cummins f100
blacked out 2nd gen cummins

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Cummins f100

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The exhaust exits directly through a hood cutout. Two primary mods, however, aid the rugged custom look. Glenn also built a custom dash to match the seats. The lowered stance, big wheels, exterior details, and most importantly Cummins turbo-diesel, all lend themselves to the ruggedness of the truck. Remember Me. Lost your password? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Who likes seeing a patina classic truck laid out? Would you drive a laid out H2? Long before the e. Who likes a clean classic resto mod truck?

This truck has a VE 12 Valve Cummins with a automatic transmission. Fitting the motor and transmission without cutting the truck was no easy task. Once we could see where the motor wanted to sit we could see how easily it fit. We ended up using the Dodge motor mounts and bolting them with some custom spacers to the center cross member.

We wanted to keep the heavy Cummins as low as possible. We decided to trim the stock oil pan and add the pieces we cut to the sides to allow the oil sump to clear the front cross member while maintaing the same oil capacity. The transmission mount simply mounted to our stock F transmission cross member.

We made a plate to adapt the two and it bolted on easily. Once the motor and transmission were bolted in we had to modify the core support and trim the hood latch to make room for the Dodge radiator and transmission cooler.

The truck now has a 47re with overdrive and lockup torque converter.