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Alcon dailies review

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Are they strictly one day wear? My doctor implied that it would be ok to wear the same pair for a second day if I stored and cleaned them properly. Unfortunately they haven't been studied for longer than 1 day of use, so until they are FDA tested for such, I would advise against it. If you were to have any issues with infection or scar tissue formation, you wouldn't have any legal standing if you were overwearing the lenses past what the FDA has approved.

I always side with the legal approval on these things. These lenses are not made to be stored in solution, so "storing and cleaning them properly" isn't really an option. The water gradient is unique to this material and would be affected by being placed in solution for any period of time.

I have been using Moist and recently tried Dailies Total 1. They did "feel" comfortable but at the end of the day I could not get them off my eyeball! I tried them for three days. I used moistening drops throughout the day, tried applying a moistening drop directly onto the lens before putting in my eye, on one occasion.

The lenses would not come off my eyeball no matter what I tried Well that is to say, nothing that was suggested to me worked. I had to resort to gliding my fingernail underneath the edge of the lens to peel them off. At least the Moist lenses will come off with only a few moistening drops. My vision is better with the Moist also.

You are not the only one that has trouble taking these out! The curvature of your eye and the moisture level of your cornea and eyelid just might not work well with this lenses makeup chemically and curvature. A great example of how there is no 1 perfect contact lens that every nod can wear. I am glad you have had good success with Acuvue's daily! I am so glad to see this review. When I used the Focus Dailies, I had problems getting them off of my eye all the time.

One contact even ripped in half when trying to get it out of my eye, which was a trip to the eye doctor and some prescribed eye drops. That is when I switched and was told that when a patient called in for an appointment for a lens issue ripping, stuck in eye, whatever , their first question was, "Was it a Focus Daily contact lens?

I tried these for only 10 minutes, one was not that comfortable so I thought I would take it out , omg it took 25 minutes to get it out! I could not get a grip of it, I then tried rinsing my eye with saline, finally I got them both out. My eyes were so sore and red, took hours to recover. I have worn all brands of contact lenses for the last 32 years and I have never experienced this before.

They need to come with a tiny suction cup so as to get them off the eyeball. I also have trouble taking them out, just can't seem to grab them, they are so slippery.

I agree the same features that make them so comfortable I can hardly tell they are in my eye sometimes, blinking over them is great, is probably the same feature that makes them comfortable to use. Curious, does anyone have a problem discerning whether the Dallies 1 is inside or outside. I wish they had numbers on them like Acuvue. I used the curve method, also the bend method and thinks works sometimes, but there are occasions, I just can discern a noticeable difference when I flip it in and out.

Is there a recommendation for a lens like Dallies 1 but has numbers on the lens to discern correct insertion? You may like Acuvue Oasys 1 Day. It's similar in comfort to Dailies Total 1 but easier to detect inside out positioning. Acuvue lenses have a prominent blue tint along the edge of the lens when it's correct, and when they are inside out you won't see the blue.

You have to have completely dry fingers to take the dailies total 1 out. Dont add moisture or that just compounds the problem. Dry fingers and they pinch right out. I also could not get these out when I tried them on at my optometrists office. I've been wearing contacts for over 30 years. I had to have my optometrist take them out for me! There's no way I'd ever buy them. I'm trying to understand what is wrong.

Everyone seems to love these. I just tried them at the eye doctor and was given a few "samples" to take home. These do not feel at all comfortable and as one other person mentioned, are harder to remove from your eye.

I still find the dailies aqua comfort plus works better for me. Just remember, if 1 contact lens worked for everyone, they would only make 1 lens. It is great to try new things out to see if you can find something better, but don't get discouraged if you don't find these lenses to be your favorite. Everyone's eyes have a different shape and chemistry, and no one product is a cure-all!

That's what your eye doctor is here for, trying new materials out and finding what works best for your eye's own chemistry! I see that Alcon still has no plans to release DT1 in plus powers: "Currently, we do not have any information about releasing the plus powers in the Dailies Total 1 lenses. This article is old and since then Alcon has expanded the lens parameters greatly.

Also the captions on the boxes were different. Is there a difference? Ciba and Alcon are the same company, so as long as it says Dailies Total 1 it would be the same lens. Ciba is just the contact lens division within the Alcon ophthalmic drug company, which is itself just the eye division of the larger pharmaceutical company Novartis.

Confusing enough, right? Too many divisions, but makes sense now. Thank you for getting back to me. Used Acuvue almost exclusively. Tried DT1 for 6 months, because Optometrist recommended them. I felt like I was pealing a layer of eyeball off each time I removed the lenses from my eye. Not sure how I did it for 6 months! Though I was going crazy, as all the reviews were great.

