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Carefirst conduent

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These contracts impact the well-being of some of our most vulnerable residents. OCP has always worked closely with the Council, the Mayor, and the Attorney General in following regulations and best practices during the approval process of MCO contracts. My testimony today before the Committee will detail the chronology of the procurement of the MCO contracts as well as steps OCP is taking ó now and in the future ó to ensure these vital healthcare services for our residents continue uninterrupted.

Before I begin, it is important to remind Council that one of the procurements discussed today is the subject of ongoing litigation. Thus, I am limited in what I may speak to. Likewise, because it has been determined that a new solicitation of the MCOs is required due to the recent addition of behavioral health care services, I am unable to speak in detail on the new solicitation as it is an active procurement.

When the solicitation closed on February 20, , OCP received seven timely proposals. As with all TEPs, members received instruction on how the evaluation process is conducted and were advised that all evaluations must be completed individually without the help of other TEP members or outside persons. After reviewing the TEP consensus report, the CO independently evaluated the technical and price proposals and documented her findings in a pre-negotiation business clearance memorandum.

On May 19, , the CO executed a determination and findings for the proposals in the competitive range, finding four offerors to be in the competitive range.

OCP required BAFOs so that the CO would have the opportunity to negotiate with each of the offerors to improve their proposals and seek a comprehensive and valuable solution for the District and its residents.

On June 1, , the CO sent the three proposed contracts to the projected awardees for signature before sending the Council package for approval. On July 9, , the CO issued a letter to Amerigroup indicating they were an unsuccessful offeror. Additionally on July 17, , the Executive branch transmitted the packages for the proposed contracts to the Council for review and approval.

White and McDuffie, filed a notice of intent to disapprove resolution extending the Council's review of the proposed contracts to 35 days of the initial submission of the contracts to Council.

The Council deemed approved the transmitted contracts on September 3, While the District can award procurements based on initial proposals, the negotiation component of the RFP process gives the CO the ability to advise offerors on the shortcomings of their proposals and for these offerors to improve their proposals through a BAFO process allowing an updated proposal to be submitted based on the shortcomings.

Prior to the Conduent ruling, this included remedying deficiencies and errors in the subcontracting plan. The Conduent ruling changed the negotiation process in the District so that no matter the prime contractor, CBE or otherwise, any deficiencies or errors in the subcontracting plan upon submission would disqualify their proposal from review, thus completely removing the prime contractor and its subcontractors from the competition.

The District filed a Motion for Reconsideration to Clarify the Opinion and for Limited Stay on September 4, , requesting clarification of which solicitations the Conduent decision applied to and a limited stay of the Opinion until January 15, in order to maintain continuity in procurement practices while having an opportunity to seek legislative clarity on the issues presented.

The CAB denied this motion on October 5, Reevaluation and Legislative Actions. OCP moved to reassess the proposals within the competitive range in alignment with the CAB's December 1, decision. OCP began this process in earnest on March 3, OCP employed a commercial source selection facilitation tool to assist the TEP members in completing a cohesive uniform evaluation of each proposal. AmeriHealth's proposal was the first to be reevaluated.

The Council passed the bill; however, the Mayor vetoed it on July 29, Upon completion of the reevaluation as instructed by the CAB, it was found that there was no change in the ultimate ranking of offerors in the competitive range.

One example of final items to be requested was clarification, as needed, whether the organizational structure and staffing plans remained valid for offerors. The CO did not award to Amerigroup and based her decision on factors we are unable to disclose due to ongoing litigation. DHCF noted that such a move would result in the loss of healthcare services to many District residents relying on the District's Medicaid program.

White signed a notice of intent of disapproval and extended the process for approving these contracts for 45 days. In discussions with the Executive branch, the Legislative branch recommended a different vehicle for the MedStar contract. Join this session to learn more about how Healthworx is implementing a strategy for innovation and hear some examples of ongoing Healthworx projects, including working with social determinants of health. Healthworx: Innovation and Partnerships at CareFirst Healthworx, the corporate venture and corporate development arm of CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield is building a portfolio of investments and strategic partnerships that both address the needs of CareFirst and its members today and that have the potential to make a substantial impact in healthcare in three to five years.

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