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Analyst at accenture

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A Conversation With - An Accenture Technology Consulting Analyst

WebAnalyst is a Transformative Journal, and Plan S compliant. Impact factor: *. Time to first decision (all decisions): days**. Time to first decision (peer reviewed only): days***. Editor-in-Chief: Norman Dovichi. Indexed in MEDLINE, Scopus and Web of Science. Open access publishing options available. Read this journal. WebDec 10, аи Analyst duties and responsibilities. The successful candidate will not only be responsible for the master data set of the company but generating reports and correcting any data issues and problems that may arise. Other duties and/or responsibilities that the candidate will undertake regularly include: Gathering and analyzing data. WebSep 9, аи An analyst is a professional that is tasked with gathering, interpreting, and using data to develop actionable strategies that improve and optimize results for a company, while a consultant is a professional who offers expert advice to individuals or corporations. Analyst Vs. Associate.