the worship of Diana through the lens of Italian folklore is Stregheria , founded in the s.

It centers around a pair of deities regarded as divine lovers, who are known by several variant names including Diana and Dianus , alternately given as Tana and Tanus or Jana and Janus the later two deity names were mentioned by James Frazer in The Golden Bough as later corruptions of Diana and Dianus, which themselves were alternate and possibly older names for Juno and Jupiter.

One such folktale describes the moon being impregnated by her lover the morning star , a parallel to Leland's mythology of Diana and her lover Lucifer. Diana was also a subject of worship in certain Feraferian rites, particularly those surrounding the autumnal equinox, beginning in Since the Renaissance , Diana's myths have often been represented in the visual and dramatic arts, including the opera L'arbore di Diana. The plot deals with Sylvia, one of Diana's nymphs and sworn to chastity, and Diana's assault on Sylvia's affections for the shepherd Amyntas.

Diana has been one of the most popular themes in art. Most depictions of Diana in art featured the stories of Diana and Actaeon , or Callisto , or depicted her resting after hunting. Some famous work of arts with a Diana theme are:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Roman goddess of hunting and the wild. Goddess of the hunt, wild animals, fertility, and the Moon [1].

Diana as Huntress. Marble by Bernardino Cametti , Pedestal by Pascal Latour, Bode Museum , Berlin. Marcus Aurelius head covered sacrificing at the Temple of Jupiter. Main article: Diana Nemorensis. This section has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This section appears to contain trivial, minor, or unrelated references to popular culture. Please reorganize this content to explain the subject's impact on popular culture, providing citations to reliable, secondary sources , rather than simply listing appearances.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The name was also written as Deiana by the Romans. Retrieved 21 Nov Roman Religion and the Cult of Diana at Aricia. New York: Cambridge University Press. The Nature of the Gods Reissue. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN Sanctuaries of the Goddess of the Hunt. Museum Tusculanum Press.

ISBN , Walter de Gruyter, Riis who cites E. Lucidi Memorie storiche dell'antichissimo municipio ora terra dell'Ariccia e delle sue colonie Genzano e Nemi Rome p. Dumezil La religion Romaine archaique Paris , part 3, chap. Retrieved Nova Roma. Diana and Actaeon: Metamorphoses of a Myth.

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