thing abouit getting a seasonal part time job but am afraid i will lose my caresource
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Thing abouit getting a seasonal part time job but am afraid i will lose my caresource articulaciones cuerpo humano

Thing abouit getting a seasonal part time job but am afraid i will lose my caresource

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You just live in poverty, dont pay, pay and dont eat, or lose your so called tax refund. They offer no solution! They should be paying our insurance in full. The plans offered are horrible anyhow. This is ludicrous! Have son in college full time. We help support him because his earnings pay for his food, gas and electricity.

Since we claim him, our crappy income is included. They will even give me foodstamps and a place to live!!! What a JOKE. Last year I enrolled in Obamacare so as not to burden my parents with my health insurance any longer. I live at home with my mom, I live a very frugal lifestyle, and I work damn hard for this very dependent life so that I am only a burden on my mom by taking up space in her home.

I pay for my own vehicle, car insurance, 2 phone bills, a mutual fund, health insurance, dental insurance, and pouring what little I have left over into savings. So the next person who wants to tell me that I come from a generation of entitled little pricks, think again. The standards we are being held to are not possible. You are hurting hard working lower middle class people by taking our money and giving it to replace poor with lazy unmotivated people.

This is why everyone rethinks working so hard, I might as well have a few kids, stop showing up at work and start signing up for welfare programs. We are in the exact same boat. I finally had enough and quit my job to start my own nonprofit and worked VERY hard to earn a salary. We still make a pretty pathetic combined income despite all of our work but we were at least able to get off Medicaid able to afford our mortgage without borrowing from parents how embarrassing!

Are you crazy!!!??? Are you trying to drive us into poverty?!? I think there is a lot to work on with the ACA as mentioned, but a lot of what you are discussing is high healthcare costs and high insurance costs. Fingers crossed the next President gives us a solution that addresses the concerns of the people on this page without putting us back at square one. This government is corrupt always has been always will be. There needs to be a revolution. The we the people in the constitution did not mean we the government.

Only 20 millons are on obama care and we are paying for the rest of the people, really? We all go 2 times a year to the doctor , annual exam, gynecology and mammogram fir me, thats it! Btw, i make over k a year, own a small business, have 1 dependant, paying 2 car loans, a mortgage, credit cards , bills, insursnce snd so and so.

I say NO, you pay for the rest of the people,im tired to get robbed! Stop paying Obama care! What rights do WE have? I agree an earlier message that it is much more lucrative to not work, and have everything given to you.

I like the idea of the ACA; however, when put into action part time people who are not benefit eligible employees, where ever they work get the short end of the stick. It is just as good as not having insurance at all. I will be living on the streets not too long from now, or in my car, or divorced because they definitely do more for you if your not married. Do u knw wht real socialism is s?? Theres socialism and then theres having a heart. I live in New Zealand and we have free hospital care and highly subsidized doctors and medicines.

Americas system is broken. Too much greed and corruption. God help you guys, I have no clue how you would have a chance to fix this. And it sure wont be the Democrats. Medicare works! While many people are satisfied with Medicare coverage, I think it is important that people understand just how expensive Medicare is for the low income elderly and disabled, those on restricted SSI or SSDI incomes.

You would definitely qualify. As you can imagine there are a ton of comments on a site like this. No one ever gets deleted and no one ever gets ignored at least not on purpose.

To your point, you should qualify for generous tax credits based on your income. It seems like you might be shopping outside of open enrollment you can only enroll in subsidized ACA coverage during open enrollment. And as far as tax implications and insurance premiums not being tax-deductible… yes I agree that is lame. If you factor in all costs in America we have, for the lower income bracket, what amounts to the basics costing close to every last penny.

I am not a fan of this, but I am a fan of healthcare reform, and it seems you may benefit from calling healthcare. Too many odd things not adding up with the above statement. Not dissing you, I get the frustration, just getting that red flag about the numbers you are quoting. I hate Obamacare. I cannot afford it and the policy stinks. How did we let the Democrats get away with this unbelievable nonsense. I used to have a good insurance plan that did not have an outrageous premium.

Thank you Mr. You have now made my life miserable. Pray that Mr. Trump can overhaul this crap. I just looked at enrolling in Obamacare for I make 10, What kind of scam is Obamacare? It did. Both parties need to stop pushing divisive messages and work together to get this right so the end result is affordable coverage.

Just trying to get us to drink the mighty Obama kool aid!!! Guess what??? We refuse to drink it anymore!!! I chose the heater and guess what??? In what universe is insulting the person who hits the approve comment button a good idea? Everyone gets a voice. Just remember I have to read all these to make sure you are human and not spam bots, and that is time I could be adding awesome content on how middle-class Americans struggling can get a better deal.

