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Accenture white paper

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Ubiquitous intelligence, trusted platform module TPM and infinite computing power also form its foundation. With the Internet of Things IoT , real-time communication RTC , extended reality XR , multi-sensory interaction and multi-modal fusion sensing technology, remote interaction can be upgraded into two-way interaction.

In the future, remote interaction will also provide a full sensory experience. For example, port operators can use audio and video technologies, coupled with multi-angle cameras, to handle containers remotely in a more efficient way. The white paper pointed out that key enabling technologies are either relatively mature or are under rapid development.

By , quantum computing, holographic projection, folded optical path technology, brain-computer interface and other cutting-edge technologies are expected to see further breakthroughs in supporting the realization of Immersive Convergence. Immersive Convergence's ultimate goal is to solve issues in real scenarios, using the integration of the digital economy and the real world as its main connecting point.

Tencent has built a number of successful cases of Immersive Convergence. A good example is Tencent Meeting , a widely used cloud conferencing product in China with an overseas version called VooV Meeting , which has supported more than million users worldwide. Tencent Meeting has opened its API and SDK interface, committing to building an open ecology for video conferences that connect people. This application leverages technologies such as Artificial Intelligence of Things AIoT , digital twin and distributed cloud to help experts and engineers manage the actual production line and equipment.

Businesses that had to be queued offline in the past now can be handled online, which helps residents who live in remote areas, migrant workers and people with limited mobility. All Rights Reserved. The Cookies collect information in a way that does not directly identify anyone. Read this whitepaper to:. Read this whitepaper to: Discover emerging cloud trends to accelerate digital transformation.

Adopt best practices to innovate and procure cloud software solutions. Learn how healthcare organizations are leveraging AWS Marketplace to streamline software deployment. Who Should Attend? Intro body copy here about re:Invent launches. Download Now. Website Referral Code:. Last Web Form Update:.

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Home Accenture Previous Year Papers. Get started for free! Previous Year Papers. These are complicated topics requiring deep insight into technology trends, financial regulations and cloud solutions. Yeager started by getting clear on who we were writing the paper for. While that may seem obvious, technology-oriented papers are typically written to an IT audience.

The nature of regulation changes and preferences for technology consumption paved the way for companies to think differently about their technology investments across the business.

This new way of thinking about the Total Value of Ownership has made IT purchasing a cross-functional business discussion, with new, line-of-business stakeholders becoming involved, and every facet of the conversation wrapped in the context of disruption. Finding the right purchasing model financially benefits a company and maximizes both savings and potential for delivery and profit. With this paper, Yeager sought to have LIT reframe how companies view their technology investments and to shift the thinking away from a cost-only message to a holistic value message.

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Accenture White Paper - Serving Citizens: Strategies for Customer-Centered Government in the Digital Age. Attachment. Size. Serving Citizens_ Strategies for a Customer-Centered . Moreover, with around $ trillion spent globally each year on health, the rewards are likely to be substantial for those current players and new entrants in the healthcare industry that . Accenture Partner -