Glad to see that it isn't just me that had problems. Found a stash of left-over DT1 lenses in a drawer. Don't want to use them, but feel that tossing them would be a waste of money. They were so expensive! Tried Acuvue Trueye. Like them. They are comfortable, cheaper, and remove easily! Will be sticking with Acuvue. They are comfortable lens and I couldn't really tell they were in my eyes until later in the day. But they did start feeling more like most other contacts I've worn after a certain amount of time.

They were harder to grab to take out but never actually stuck to my eye. I stop wearing them because of the price fixing UPP mess and also for some reason I saw ghost type images a lot of the time, When I look down.

It was like a double image but would correct itself usually if I blink more. I've read other comments about this happening with some people. Also up close vision was worse with them. But the way the major contact lens manufactures have come together and stopped online discounting on certain products, its big time price fixing with a monopoly. Plus class contacts as a medical device. I hope the US senate will actually continue looking into this and have more meetings about it.

I know some states are looking into it also. Definitely I am hopeful that we get better legislation for treating contact lenses like the medical devices they are-- that would mean better safety and hopefully better insurance coverage for all wearers. Retailers that make profits on contact lenses being sold in bulk always try to fight this type of legislation since they don't accept insurance payments so would be unable to sell contact lenses in the same way.

The battle is ongoing and not likely to be soon resolved. The good news is that companies like CIBA are still working to bring new products to market despite the high competition so we can try new technologies and hopefully acheive better relief for contact lens wearers everywhere.

I encourage everyone to try new products as they become available. This one may not be right for you, but there are so many great options coming to market every year, it is always worth exploring to make your vision and comfort better!

I just got a sample of the dailies total 1 today and now I am a little concerned with them sticking to my eyes as I have such trouble with dryness. Can you damage your eye by peeling them off?? The thought of that kind of scares me?

What is a general rule of how many hours you should try wearing if it's been years since you last wore contacts? These lenses are difficult for some to remove because they have such a low coefficient of friction-- your fingers may slide right over them. The good news is that this same characteristic makes them ideal for patients with dry eye. Your eyelids should glide right over them as you blink too! A good rule of thumb for first time wearers is shoot for hours of wear on day one.

Then add one to two hours every day until you have made it to a full day, typically hours for contact lens wear. These lenses are the least likely lenses on the market to stick to your eyes before removal but are some of the hardest for people to grip to remove, so if you have to use too rough of an approach, you may inadvertently scratch your eye.

Please let your doctor know if you are having difficulty so they can help, either with more removal training to make you comfortable or with a prescribed dry eye regimen to better help your eyes tolerate contact lens wear. I thought they were great until I got 2 boxes with lens folded up and scrunched up and cause blurry uncomfortable vision. And told this is normal delivery to not have lens resting flat in container. Yes I have to throw out nearly every other contact in some boxes, it's extremely frustrating quality control, because when I do get a good pair, I love these contacts.

They don't dry up, and are more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, but the quality is so hit or miss I'm considering going back to my old kind. It is possible to get a bad "batch" of lenses with any product.

When you purchase contact lenses from a private doctor's office they usually have no trouble replacing your lenses for you if they contact their company representative to report a quality issue.

I've always had great customer service at Alcon getting lenses replaced if a quality issue is reported. I have the same exact problem with folded up lenses and they act like its normal. I was also told to open the package and let the lens sit over night in a solution.. Thought it was just me. Just a heads up-- if you don't see your post appearing and you've commented about the length of time you wear your lenses I can't publish your post due to FDA guidelines. As a doctor running this blog, I ethically and morally can't condone lens overwear.

If you were to get an infection or something worse I would never want to allow information on this page that would lead you to think it was safe. Please understand that I'm not blocking your comments out of any other reason than complying with FDA regulations -- this lens is only approved for 1 day of wear, and legally I cannot recommend wearing it for longer than this. I make no sense to overwear 1 day contact lenses or try to clean them. After use they are finished..

I love these contacts. I have terrible dry eye an I've tried Acuvue Oasys and Air Optix and both felt like sandpaper after about two hours of wear. But with Dailies Total 1 I can't even feel them in my eyes. It's glorious. I can usually feel the edges of the contacts every time I blink, but with these, my eyelids glide right over them.

The only issue I have with them is when I look at my computer and phone screen it's bright and causes a glare. When I look down at my phone I see double and it's kind of blurry. Do you know why this is happening or has anyone else had this issue? It might be my slight astigmatism but this didn't happen with my other contacts that didn't have astigmatism correction either.

