baxter elastomeric pump
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Baxter elastomeric pump

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Depending on the type of medication being used, there are potential storage advantages because freezing or refrigeration is possible. These devices come with their own pre-attached tubing which minimizes additional expenses. Depending on the elastomeric pump, the directions for use may vary. No matter what brand of home pump used, the same general supplies will be needed. These infusion supplies include alcohol wipes, flushes, and the medication.

Typically, pre-filled elastomeric pumps will be stored in a refrigerator or freezer. Therefore it will need to rest at room temperature for a while before beginning the infusion. It is essential to verify that the medication for the infusion is the correct medication for the patient.

Check the pre-filled pump for appropriate labeling somewhere on the pump or its packaging. It likely will include the patient's name, the name of the medication, the dosage, the expiration date, and possibly the doctor's name.

If there is any question, consult the physician or physician's assistant for appropriate next steps to take. Always make sure the pump has integrity. Check it carefully for any defects, leaks, significant abrasions, cracks, or any other damage.

Once it has been confirmed the pump contains the correct medication for the patient, that it is in working order, and all supplies have been prepared, the patient is now ready to begin the infusion with an elastomeric pump. Preferred Medical is a nationwide supplier of elastomeric pumps, homepumps, and many other infusion supplies.

We carry elastomeric pumps for hospitals and healthcare centers in a variety of sizes, flow rates, and case quantities.

These pumps are available in sizes ranging from 60ml to ml with flow rates of up to ml per hour. They combine the highest quality standards with the volumes and flow rates you need for successful drug delivery. Our customer service representatives are standing by to answer your questions Contact us today toll-free at We look forward to hearing from you! Shop Eclipse Homepumps. How Elastomeric Pumps Work Elastomeric pumps use pressure to infuse medication. How To Fill An Elastomeric Pump Before being given to the patient, a qualified pharmacy will fill the device with the medication prescribed inside a sterile environment.

Shop Elastomeric Manual Pump Filler. Advantages of Elastomeric Pumps Using an elastomeric pump to infuse IV solutions offers many benefits. Purpose Elastomeric pumps are used to infuse a h fluorouracil protocol and patients are asked to visually inspect the pump daily. The feasibility of weighing the pump rather than a visual inspection along with the secondary objective to confirm the pump's variability in real world conditions was undertaken.

Methods Empty pumps were weighed using both pharmacy and kitchen scales. Pumps upon completion of the h infusion were also weighed using both pharmacy and kitchen scales. Results The kitchen scale was as accurate as the pharmacy grade scale.

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Pull up on Shipping Tab to remove. Do not push down on Shipping Tab. Failure to remove Shipping Tab will cause continuous infusion through PCM line and patient may receive higher than intended basal dose of medication. Luer Lock Connector. Ensure all air is purged from the delivery B tubing. If Multirate module is other side of luer adaptor or primed, open the Slide Clamp. Overtightening can result in Re-Use damage to Fill Port. Use aseptic technique Do not re-use the RA throughout the procedure.

Infusor System. Close the Slide Clamp. Note: Failure to prime set at time of filling may result in flow rate difficulties.

Expel all air primed, make certain the Slide from syringes. The steady downward pressure on the syringe will gradually push fluid into the Elastomeric Reservoir. Steps may need to be repeated. Use aseptic technique Do not re-use the throughout the procedure. Volume: The flow rate of Baxter Elastomeric Pumps is most accurate when filled to the labeled nominal volume.

Check to make sure later. How Should the Device be Carried? Diagram 5 Infusion Progression - LV1. Follow your healthcare provider guidelines.

Baxter is registered in the U. Patent and Trademark Office. Baxter Elastomeric Pumps: Clinician Guide. The elastomeric technology promotes patient recovery and improves patient quality of life by allowing ambulatory treatment without the inconvenience of programming, power sources or alarms.

These show you the progress of the infusion. Jackson Device 1. Do NOT expose Infusor to extreme heat or forced re-warming. If Infusor is refrigerated, remove it from the refrigerator and allow the device to reach room temperature prior to use. An Infusor filled with 0. A temperature of A catheter smaller than 22 gauge will decrease the labelled flow rate.

Infusors flow faster if underfilled. In context of a surgical procedure, do not place the Infusors into a sterile field.

The fluid path is sterile whereas the outside of the device is not. Flow rate is most accurate when the balloon reservoir and the Luer Lock Connector are at the same height.

Provide a carrying case to assist patients in meeting this requirement. Use aseptic technique throughout the filling process. Do NOT expose Intermate to extreme heat or forced re-warming. If Intermate is refrigerated, remove it from the refrigerator and allow the device to reach room temperature prior to use.

Ensure that the Intermate remains close to the body and at room temperature approx. A catheter smaller than 18 gauge will decrease the labelled flow rate. Intermates flow faster if underfilled. In context of a surgical procedure, do not place the Intermate into a sterile field. Remove paper tubing tape from the Jackson Device tubing. Remove all the air from the syringes. Keeping the unit vertical, grasp syringe barrel and push slowly downward on the syringe to gradually force fluid into the Elastomeric Reservoir.

Do not grasp the Jackson Device Housing during filling. Continue to apply suction to the distal end until fluid is observed in the syringe. Visually confirm that the contents of the Jackson Device are flowing and that the tubing is clear of air before use. Replace Winged Luer Cap. Pharmacy 4 Remove Fill Port Cap retaining it for later use.

Beginning with the diluent filled syringe, gently insert the tip of the syringe into the Fill Port and turn clockwise to lock. Attach a 10 ml syringe to the other side of the stopcock or luer adaptor.

Remove the syringe from the Fill Port. Replace the Fill Port Cap and lock by twisting in a counter clockwise direction. This will allow the solution to move through the tubing and purge air from the system.

Continue filling the device step until all required solution has been added. Upon removal of the final syringe, replace the Fill Port Cap and lock by twisting in a counter clockwise direction. Overtightening can result in damage to Fill Port. Use aseptic technique throughout the procedure.

Re-Use Do not re-use the Jackson Device. Remove all air from syringes. Do not grasp the Infusor device Housing during filling. Re-attach the Winged Luer Cap. If the Infusor is flowing, re-attach the Winged Luer Cap and go to step If the Infusor is not flowing, follow steps Luer lock a syringe tip connector or stopcock to the distal end of the Infusor tubing.

Luer lock a 10 ml syringe to the syringe tip connector or stopcock. Pull back syringe plunger to create suction until fluid is observed in the syringe. Once fluid is observed close the stopcock, then, remove the syringe.

Remove the syringe tip connector or the stopcock from the tubing. Re-attach Winged Luer Cap. Remove Fill Port Cap retaining it for later use.

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Baxter offers two different Elastomeric Pumps that operate using the same base technology: Infusors: Offer duration infusion times from 12 hours to 7 days. Designed for ambulatory . AdOur Dry Scroll Pump Offers Proven Dry, Clean Vacuum Solutions For A Many Applications. Our Vacuum Pumps Technology Creates A Peace Of Mind With A Track Record Of Performance. Elastomeric Products / Intermates / Small Volume Intermates NDEHP Intermate SV NDEHP Intermate SV Nominal Flow Rate: mL/h Accuracy: +/- 15% Calibrating Diluent: NS .