1 how has healthcare changed in the last 10 years
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1 how has healthcare changed in the last 10 years

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Take a look at our infographic below to learn more about emerging digital health careers, and for more information, browse our Careers Page to find the right career in the medical and technology fields for your aspirations. Professionals Students General Industries. Want More Tips? Sign up to receive the latest career news. Electronic Records More important than you might expect, the revolution of electronic medical records has made it easy for doctors to disseminate patient information to one another and reduce the number of lost records.

Telemedicine Predicted by the great science-fiction writer Arthur C. Remote Monitoring One of the biggest changes to patient care, remote monitoring allows patients to head home after a procedure earlier than ever, reducing the cost of care for both the patient and the hospital.

See More. Career Outlook. Get the Outlook. Sorry, no outlook results, try these similar results:. Career Paths: General Career Articles. Find the schools and courses that match your career goals. Browse all careers Browse all schools. The fact is, technology and healthcare go hand in hand in the world, and it has shaped our system to what it is today. Tests are becoming less invasive and more accurate, saving time and stress for healthcare workers and patients.

While mental health has always been a priority in the healthcare industry, it is now more openly discussed. With new organizations built to cater to those facing certain mental conditions such as anxiety and depression, individuals are focusing more on its importance. These various organizations are helping us get closer to ending the stigma of mental illness. As mentioned above, technology is now playing a significant role in healthcare.

Digital health careers are now being offered across the world as a way for individuals to be diagnosed online or over the phone. Medical research has definitely come a long way in the last decade, with more and more information being collected about a range of different health problems. With the help and support of medical foundations , research is being conducted at an entirely new level, leading to new innovations and improvements.

In the past ten years, the FDA has approved more drugs and therapies than ever before, including a total of 55 in According to preclinical, areas such as gene therapy, immunotherapy, HIV, neurology, and rare diseases have all shown significant promising treatments. With more and more drugs being tested every day, it will be interesting to see what is developed next. Since we have seen four notable outbreaks that have caused much concern across the world, including Ebola, Zika virus, Acute flaccid, Myelitis, and Measles.

Most recently, the Coronavirus pandemic has taken over with a current total of This has resulted in many policy and procedure changes, with some hospitals unable to cope with the overwhelming capacity. While the end of this is still uncertain, it has resulted in many decisions that may shape the future of healthcare.

These were six ways that healthcare has changed over the past ten years. What do you think its future will be?