Glad to hear this lens is so comfortable for you. Definitely schedule with your doctor about the vision issue. This lens sometimes needs a step up or down in power than you would wear in other lenses to achieve the same clarity. If you can't get clear vision in this lens you may see better with a similar high moisture daily lens product like MyDay or Acuvue Oasys 1Day.

Hi: I was used to Dailies I tried Total 1, same power, and I got blurry vision like my eyes were dry. Should I try step up in power or step down? I could not see well at long range. Middle range was OK and short range also had glare.

Honestly there is no way to know whether you need stronger or weaker without seeing your doctor. This lens is sometimes unpredictable as to whether the power holds true or needs to be compensated. If vision continues to be a problem, you might want to try MyDay or Acuvue Oasys 1-Day -- they tend to run truer on refractive correction in my experience. Are the total 1 still the best option for those who suffer from dry eyes and need a daily lens? Or something new and better has come out in these last 2 years?

Some people prefer one over the others, but I find them all equally comfortable. The Proclear 1 day contact lens has been reported very effective for helping out with dry eyes and it is one of the cheapest contact lenses on the market.. The PC technology used in the lense have a good outcome for dry eyes. Hi Dr. L Is My day a good lens for my power for I"m currently are using 3 type of lens which are Myday, dailies total 1 and acuvue true eyes You can really pick any of these that you like best and expect healthy eyes and clear vision.

L - Hoping that you can help me! I tried a few other brands but these were amazing. However, as time went on, I found that I had the same issues as some of the comments above where my vision was blurry in certain scenarios From above: The only issue I have with them is when I look at my computer and phone screen it's bright and causes a glare.

I was able to figure out that the blurriness was coming from my right eye. I went to the doctor and we checked my prescription which was one measure too powerful so I tried the lesser strength but the issue persisted. I went back to the doctor again and he said that, as far as he could see, the contacts fit just fine. I mentioned that I had read that sometimes an astigmatism can cause contacts to fit improperly so he rechecked for an astigmatism and said that I did not have that.

Sorry in advance about this answer: I unfortunately can't explain why you may experience worse vision in this lens verses another. We can theorize that maybe the material difference or the aspheric optic design of Biofinity gave you better vision compared to dailies total 1.

Without examining you personally, I can't make a suggestion about what specifically might not be working for you. If you bought your lenses at your doctors office, they may be able to contact their Alcon representative to see if there is any way to return your lenses for even partial credit despite the opened boxes.

I'm not sure if the company reps can work out anything, but it's the only thing I can think of to try. Not every lens works for every person, and this one just didn't work for you. I have this same problem. My old contacts same power work fine but the Dailies total 1, after performing fine for a few months, blur up - usually in my right eye, occasionally in my left.

I presumed it was poor hygiene on my hands maybe a little oil on my fingers so I've been fastidious about washing hands first but it makes no difference. I have no blurriness in my glasses and no blurriness with my old contacts. It's very odd and frustrating because these contacts are otherwise more comfortable and worked fine for several months.

The 2 most likely explanations: 1. The curvature of your cornea is too far off from the curvature of the contact lens. Dailies Total 1 only comes in one size and shape, and contact lenses are not one size fits all.

Some of the less harmful but still irritating effects of poor contact lens storage include pink eye infections, corneal ulcers, or corneal abrasions. Disposables also negate the risk of sleeping with contact lenses on, which is a habit many monthly contact lenses admit to that can cause serious eye damage.

All of the lenses in the Alcon Dailies range are constructed from a unique material that moisturizes the eyes every time the wearer blinks, keeping eyes moist and comfortable throughout the entire day. The lenses themselves feature an incredibly thin edge that optimizes comfort and ease of use.

The range consists of five separate lines of daily disposable lenses. Alcon Dailies Total1 Water Gradient contact lenses offer optimised comfort, while the Multifocal Lense line features unique water gradient technology that offers clear, defined vision at near, intermediate, and far focus distances. The Aquacomfort Plus line consists of an innovative nanomaterial that offers continuous moisturization, and the Aquacomfort Plus Toric lenses are designed for crisp vision and focal lengths.

Lastly, the Aquacomfort Plus Multifocal lenses offer the same advantages of the standard Multifocal lenses, with the added advantage of continuous moisturization. The Alcon Dailies Choice Program is a customer loyalty program that offers contact lens wearers a discount on annual contact lens subscription. The Alcon Dailies Choice Program is one of the most cost-effective contact lens customer loyalty programs, and is offered by the largest and most trusted contact lens provider in the industry.

Interested parties are able to download a rebate form and get started with the program from the Dailies Choice Program website. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

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