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Hazbin baxter

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Paintbrush wakes up in a strange place with 15 other students, and is told that they are participating in a killing game. Will Paintbrush be able to find the mastermind Under the influence hazbin hotel M K 9. I just own the plot ideas for the onseshots.

Just random stuff about the Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss ,such as memes,comics etc. All Rights goes to the owners of them. On the verge of her breakdown biting he How does it feel to wake up on a hospital bed, completely feeling alien whilst few people are crying of relief of your survival?

The trickiest part is, you don't even kn Hazbin Hotel Preferences And Scena Since corona virus is taking over the world and since I have nothing to do except do school work but I rlly don't want to. I decided to make a Vox x reader since I only Doctor Dash by RobinTheWorld When young Lex enters his office for a general physical, Dash didn't expect the boy's father to be someone he knew from Casper High.

Dash x Danny. Hazbin Hotel Preferences And Onesh Although he is very arrogant and tends to inflate the overall importance of his experiments, Baxter is exceptionally intelligent in many regards; even while trapped in Purgatory on a dead planet, he was able to find a military base and convert it into a home and laboratory for himself and Crymini.

He also constructed an army of functioning robots who followed his bidding, and was capable of somehow constructing a functioning spaceship with many amenities within, despite limited resources. After the eight year timeskip, he successfully built a portal back to Hell which would have been able to transport himself and the hotel crew back to Hell, if not for the portal being destroyed by Vox. Based on him inventions, he seems to have a very adaptive mind for the time he lived in.

Despite having little in the way of manners, Baxter was surprisingly friendly and cordial to the hotel crew in Purgatory. Although he abandoned Vaggie's team when the Army of Darkness attacked his laboratory, he justified that he was leaving them behind to protect himself and Crymini, and after escaping, he used the B.

X Galaxy Light to travel and rescue the hotel crew from Lucifer, Satan, and the Vees , proving he didn't completely abandon them. Even after the hotel crew split during the eight year timeskip, Baxter frequently kept in touch with Fergus by contacting him on his laptop screen, frequently checking in on him for eight years, even when the latter didn't desire Baxter's company.

He also protected the seven angels on his ship when it was under siege by the Army of Darkness. He is also capable of showing a more fun-loving side, as he enjoys playing games with high levels of thinking, such as chess. However, it is implied that he will return to his grumpy, introverted ways now that he is at the Hazbin Hotel as he insisted that Charlie find him the emptiest, largest room in the hotel and to leave him alone so he could create a new laboratory.

Baxter is an anglerfish sinner who has grey skin with a blue-grey tone. He has a notably short stature, being the second smallest member of the hotel crew after Niffty. He has two fins on the side of his head, which resemble ears, and has three cyan-colored, bioluminescent freckles dotted on his "hair" and on both of his cheeks, underneath his eyes.

He has styled, short and swept back "hair", which are actually royal blue scales with blue-grey streaks. He has sharp, cyan-colored teeth, and his mouth curls at the sides whenever he grins. He has cyan sclera with coral pink irises, and his eyelids are a dark royal blue. Baxter almost always wears glasses which he insists are goggles , the frames of which are coral pink with yellow lenses. Whenever experimenting of crafting inventions, he wears actual goggles with black straps, and cyan lenses.

Baxter primarily wears a full-length, grey laboratory suit with yellow buttons down the length. He wears a small black hat with his esca protruding from it. The "light" is of a yellow gradient that glows in the dark, and there are two cyan stripes above it.

He wears wrist-length black lab gloves, and boots. Prior to the events of the series, Baxter hired Crymini as his assistant and "intern". Baxter appears to view Crymini as a type of ward and a friend. During their experiments, he usually shouts at her in a dramatic manner to perform various actions for his experiments, much to her chagrin. He also enjoys playing games such as chess with Crymini in his free time, with the latter mindlessly playing along while on her phone and paying no attention.

In addition, Baxter is protective of Crymini, as when the Army of Darkness attacked his base to kill the hotel crew, Baxter prioritized his and Crymini's safety by choosing to leave the hotel crew behind and save them at a later time. Even though Baxter is generally friendly, if a little bossy, towards Crymini, she has the tendency to behave asocial and aloof to both Baxter and his experiments, and superficially does not seem to enjoy his company, although Baxter seems oblivious to this, or just chooses to ignore it.

That being said, Crymini does ultimately see Baxter as a friend, although she has difficulty expressing it.

It is shown that she does not accept Baxter being insulted or degraded by other people. After Baxter used the B. X Galaxy Light to rescue the hotel crew from Satan, Lucifer, and the VVV Overlords, Fergus called the scientist a "crackpot" behind his back and questioned whether the hotel crew should stay with the scientist, which caused Crymini to become rather irritated, threatening that if Fergus did not take back his insult, she would drive the Galaxy Light right back to Satan and leave the hotel crew there.

Baxter and Vaggie first met when Baxter's robot minions attacked Vaggie and her side of the hotel crew upon them trespassing into Baxter's laboratory. Once Vaggie made it clear that she and her group were only seeking help, Baxter became ecstatic and pounced on Vaggie, hugging her with excitement, and allowed her and the others to stay at his laboratory.

In their sporadic interactions, Vaggie is often put off by Baxter's overly affectionate tendencies, such as invading her personal space and at point, forcing her and Husk to sleep with him in his bed, even when they weren't willing and couldn't sleep due to Baxter's bright lure keeping them awake. With Baxter now a patient at the hotel, Vaggie respects Baxter as a competent scientist and helpful addition to the hotel crew, but has to keep him in line so he won't experiment on the hotel crew or the angel children.

Baxter both respects and is scared of Vaggie and is often intimidated into listening to her. Baxter treated Fergus with as much hospitality as he did the rest of Vaggie's team, allowing him and Angel Dust to test the firearms in his laboratory's shooting range.

