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Cummins 12 valve fuel pump factors affecting change of demand curve healthcare

Cummins 12 valve fuel pump

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Industrial piston pumps are typically made from high strength castings while the lift pump body is made from an aluminum die casting. Piston pumps rarely use check valves, while our Cummins transfer pump uses three.

The piston on a hydraulic piston pump is connected to the swash plate by a connecting rod or with the use of a ball and socket design. The piston in the Cummins lift pump is actuated by a plunger, while the return stroke is by spring pressure.

Hydraulic piston pumps have precision ground cylinders and pistons. Our lift pump doesn't share any of the features of industrial pumps, but it is still is a time tested design. In spite of its draw backs, the lift pump is very reliable! My 98 has , on the original Cummins lift pump. For all of the tests, rated RPM is With that knowledge in hand, you will be able to increase the efficiency of your system and make HP improvements more easily.

Let's start with a few specs on the Carter lift pump aka the Cummins lift pump. During the development stage of our fuel products, we collected a large amount of information on the lift pump from shop manuals, diesel forums, and we requested additional information from the manufacturer.

Cummins rates the pump at To be candid, the rated and actual flow ratings were very different. It was installed between the lift pump and the Bosch P injection pump.

The flow meter is calibrated for water which has a specific gravity of 1. Diesel fuel's specific gravity ranges from. All flow meter readings have to be multiplied by 1. Fuel flow drops off all the way to the rated speed of Normally a piston pump's flow will increase, to a point, as RPM increases in a well designed system. Not so with the Cummins lift pump. The numbers go down after RPM. I will explain in detail WHY this takes place, in article number three.

Some of you may be thinking that the lift pump is bad because the efficiency is so low. We tested all GPM flows with a brand new lift pump and fuel filter.

There were no visible air bubbles in the clear hoses leading to and from the flow meter. As mentioned above, we have made several hundred tests using precise flow meters and accurate pressure gauges. Sometimes our assumptions were very close and other times the readings didn't make sense.

The findings that didn't match hydraulic principles, forced us to dig deep to find out why. Remember, one good test is equal to a thousand expert opinions. T he lift pump has a bore of 1. With the bore diameter and stroke dimension, we can calculate the cubic inch displacement.

The stroke dimension appears nowhere in any publication or forum. Without the critcal stroke dimension, it became necessary to measure a cam. The 12 valve Cummins features a cam lobe which activates the plunger on the lift pump see photo. The cam turns at one half speed of the crank. My 98 Cummins was exactly the same at. We now have the bore diameter and stroke dimension.

Calculating the pump's displacement and GPM flow is very easy. Contrary to popular belief, the Cummins lift pump produces flow on the return stroke of the piston, not the forward stroke. Spring pressure on the return stroke, NOT the forward plunger movement, is what produces the flow in the fuel system.

In article number three, you will discover why you cannot efficiently run your fuel pressure higher than 32 PSI. How do we determine the calculated displacement of this pump. Here is a handy formula to determine cubic inch displacement of any cylinder pump or engine. This formula is easy and works great for finding the cubic inch displacement of your engine or any piston pump. Bore x bore x stroke x. We now know that our lift pump displaces. How do we figure the calculated GPM flow of the lift pump?

The formula is very easy. Not for sale on licensed California vehicles. The High Cummins 5. View Options. P Fuel Control Plate Dodge valve. Commonly known as a "cam plate", BD's Fuel Stop Plate controls the rack travel, which affects the amount of fuel the Bosch Adding springs, valves, plates or making adjustments can increase the power output from a P pump, but, to do so on the We have been rebuilding injection systems since Factory trained by the best, we abide by high quality and production standards.

Our Injection team is focused on producing consistent quality Best practice when rebuilding a Bosch P mechanical Injection Pump will include the replacement of the return spring bracket which can snap over time due to cyclic stress. BD now offers Show: 16 24 36 All. CARB Compliant. Fuel System. Your detected location:. Please select the location that best suits you:.

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Cummins (12 valve) Fuel System Troublshooting - Mastertech 1993 Part 1

In many diesel owners' eyes, the iconic 12 valve Cummins is the epitome of diesels. And many 12 valve owners will push these trucks to the limits, both in horsepower, as well as in miles on . Nov 30, аи Fuel Supply & Lift Pumps for the Dodge L 12 Valve Cummins diesel including stock replacement, Airdog, Fuelab, Aeromotive, & Fass Fuel pumps. Pure Diesel . Nov 16, аи The fuel return line runs from the overflow valve (OFV) to the tank. The OFV has a duel purpose. It creates pressure inside the injector pump (IP) while the engine is running .