Signed up for Fast forward to March This is due to we think second lowest silver cost plan SLSCP setting the amount you are actually going to receive ,which varies depending on where you live. We contacted healthcare. They said to contact IRS. Also look up how many people on obamacare did not pay their insurance premiums.

I hope this commentator side gig involves free health insurance. Kudos to you for taking this verbal beat down from your fellow disgruntled Americans.

So disheartening.. I vote for anything else. So, for real, there are like 20 million newly insured who depend on this and some of the patient protections are vital. There are lots of reform options out there, I wish people would stop trying to solve this issue with a sledge hammer. Amen and damn straight! I agree with everything you said. Its insane, they have millions for doing nothing but mess up a country, we have nothing! They should be forced to hand over their excess money to us, the people who cant afford obamacare.

ObamaCare is a joke. It caters to the low income and encourages individuals not work. It screws the middle class in every way. I am now paying How can the hard working middle class get ahead having to pay these kind of premiums?

It is also funny how so many have voted for Obama then complain about medical insurance and everything else in the country that have failed under his leadership. Obamacare has ruined healthcare. You are absolutely right. Pay 10k for premiums so I can have a 10K deductible. Yeah, 20k hits the upper middle class hard too. No help with college tuition or medical.

Alternative minimum tax means little deductions on my Frustrated to the point of wanting a divorce so I can go on welfare and live with my husband as a boyfriend. While we are all struggling to come up with any idea of how to pay for health care. Sadly, so many of you have echoed my sentiments exactly. Obama Care sucks beyond words.

But I have a decent paying job through a temp agency that offers preventive care only which I have found to be referred to as a Skinny Plan. Which is absolutely useless to me. Preventive pays for mammos, colonoscopy, pap tests etc. I have high blood pressure and ran out of my medication months ago. The middle class are royally screwed. There is nothing out there to help me. I am totally lost with no where to turn,. What an idiotic, uninformed answer. The ACA has crushed me.

Do you care? I would strongly suggest shopping around, looking into HSAs and other tax related vehicles, look into assistance, look into exemptions, and look into anything else you can to curb your costs. It is easy for you to say you need to HSA, or this or that.

People just poo pooed Michelle Bachmann when she said that Obamacare would literally kill people, and now that it has, no one is saying a thing about it. I appreciate your responses to those you have chosen to respond to, but a lot of your responses sound more like you are just being a yes man and an appologist for Obama and the ACA than you are actually answering anything.

These costs will be climbing at ridiculous rates every single year, with 3 major companies dropping out this year that will reduce competition. Competition drives the market down, so naturally costs will increase.

As time goes on, more will drop out and the cost will continue to rise at unprecedented levels. I refuse to pay for health insurance because it is a god damn rip off. I will simply pay for my own minor medical issues that I never seem to have anyway. God forbid I get diabetes or Congestive heart failure or some other condition, luckily that will qualify as a life changing event and I can get coverage for that kind of stuff then.

I am not going to throw my money into the wind waiting for that to happen. Curb the cost? There is people who do not want anything to do with hand outs so they can be labeled as property of the government. When you need help working harder should do the trick not hand outs. As your options grow thin even in your responses your only solution is to ask for hand out to justify the corruption at play. How about we make proper funds to compensate inflation.

Rid our selves of world problems that cost more for us while politicians get more for the rise of cost due to there failed policies and desisions.

They use you as mediator and mean while help foreign doctors come here to lower quality of doctors. Drug sales men is there job.

Truth hidden from us in fear of loosing there doctors license. Malpractice is what I call it from the top to bottom. What the hell is going on here where this is considered sanity and not treason to the people. I want my Jewish doctor who took notes asked questions and gave answers back. Lol they left because there not stupid to be fooled or scared by government to do there bidding. Take a look at majority of doctors now and they come from communism and well trained at that.

Or go on YouTube and listen to Obama and compare to what he said and what is happening now am sure we would have said no. Wait I did say no. And now am a racist man who loves his country and that is considered against the law and terrorism. Wow it sucks being right thies days and cool to be wrong. If you have problems with the law and how it affects you then absolutely contact the people who can change it: your state and federal elected legislative representatives.

They are the only ones who can actually amend of write healthcare reform legislation. IF I quit my job, I could afford it. As it is with the price hike, my premium would be higher than my mortgage payment. Exemptions, etc…. None of it works if you are employed and work your fair share. Please tell me where you live that your mortgage is cheaper than your premiums, because I would like to move there.

I get no tax breaks, deductions etc. Essentially, I live the lifestyle of a loser who lives with her parents despite the fact that I work full-time at a job that historically has allowed for a grand lifestyle and pay all my bills and loans. Count your blessings—You could be living at home with Mom and Dad at Obamacare sucks for a lot of people, but everyone here posting is acting like the republicans would have gotten them a better deal. For those angry, healthy people saying that they never go to the doctor, I feel your pain, but you never know what can happen.