Baxter appears to especially like Fergus moreso than most of the hotel crew, as he frequently kept tabs on Fergus during the eight year timeskip, constantly contacting Fergus via laptop screen simply to make sure he was still alive. Fergus overall does not seem to reciprocate Baxter's affection, calling Baxter a "crackpot" behind his back, and was visibly annoyed by Baxter's numerous video calls, although he is capable of acknowledging Baxter's intelligence at times.

Baxter and Niffty have an odd friendship with each other. Baxter is rarely seen without Niffty by his side, and she helps him with every little thing in his day-to-day afterlife. It is no secret that Niffty is smitten with Baxter and seeks his attention and affection, though he clearly does not reciprocate Niffty's feelings as he is too obsessed with his inventions, and largely seems indifferent to her the majority of the time, even going as far as to insult her looks upon meeting her for the first time as a way to turn her down.

Regardless, Niffty was not phased by his comment persisted in her attempts to woo him. Niffty has a habit of excitedly glomping Baxter, and assists him by keeping the Galaxy Light clean.

Niffty will often agree to do whatever Baxter asks, even letting him experiment on her, as she wants his praise and affection. For the same reason, she frequently praises his inventions, ideas, and plans, regardless of how unreliable and poorly planned they turn out to be. Eventually, Baxter grew to slightly appreciate Niffty when she put her speed to use by fixing and cleaning the inside of Baxter's dimension portal.

Baxter hissed like a cat when Niffty kissed him on the cheek. Belphegor is Baxter's archenemy. Their only encounter was when him and his allies travelled to the Sloth Ring to help Lugnut and Claptrap save the angel children. Belphegor initially thought little of Baxter, until the scientist's hacking of Belphegor's robots, along with his being a sinner who travelled into a ring beyond Pride, caused the King of Sloth to take an interest in him.

After watching Baxter extensively, Belphegor announced his respect for the scientist's intelligence, informing Baxter that he planned on enslaving him and Crymini since he valued their intelligence. Explore Wikis Community Central. Don't have an account? History Talk 0.

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However his theory was shot down by his professors. But that didn't stop him. Brenner began to "borrow" human corpses and lab equipment. Eventually the college board found out about Brenner's "secret project" and was kicked out before graduation. Brenner continued to perform his experiments on people both living and dead. Four years he moved around the Europe as the authorities closed in on him. During the voyage a storm caused the ship to sink. While everyone evacuated, Brenner drowned trying to save his experiments.

Extra Details :. He also built some of their weapons too. The two were partners until both their egos clashed with one another resulting in a fallout between them.

Oooh I really like Baxter's backstory! Everything fits really well based on what we know so far about him! I like that you included a headcannon that the Von Eldritch family hired them to build them a kingdom and that Sir Pentious and Baxter used to be partners. I really hope those are both true! It makes sense and would be pretty cool if Baxter and Sir Pen used to share a past together before the events of the series.

Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites. Add a Comment. Published: Dec 15, More by TimBurton01 Watch. Note: This is an fan based AU surrounding the characters belonging to Marvel created by Stan Lee and are purely fandom and not for profit. Stark Industries was a major weapons manufacturer to the American government during the Second World War, with Howard working alongside J. Robert Oppenheimer on the Manhattan Project. Howard believed that the world was a dangerous place and that the only way to keep it safe was to keep it well armed, an ideology he passed down onto Tony.

At age. Recommended Literature Watch. What is the weak link in Blitzo's chain? Loona: Get yourself another hellhound! Perhaps a mermaid…or a siren? Baxter grins and raises an eyebrow in interest. Can you tell me about your kind? Many selkies have to deal with humans stealing our coats and hiding them from us and forcing us to marry them. Micheal kept doing that to me, and sometimes he almost succeeded, but I always managed to get away. He almost succeeded this time…before you saved me.

Thank you for that, by the way. He writes something down on his clipboard before looking back up at her. My glasses help me see, both in and out of water. Baxter hums and nods in response, writing something down. He didn't expect to be asked anything. These goggles are a prescription. She nods in affirmation. I don't see why not. He takes out his glasses and walks up to her, taking off his goggles and putting on his glasses. Y-You just look really He turns back to her with a slight grin.

Amber blushes a bit more and lets out a flustered squeak. Her cute smile makes his heart flutter and his cheeks heat up. Our fishy little man is here, Baxter! The gremlin scientist who probably only appears to eat a handful of shredded cheese at 3am then disappears back into his cave.

I can't wait to see this introverted rat child, very much a relatable character. I suppose I have had some extra time in between experiments lately, so send me your questions and I will answer them. I'm sorta shy about posting my ideas, but I'll make sure to share them anyway.

It's really fun, and expanding on a character or show shouldn't be taken as negative. With that being said, I have a lot of art of a not so well known character named Baxter, who I changed a lot since there's not much on him. I'm not so sure he might make it into the show either.

But I still enjoy my interpretation a lot. Being from an older era grants you special skills, like pissing off people from or before your time in that special way lol.

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WebDec 14,  · Alias: Baxter, Baxtie (Niffty), Doc (Angel Dust and Crymini) Born: Died: (aged 24) Cause of Death: Drowning. Birthplace: Lower Saxony, Germany. . Web#hazbin baxter #hazbin hotel baxter #hazbin hotel #hazbin #hazbin sir pentious #sir pentious #hazbin hotel sir pentious. 26 notes · View notes selfshipping-selfcare · 1 day. . WebBaxter est dans les teintes bleu-grise. Les ailettes de poissons sur les cotes de sa tete, qui ressemblent a des oreilles, ont les memes couleurs. Il a trois taches de rousseur cyan .