miscomprehension of nuance
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Miscomprehension of nuance cigna requirements for weight loss surgery

Miscomprehension of nuance

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Every good comedian will tell you that nothing makes a joke less funny than explaining it, but if you fail to see nuance, then the opposite is true. Nothing in the world can make a joke funny for someone with high-functioning autism unless the joke is itself explained. We need nuance to fill in the spaces between our more obvious interactions. What we do not see in this particular film is the inner pain of Annie and her mom.

The rewards for this kind of work are enormous. If anything, you are reminded again and again that we are all—all of us—a lot more alike than different. That sentiment, of course, is simultaneously blunt and nuanced.

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For one person it may mean going to work on time and doing the minimum that is required. For a second individual it may mean working a forty-hour week with a lot of effort, but shying away from overtime. And, for a third person it may mean working passionately sixty to eighty hours a week or more with little time for outside activities. All three people are sincere in their statements, but the meaning of the words is significantly different for each individual.

Our interpretation and understanding of words and statements drives our perceptions and expectations of ourselves and of others. This in turn drives our actions and reactions with everyone who we interact with. A tremendous number of words and statements have wide arrays of meanings. Assuming that the words and statements that we use have the exact same meanings for others frequently leads to misunderstandings, disconnects and frustrations.

Not only does every person have a different nuance communication style; every major profession has its own customized language to communicate with. Business, engineering, law, medical, marketing and accounting are examples of professions each with their own exclusive language.

Many of the words and phrases within a particular profession have distinct meanings. Also, many of these same words are used in other fields with different and sometimes completely different meanings. Since we interact constantly with people from other professions at work and in our personal lives these differences add more complexity to our communication with others.

For example, some of the words that are commonly used in mechanical engineering are: force, friction, load, fatigue, stress and strain. In the field of psychology many of these terms have different meanings then they do in the engineering field.

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