If anything, we should be pissed at Congress for standing by and doing nothing about those outrageous costs e. The problem is the people keep voting idiots into the house and senate who do nothing about the broken system—So, we deserve the crappy programs we have. Sigh…As you can tell, I have mixed emotions.

Asking where premiums are higher than mortgage payments while you live in THE most expensive area of the US. I live in Raleigh, NC. My mortgage payment on our sq. The exchange is even higher. No subsidies, we earn too much. We also found how much the medical community hates insurance companies.

As for the health care providers, compensation is NOT the same as profit. Doctors will still get thiers. They drop out. This US health market as it exists today must be destroyed. Failure is an understatement. I am struggling with the whole healthcare thing as of late and have come across many posts ALL funneling to this website. The responses are all classics examples of deflection and regurgitating all the crap you were told in training.

There are a crap ton of people who cannot afford the premiums but make too much to afford any assistance. If you go on healthcare. Also, your responses seem to ask people to check the website for exemption like the government is on our side.

You remind me of a new employee who actually believe the bs your multilevel marketing coach told you. HSA is one of the most stupid things ever. I wanted this originally, but this is not the aca Obama envisioned yet he let it go through anyway. Most Americans are getting screwed with this.

My children will have their doctor and no plan will tell me otherwise. The lowest plan offered to me was a month. Also pretty much all of the plans require you to pay such a high deductible there is no point to pay a premium because you gotta pay almost the full cost of the visit. I had two procedures I needed done and went and did them. Was told how much to pay and paid. If your job is to prove you have the ability to create a satirical website and see if ou can respond to comments you have succeeded.

I will applaud your ability to stay true to your Crusade though. We really are trying our best here. And this is a big site with lots and lots of advice. We agree people are struggling and the costs are difficult, but as far as an HSA goes… the tax-free-in tax-free-out quality is pretty amazing.

This is ridiculous! Should we therefore sell our homes that we have worked very hard to get? I really wish I could afford something. The glasses i am wearing now I bought before I got divorced 7 years ago.

I would have used my tax refund to go get my eyes checked and purchase a new pair of glasses, but now I will be paying fines and shared responsibility fees instead. Again, my hard work has earned me too much for help and not enough not to worry about it! Was just managing to keep my head above water but find that the ACA is the anchor pulling me under. How can ppl keep there homes with such demand on paying high premiums.

So yea. So now going on 3 years without a job, but my husband makes just over the amount to qualify for subsidies as a self employed man. We are about to lose everything. If I could just get my knee replacement and get back to work we might be able to make it-but highly doubtful anymore.

We think of just giving up every day. We need a solution the gives everyone decent healthcare, not just the poor and not just the wealthy. I need help. But the medical insurance is out of reach for me. I have car payments, car insurance, rent, gas, water and electric bills. How can I get free medical assistance?

Vote Trump?! All you Trump Trashionals who think trump is going to liberate you from the trailer parks and section-8 housing are in for the biggest con ever. He has been ripping off hard working Americans his entire life.

Government does the same thing except they screw the middle class. Do you really think as president he will have a sudden change of heart?? If you really think so, you deserve the life of the white-trash you identify with.

ACA is a mandatory tax designed to eradicate the middle-class. Without a middle class you have an oligarchy and no one to vote against it. I worked my ass off working full-time while going to college nights. All while raising a family. I now make k and also cannot afford the insanely over-priced insurance dictated by the ACA. So sad. Mortgage, car pyts, student loans, state college tuition for 2 kids, plus, my elderly parents live with me as well. And no tax deductions. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Sadly, there is no good answer, however, ACA definitely needs to be abolished. Clinton is no prize but vote for trump if you want to escalate the process. First thing first is ALL disabled and mentally or physically impaired should be provided for. Our economy is being fueled by the taxes we pay. Today we are close to having more people on some sort of government assistance Not including ACA.

Than pay taxes. The middle class is the ONLY class that the government can go after!!!! Most people do not understand that wealthy people absolutely pay their fair share in taxes. They may or may not pay personal taxes bc of how much they have made or LOST in their businesses.

However their businesses are ALL paying taxes. When is the last time you saw a poor person employ people?? It takes wealthy people to start businesses and hire people who also spend money and pay taxes to keep the economy going. Without businesses there are no jobs and no tax dollars being paid.

We can not keep expanding social programs which costs tax dollars and not have job creation. Which last time I checked was an average mortgage payment. I am not saying that Donald Trump is the answer to this, however I can tell you that the United States Government is an astonishingly huge business. They keep expanding social programs and welfare and disability in record numbers. So if you think a career politician is going to do anything different than what is happening now you are wrong.

