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In addition to your over-the-counter benefit, you may qualify for an extra benefit providing you with a spending amount to buy either Assistive Devices or Service Dog Support items. Your benefits are conveniently loaded on your card so you shop the same way as you do for over-the-counter products and scan your barcode for instant savings! For questions about eligibility or how to enroll for Assistive Devices or Service Dog Support, please call the number on the back of your health plan card.

Once you're logged in, you can easily find your account balance listed at the top of the About page or under Benefit Details on the mobile app. You can also use your catalog to view eligible products. You have three easy ways to shop: online, in-store at a participating store location, or over the phone. Best of all, all shipping costs are waived for members and will not be deducted from your benefit balance. They are fully covered by your health plan at checkout.

Skip to main content. Plus, you may be eligible for additional benefits on either Assistive Devices or Service Dog Support items.

How It Works. You can use your benefits to purchase OTC items including allergy medication, cough drops, first aid supplies, oral care, pain relievers, vitamins and more! With Assistive Devices, you can use your benefits to purchase grab bars, bath chairs, hand showers, hearing amplifiers, low vision aids, dressing aids, portable ramps and more! With Service Dog Support, you can use your benefits to purchase dog food, feeding supplements, bowls, dog brushes, harnesses, leashes, training pads and more!

Order online To order online, you can explore thousands of approved over-the-counter health products on the website or mobile app. This Amerigroup Lakewood center will be a headquarters for members of the insurance plan to meet with representatives and receive whatever assistance they need to find resources, referrals, doctor recommendations and more.

The workers at the site will be on-hand to assist with anything a member will need to provide in-person help, rather than less personal over-the-phone service. This is one more way that Amerigroup is showing their dedication to the Lakewood community and is a sign of the community atmosphere they have created and the strong, friendly relationship they have nurtured.

In light of recent threats and even attacks on the community, it is heartening to see that a group of volunteers are so committed to ensuring that everyone is protected and to see how well they work with the law enforcement community. It is great to be able to have a part in keeping the community not only healthy but also safe.

We are honored to be able to give back to the community through Shomrim. As with all of the other organizations they visited, Shomrimwere presented with a donation from Amerigroup to help them keep their services going. Osher Perlow of Shomrim accepted the donation and thanked Amerigroup for being a true friend of the community and working together to keep everyone safe and healthy. Lipa Schwartz of Misameach provided them with a tour and a look into their work, as well as a virtual tour of what the new Misameach campus will look like once it is completed.

What Misameachdoes is truly amazing. It truly changes people lives. All I can say is: Wow! On Wednesday, the representatives returned to Lakewood to visit with Hatzolah and Dr. Hursey told Dr. We appreciate all that you do. We appreciate your friendship. At Hatzolah headquarters, they were given a full tour and were awed by the vast scope and professionalism of their lifesaving operations.

You are proving how much can be accomplished when people genuinely want to help each other. It is an honor and privilege for us to be able to have a share in their work and it is our pleasure to be able to provide health services to so many wonderful people in such a remarkable town.

How about they pay the providers sufficiently so that I can find specialists that even take their insurance that are located less than 50 miles away? Maybe they can give back to the community by helping working people actually afford health insurance. She right away agreed on principle, and true to her word had her contracting department reach out to me to process my application. Was very impressed by her courtesy.

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Amerigroup is focused on achieving health and wellness for the entire family. We listen, respect, and engage families to understand their culture, values, beliefs, and lifestyles so we can develop meaningful relationships. We engage and support members and their families to set goals based on what is important to them, building on their. With the Amerigroup mobile app, you can: Log in easily and securely with Touch ID/Face ID Find a doctor, hospital, pharmacy or specialist that serves your plan Search for free and low-cost community resources Always have your member ID card with you Get important notices about your benefits Check your symptoms with our symptom checker. WebBack to Top.