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Accenture mba salary

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All Sections Find a Job. Find a Job. Create Job Alerts. Hot Topics. Typical Education for Accenture Consultant. For aspiring consultants, compensation can be a reflection of their short- and long-term goals. That means knowing which companies are offering what — and what kind of room they have for negotiation.

For that, the industry turns to Management Consulted. The best part: the data originates from responses, making it far more current, Management Consulted notes, than pay data from Indeed or PayScale.

Each year, Management Consulted breaks its data into three buckets. The first is compensation for incoming MBA and PhD full-time hires who are traditionally paid the same.

On top of that, Management Consulted supplies potential career earnings based on promotions and experience. What can MBAs expect to earn starting out? Among the MBB, the data is pretty consistent — with little room for negotiation according to Management Consulted. Again, McKinsey topped their rivals in total pay, but the margin was slim. Want to top out in pay. Consulting is the place for MBAs and business majors to be. Over the past 14 years, Management Consulted reports, consultants have seen base salaries increase in 13 years.

Despite the upbeat numbers, Management Consulted also wonders if a correction — if not an outright reckoning — could be on the horizon. So far, margins have been protected by a decrease in operational costs i. Still, there is only so much firms can cut. The potential result? Without the traditional increase in pricing power that industry consolidation brings, we may see firms begin to shrink project teams or prioritize the hiring of cheaper pre-MBA talent in the next decade.

In the meantime, a tight labor market, coupled with increased demand for consulting services, translates to more lavish perks for prospective consultants in Firms like EY, Grant Thornton, and Huron have introduced unlimited PTO, although the cynic in me must note that this reduces the cost of termination for these companies as well. Studies also show that employees with unlimited PTO take less time off than those with a defined number of paid days off.

In addition, firms are introducing more generous k matching policies. For MBAs, Mian clicked off several differentiators that firms are using to bring graduates into the fold.

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This looks likely to continue in as many firms, including the Big Three, have increased MBA consulting salaries. That follows a rise in global demand for consultancy services which saw companies across the industry report record revenues in You can find out more information about the specific consulting firms by clicking through to the links below. Bain consultant salary prospects are very promising for MBA graduates.

BCG consultant salaries and bonuses are almost identical to those at Bain. Like any consulting firm, salaries at McKinsey increase as consultants go up the ranks from junior associate to associate to partner. MBA salaries for the Big Four accounting and professional services firms are increasingly competitive and Deloitte consultant salary prospects are no different.

EY offers the best consultant salaries among the Big Four accounting and professional services firms. The only way to truly get the life you want is by taking positive risks and Those with an MBA degree tend to enjoy a higher pay scale than those who Stay up to date on job postings. Please try our salary wizard to explore how other factors like location, Years of experience and number of direct reports can impact your base pay and bonus.

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WebWhat’s your starting salary? Accenture pays $, for MC. 4 Like 20 Comments Share 5Y Deloitte 1 You can literally find this by googling MBA consulting salaries btw Like . WebAug 21,  · Accenture 6 MBA hires in strategy are $ now. Offers from this years offers are the proof — MBA offers are at C3 tho. Not analyst. Like 2 a year Accenture 7 . WebJan 27,  · MBA consultant salaries at firms like Accenture Strategy, LEK Consulting, and Oliver Wyman rival the Big Three, with base salaries ranging from $,to .