I can tell you that Obama has never ran anything before he ran the United States of America!! Obama as far as I can tell has zero business experience of any kind!!! So I guess the thought that a hugely successful businessman Trump may actually do a better job at running this Giant businesses than Hillary or Obama!!!

BTW… Donald Trump had all the money he needs for generations to come. Ask yourself why all these career politicians whom have in general very average salaries seem to retire even after just a few short years with millions and millions of dollars. In short, our government today is broke.

We need a monumental change and need it fast. We will not get it with Hillary we know for a fact. Not paying your penalty, not buying your insurance. Trump just signed an executive order. This will end. I claimed more this year in taxes. Usually I claim zero. He might wave the fee this year. But that idiot needs to discuss his policies. Either way the middle class is still fucked. Any economy is based largely on production and consumption, and considering the small size of the wealthy class, it is not possible for them to consume or even desire to consume the amount of goods middle class folks consume as a whole.

Our govt has now formed a symbiotic relationship with wealthy corporations that permits them to pay substandard living wages while the middle class foot the bill for subsidies necessary to sustain the working poor which saves these corps tons of money and diverts their responsibility for paying living wages over to the middle class taxpayers. Now I am out of work I have no money to pay for health insurance what can.

I have the same problem. I have lowest plan with the highest deductable. So much for the pursuit of happiness.

Im 26, i have some disabilities and cant hold a regular job for more than a couple months depending on a few things. My parents are going to help me pay for a lawyer and doctors appointments to get disability, but from what i hear, disability probably wont be more than a thousand a month, if even that much.

I also live in a city that requires a car not by law but by culture. I dont have enough money to pay for much more than a crappy 90s car if im lucky. If my parents were to die, will i be homeless? If not having healthcare is illegal, will i go to jail? There are days and weeks at a time that i can work but there are also days and sometimes weeks at a time that im not functional enough to work. Not many jobs in america that i know of accomodate that level of instability.

If you live in a state where Medicaid was expanded, then your answers will come from understanding how expansion works. If you qualify for assistance, but still have cost issues, that is another issue. The punishment for not having healthcare and being able to afford it technically is a fee specifically not a jail-able offense , that Donald J.

Google any of those terms or search our site for them, it should point you in the right direction. If all else fails, if you are having an emergency you can show up at a public hospital and local charity is often an option.

I live in texas. First of all, you base my medical cost for insurance on how much I make a year. Most are based on there Salary, and should be based on 40 hour a week and what you make per hour.

I make But I get overtime and make more. Each year is different and I do depend on my overtime. So I make 39, and my insurance is sky high with being the lowest on the bronze insurance. Indont understand how you can say this is. You dictate to the American people on how they should run there lives. How dare you become a dictator.

The maximum it can cost is 9. Having more family members increases the assistance amount. Feel free to comment back with more detail explaining the situation better.

Tax credits are based off the second lowest cost silver plan in your region. That will cap a plan with the same cost at 9. If you get a more expensive plan perhaps because your region is expensive you could certainly end up paying the difference.

In the same spirit, if you get a lower cost bronze plan there should be lower cost plans you would save more money. This is only true for Marketplace subsidies. For employer plans they are supposed to ensure your share of costs is less than 9. I am a naturalized citizen originally from EUROPE and I voted twice for Obama but this Obamacare is not well thought out and does not benefit the lower income people like it says it does.

Who can live on that unless you live in the middle of nowhere. And if you make more than that and do not qualify for Medicaid then you get taxed highly and have to pay a lot of money just so you can see a doctor. The government thinks you are making a decent salary, boom they tax you higher, plus a premium as high as a car payment. You get penalized for working in this country, you might as well be on SNAP and Medicaid and have 5 kids by 5 different men and work as a waitress or nanny to get by and get paid in cash.

Where I live, DC area that is, where rich politicians, well mainly Obama reside!! Yet, you want me to pay taxes and premiums similar to what a person residing in say Wichita. It is ridiculous. And to get charged a penalty is even more ridiculous. But you do not realize it because the ethnocentrism and patriotism have blinded you.

You think this is the greatest country in the world. Umm, have you looked around and seen how many homeless or people who are about to be homeless just because they miss a paycheck or two? Have you ever been to the Netherlands or Sweden or Luxembourg and seen how wealthy they are- oh they get 2 months of vacation every year too by the way.

Health insurance should be government funded. Simple as that. You tax all that money but sorry, what do we exactly get in return? After the snow storm we could only go back outside yesterday and roads were still messed up here and schools have been closed until next Monday because noone bothers to clean the roads. Chicago got 6 months of snow, much worse, schools or the roads never closed for 1 day. Just ask Obama. So where are my tax dollars going in Virginia? I had very high hopes for Obama, in fact I was at the Grant Park on that cold November night as a former resident of Chicago.

But he failed me and so many other hard working people. I expected tax reforms- learn something from the Swiss tax systemfor example. Motivate the hard working people, single moms like me, who is not trying to cheat the system. Make college education close to free. Look at Europe, mainly Germany. Education is free and much better- I went to college on both continents FYI. Some of you may say, wellyou are complaining so much why dont you leave.

Well, when your dhild is born in this country and this is the only country she knows you would do the same. When she is off to college in 2 yrs I will say sayanora and leave you with the same headaches and problems you always talk about before and during every election time and complain but never seem to find a solution ever since I ve moved here since the Clinton era.

Since its nothing anyhow. Calculated from my gross pay, 9. Every week I have to figure out how to turn that negative balance into food and gas money. More debt on top of more debt on top of shut-offs on top of calling off work because I have no transportation on top of more debt and more and more debt. This is my real life, not some imaginary projection of sliding-scale blah blah blah.

I could buy healthy food! I could not stress about what utility to put off without a shut-off! I could do fun outdoor activities that cost money! A dream!

All that better living might lead to better health! Oh, I see. That happens to be. Trump will change that BS. So Have fun raping all your citizens America and have your fun while it last doing the same to me because in a few short years you wont have myself and my two daughters to steal from you low life p. Only 9. I am a 22 year old who has just finished college. I am still living with my parents who themselves cannot afford insurance.

I have a part time job with the state. I have just started paying back my student loans and trying to do so in a shorter amount of time. I totally agree!!! We have less and less rights and freedoms. It is sad. Oh and did I mention that medicaid sent me a letter right before the deadline stating they will not be making a decision on my case at this time?

Tax when you buy anything with the money you were already taxed on, and now a mandatory tax for living in the states. That leaves me with dollars? I have dollars? And you think this is reasonable? How does a 25 year old get anywhere in life? This is a major step backwards. Oh, but if i forgo the whole thing. I can get away with a tax fee. You know whats frustrating though, is that most people who support this federally imposed health care wont understand that what im saying is there are more ways to suffer than having your health sapped away by time.

I got hurt at work in and have been unable to return to work I have had 5 surgeries lost my job along with my insurance from work. We bought a home in so we have a monthly mortgage, car payments, utilities, auto insurance, toll to get to dr apt. And more. We worked hard to keep up our credit score. I go to the dr maybe 1 or 2 times a year. Now they increased my premium almost a Our credit is in the dumps.

But our government will give free health care to a bunch of illegal immigrants. Our government put others before its own.!!!! Many illegals DO get free health care. They apply for and receive welfare which includes medical, housing subsidies, cell phones, food stamps. Check YOUR facts. We have a toddler and daycare and other bills to pay for. These premiums are outrageous. We slowly go broke every month because of you. You help me fall behind into debt day by day. This is just the premium.

Most of us cannot afford the deductible or copays to even use it. The answers you give here are not based on reality. I did not have healthcare before because I simply could not afford it. You should have thought about daycare before you had the baby.

Or maybe you could just both stop working and have 2 or 3 more babies. They have several kids and most of them are pregnant when they get here so they can give birth immediately to an American citizen to jump on the FREEBIE band wagon. She is only doing it for votes and wants to have open borders. My husband was out of work for 3 months this year. Thanks Obama and his voters. While reading these comments, I have to say that people are outrageous with their behaviors. The animosity in these responses is ridiculous.

This being said, I cannot afford any insurance and have a part-time job, so I get no insurance there. My state also refused Medicaid. This hurts, but I am not sure what else to do. I hope the new president will have better intentions and can do more for me and my family. My husband is self employed and I work outside the home. My employer offers health insurance but only pays a portion of mine.

We have purchased his insurance from the marketplace for the past several years with no credits, and have watched his premiums go from Where is the help for people who fall into the family glitch hole?

Not anyone in between!!! You may be looking a the cost of plans before cost assistance. Why some of the state run markets show people the prices of plans without cost assistance is pretty befuddling. But, this is the case in some some states. Coverage with cost assistance will always be between 2. But of course that is probably to fringe of an idea to truly entertain. Most likely just need to a little redux on how some of the sites function.

I live in California, am Self Employed, and was told I should qualify for Medicare based on my income. Problem is, my wife and I make just enough and her insurance is covered through her employer. Now, since I am my own employer and trying to build a business, my employer is supposed to cover my insurance? With what money? I am supposed to not pay the one employee I have working for me or my business partner?

The ACA is no where near affordable. It is a giant shell game of a joke. Yes, I would get premium assistance. If you make under 30k a year, and are single, with no kids, you get screwed, period. Each year I see my Income Tax return get smaller and smaller. I claim 0, pay in nearly 3k in withholding, so I take home about 22k a year. Until we go to a single payer system, federally mandated healthcare will never work. Medicare for all. We already pay for it on each pay check.

There is enough workers in the country for this system to work. I get where you are coming from, but you are misquoting the amounts at which you get assistance. We make yearly before taxes, so less afterward. Our premiums are hundreds per month! After rent we pay a lot for a tiny place , utilities at city prices, phone, internet, food is exorbitantly expensive, transportation, general money to actually enjoy life, because why live otherwise?

And random expenses here and there like clothes, shoes for work etc. The very idea that k per year is enough is stupid! This coming from rich guys making half a million per year.

Out of touch and ignorant people. With that being said, my question to this answer is this: I have a 2 year old on medicaid, who is, thank God, almost never ill, but is still expensive to pay for his daily needs and increasing appetite.

Is there another option that is not mentioned here? Medicaid, 2. Marketplace assistance, 3. Catastrophic coverage with approval from the marketplace in certain instances like when denied Medicaid in a non-expansion state, 4. Local Charities, 5. Buy Out of Pocket. We have to remember that when it comes time to vote. You may equate Obama with a half-measure for healthcare, but the other option on the table was nothing.

We got the half-measure, now we need to push for more. Your situation is frustrating and all too common for my taste. We can and will do better, right? Who has that kind of money laying around? Additionally this money is paid after tax is taken out of a paycheck, making it even more expensive.

We are broke because of this. I fully believe everyone should have access to health care — especially those who have pre-existing conditions who previously could not get insurance. Punishing healthy people is not the answer. I also do not understand how someone who makes much less and therefore pays much less , gets to have a BETTER plan than what we get.

The first version that got through had lots of good points, but they are obscured by the bad ones for many, there is noting perfect about programs that punish people for working hard enough to be above any given poverty line. Think we need to rethink a national public option that is extended to all incomes and move away from mandating people to buy a private product only.

But each step of reform requires popular support and right now the popular sentiment is focused on the election and other matters. We are in the same boat. We make just a tad over what would qualify us for any subsidies. Oh, and did I mention that our ACA carrier went under so we are losing the entire amount of our deductible? So we start from scratch in October and nooooooooobody cares. I will not be surprised if the insurance company ends up not paying our bills even after deductible and we are held responsible for the full amount anyway due to them being bankrupt.

So do we sue? Oops, they are bankrupt and they pay out first to banks. There is a breaking point… Then I think our answer will be to give up being self employed and go work for some big corporation so we can get health care. I have the same situation here in Chicago. We did not qualify for State assistance due to my rate per hour. I cannot afford the exorbitant premiums healthcare.

What am I going to do now??? Make sure you are checking after cost assistance. At that hourly rate you should be getting pretty good premium prices after assistance. I see this Obama Care Facts.

But Your Wrong! Even with cost assistance I can not afford insurance monthly rate for family of 4. We are two months behind on insurance payments. Now what? About to drop out of heathcare and then be fined for not having health insurance. Guess what….. Cant afford that fine either. What do I do? I bet the answer is nothing we can do.

I wish I was insert racist comment here. Id get all the free stuff. I agree. Remarried this year we both had tons of debt. Trying to unbury. Be responsible. We work pay taxes. Cant afford like for 1 persons health coverage. I am in 50s. Do not need maternity coverage. Andnthatbpayment is more than our home.

This responder needs a reality check. There are families that look like they have decent earnings by the numbers requested at Healthcare. We are well aware of the pitfalls related to cost in the current system and we were certainly aware of the pitfalls of the old system.

Our goal is to spread awareness of all the options people have under the Affordable Care Act take deductions, use an HSA, get a Silver plan to be eligible for cost sharing reduction, shop based on your needs, understand networks.

We aim to our readers understand ways to lower costs and to point out all the good the law is doing around the country. We hope this will lead to a discussion about further smart reform of underlying healthcare costs and the way those are passed onto consumers. What we want to avoid is people misdirecting all their anger at the law and thus resulting in little more than a repeal of ObamaCare as a solution and instead spark a conversation about what still needs to change.

The reform has helped the few, not the overall hard working middle class Americans. In order for me to get a plan that I could actually use the insurance, I would have to get a Gold or Premium plan. I have asthma and have been unable to get my medication for a year because I could not get qualified for insurance last year even though I was an out of work single mother. How in the hell is that affordable?

I would have to get a second job to do that, and in that case that raises my income and then the premiums are even more. This healthcare plan needs to be trashed and they need to start over, actually trying to do what is best for the masses. Other countries can do it, so we should be able to as well. I agree, this Obamacare Who can afford it. Get real and stop taking from the lower middle class to pay illegal immigrants and lazy people.

To clarify: Sick people and the underlying cost of healthcare would be the primary reason rates are going up. I feel like i am being backed into a corner at this point. I absolutely can not afford to use the insurance i am paying for how is that ok? I appreciate you all having me here this morning. Still morning in the Mountain Townsville. My name again is Kevin Patterson.

And trying to help us co-ordinate between a lot of the messaging that we provide, where we can work through, with issuers, what work we can do to make sure that our res, Regional Accountability Entities have that. What they need to do. And how to make the transition away from, what they have been maybe used to under the Medicaid, without a verification, and moving over into private insurance, which is a very different shopping experience.

And really partnering with those, that the sisters and sort of, application centers that are close to a clinical setting. I thought that was really important That I want to spend a second with. And when are they going to happen?

And at first, I was quite shocked about that response. And maybe the Exchange is not there at that particular moment. Appreciate the Alliance for having me join the discussion today.

Questions that that we have in our industry. Currently, all of the files, the filed rates, are there with the states being reviewed.

Those will get shifted over to CMS, I think, in the next few weeks. What does it mean? But when you have things like the … ending, is it going to end, when is it going to end, maybe not right now. When are they going? Not only when, but how are they going to re determine these members? But, you know, there are different strategies about the length of time to do that.

Who should be redetermination? Long covert impacts? How does that apply? And then there were some other things around, you, know, in ACA tightening up some of the rating mechanics around metal AV ranges and creating standard plans to try to reduce confusion, make it easier for the consumers.

Highs now of inflations, What does what does that do from a impacting trend and what are issuers putting into the rates for that? And then, you know, costs that are no longer going to be covered by the federal government. So, funding around, you know, vaccines are testing. So, obviously, making policy decisions earlier in the year to align with the rate cycle is what everyone would appreciate from a renewal letter process. Kevin had just mentioned, you know, that is, that is critical.

What are we going to tell our members when we try to have them renew? Are we going to give them an estimate of, you know, what they had? So that we can figure out how do we work more hand in hand with them in order to help members as they move and stay covered between a Medicaid coverage to, to our ACA coverage, you know, care sources of Managed Care plan.

And so there are some plans that kinda live in both of these, these worlds, Medicaid, and ACA. Obviously, before the end of the year, the … subsidies would be extremely helpful. Again, to help with our members understanding, you know, what, what is coverage going to be, like, or look like, in the future.

Acuity low, Do they have, and, you know, can we estimate what, what their costs would be under our ACA coverage versus Medicaid? Extremely difficult. And then to course, what ultimately, the consumer journey ends up being. Now, you know, we were talking before, we started here, that this is a great timing for this conversation.

Not only as folks have already talked about as far as, you know, where we are in, kind of rate filing, but also where we are kind of in the congressional calendar. We can move to the next slide. Thank you. And, you know, for Congress, they kind of have two paths forward. And the expansion of the ACA subsidies was a central part of that package, in the fall, The House, I guess, had passed their package, and it just was not able to come up to some type of agreement in the Senate.

And, you know, the first piece of that is policy around prescription drug prices. You know, is that something that you could still get, you know, significant coverage for individuals, and, maybe, less than, the score, a little bit. Like, what is it that you can actually do? I think Senator Mansion? You know, this was in a lot of the press had made a comment.

And so, CBO put the Congressional Budget Office, put out updated estimates of just overall health care spending on subsidies about two weeks ago. You have to kind of look at it. Both for states trying to do right filings for consumers. It seems to me it would put the continuing resolution at risk. You know, I think the Hyde amendment is an amendment that goes on appropriations bills. This is just a reminder, folks, kind of what I just set up, process wise. And so we, if people have questions, we can do this in much more detail.

But essentially, what we would see happening, if they have video, is that the Senate would take up the House Reconciliation Bill that already passed, and then they would put in their own kind of substitute amendment. Hopefully pass that, and send that back to the house. But, happy to talk about that in further detail needed. That would be great. An announcement on that today. So continuing to have those increased focus on talking to consumers and making sure that they understand, kind of how to navigate this.

You, you outlined a lot of political policy uncertainties and, like, in a very short timeframe. I mean, August first is like two weeks, right? A lot of other considerations right now as well. So I would say the rooms would have two things on one. I would say it is kind of inside the beltway.

And again, goes either way, right? This is no matter where you are on the issue. The other thing I would say is, you know, I worked for budget committee, and then helped committee. So, you know, the average American, I would just say, go to the beach.

But healthcare stakeholders, I will say, engage, engage, engage, and really try, again, focus on real-world impacts, and really focus on kind of local as much as possible. And I would maybe emphasize that to that, to the extent that folks are. And folks are not feeling stable in their access to healthcare. Obviously, quite right. And so I were going to tie this a little bit to something that is probably even more top of mind.

And, you know, marketplace deadlines, which I tend to agree, is not there. Right, and, and like. I mean, they cannot afford the cost of rural health care. Know, we are advocating, especially in, in West Virginia with the mansion. If everyone is making the same assumption then, you know, like Liz said, the subsidy levels kind of all move together and, and, you know, maybe maybe were covered from a sustainability side.

But then, also, you know, allows us to sustain and be an option on these exchanges for the long term. I mean, during the CSR debate, like we heard over and over, the uncertainty creates higher premiums. Like, you have to bake uncertainty into your premiums. Is that the connection there?

To the timing that? And so we might see more impacts in a couple of years. Like How does that work from your perspective? I mean, you know, in years past it has been, OK. Individual mandate was one year, CSR was a different year. I think it is about these real specific examples. Like the one we were using, in Colorado about, What happens between the 30 year old and a 55 year old in rural Mesa County.

And I think those are really impactful conversations for us to have And we were happy to do that. We do that all the time. That might not be exactly the same. And then I have another question focused on Medicaid. Because there, you referenced on the cost sharing reduction, right. This was a policy in October, President Trump shut up those payments.

And in many ways, the marketplaces are sort of a victim of their own success, Right? There was an incredible amount of planning that had gone into that, folks were able to like flip a switch and by November first, consumers never knew the difference, it was not disruptive at all.

Everything was baked. Everyone will really prep for that, and I want to draw a comparison to where we are this year. Subsidies structure, right? There has been talk of maybe would cut it off at And so I, again, victims of our own success, marketplaces bend over backward and insurance, insures to bend over backwards to make this work. So, during that, I worked for Senator Lamar Alexander, who was the lead Republican trying to negotiate that bipartisan deal.

And had had here. You know, legislation trying to get it ready to move, Silver loading ended up happening. The urgency on the legislation kind of went away. So thank you for your public service and to all of our congressional staffers who put an unbelievable hours behind the scenes. And then that you put in a ton of staff work. I want to move to a question from the audience. And I again want to remind our audience that we have about 20 minutes left for questions.

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A friend of mine who was recently let go from her position told me that, after the initial shock, her next emotion was actually relief. She now is happy it happened — her only regret was worrying about it so much. We need to trust the universe a little more. There exists an intentional nature of things and with hindsight we often understand why things happen when they do even though they seem terrible and disappointing at the time.

Maybe it is high time to get out of that job that is not serving you. There is an excellent chance that something much better and more suitable is waiting for you. It will become clear with time. Take peace in surrender. Think about it. When you are fired, if it ever actually happens, what is different? You are the same person, same IQ, same personality, same friends, same health.

The only thing that has changed is your job status for a temporary time. So what? A job can be replaced. Use your precious energy towards the contribution you can be making to your work, your passions, the world. Fear and worry is a total waste of time that just robs you of your power and strength. Sign up here to be first to receive my fresh weekly wellness tips! Susie Moore is a life coach whose teachings span a global client base and are regularly featured in leading media outlets.

Through in-person coaching, online classes and newsletters, she gives clients the tools they need to lead more fulfilling lives and careers. All rights reserved. Sign up here for my free self-coaching guide and receive my free weekly confidence injection email.

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Get in touch. Be mindful of the state of your mental health. The financial and emotional stress of losing a job can lead to an increased risk for a mental health condition. Maintain regular check-ins with yourself by taking a mental health test every two weeks. You may be feeling a powerful or overwhelming sense of loss of control over your situation. Sometimes major events can lead to many people losing their jobs, such as economic downturns or the COVID pandemic.

But you can always control how you respond. You can reach out to a loved one for emotional support , stay connected with others in a similar situation, reduce spending for a period of time, or stay informed about your options. On the other hand, you might feel like this situation is your fault. Losing a job can create more uncertainty in an already uncertain situation. However, staying positive and mentally healthy in the face of uncertainty can help build resiliency and better prepare you emotionally when new challenges arise.

Here are three actions you can take that contribute to better mental health. The Anxiety Test is for people who feel that worry and fear are affecting their ability to function day-to-day.

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WebAug 18,  · Follow these instructions to quit your part-time job in a respectful and professional way: 1. Decide what to do after the job Before you quit your job, come up . WebEmotions Matter. Losing your job (or even the thought of it) can bring up a wide range of emotions, including fear, sadness, guilt, anger, or relief. Processing the loss of a job may . WebI have been wanting to get a job since last year but never actually did it. I am too scared to send resumes or talk to interviewers. I am too scared that the people working there will .