humane societies in new york
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Humane societies in new york centene and magellan health

Humane societies in new york

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NJ Humane Society. Alexander Saavedra. Alex Saavedra has over 35 years of criminal, civil, and regulatory investigative experience. Lisa Menendez. She has led the coordination of numerous animal rescues in hoarding cases, and works together with veterinarians for the care of injured, sick and abandoned animals. Foster An Animal In Need. Volunteer Opportunities. No-Kill Shelter. Our shelter is truly gratful for all donations made by our community to help care for these animals in need.

Thank you for your continued support in these efforts! Emergency Response. Stray Rescue. Removal of Dangerous Animals. Feral Cat Rescue. Pet Redemption. Removal of Dead Animals from Public Property.

Compassionate Removal of Deceased Pets. Removal of Wildlife from Habitable Areas. Low Cost Rabies Vaccinations. Low Cost Micro Chipping. However, we expect our construction to continue through the Winter of and expect completion of the project in This temporary construction is making way for an upgraded and improved space for our animals and staff as we actively work to ensure our spaces are both ADA compliant - with improved accessibility for all visitors - and provide a more updated lobby and reception area.

In the meantime, we will continue to meet the needs of:. Thus far, our clinic operations have not been impacted by this construction; animals continue to receive expert medical care, our staff is in place, and the community continues to adopt our animals. While there are many changes to come and more to share in the coming months, one thing that will never change is our passion for the animals in our city.

We will continue to provide innovative, high-quality veterinary care, work tirelessly to match our animals with their forever home, and bring education and awareness to animal protection issues throughout New York.

We remained open during the pandemic and continue to provide veterinary care and support for our community. In fact, during the height of the pandemic many veterinary hospitals and other animal organizations were not fully operational. We were. Both our regular and new patients alike knew they could turn to us when their pet needed medical attention.

We will continue to take every measure possible to ensure our staff remains in place, safe and healthy by following prudent COVID protocols and limiting physical access to our center. Importantly, these changes allowed our critical veterinary care and adoption outreach initiatives to function without any disruption before, during and after the pandemic lockdowns.

People trust and depend on our Society. Normally we would have had one or two fundraisers since , and others would have held events to help raise additional funds on our behalf, but due to Covid none of these took place. So please know that your support is greatly appreciated now more than ever. This is the box she was found in. One night, a kindhearted man was walking his dog in the rain and heard mewing sounds coming from a pile of garbage. His dog was barking and laser-focused on a certain spot.

The man knew there was a live animal in there. He called his friend who was a cat rescuer, and she came over right away. The woman started digging through the debris and followed the sounds to one large black trash bag. Inside the bag was a litter box with a lid.

The opening where a cat could go in or out had been sealed with a piece of cardboard. Duct tape was wrapped round and round the plastic box from top to bottom, making sure that it would not open. The woman tore off the cardboard to find a black-and-white cat sitting in an inch of water.

The woman was amazed at how friendly she was. Instead of taking her to a vet or surrendering her to a shelter, the person chose to put her in the garbage. The cat was in terrible condition. Her fur was mostly hard clumps of matted hair, soaked in urine.

The woman took her right away to another animal hospital. They did some testing, put the cat on pain medication and ultimately recommended that she bring the cat to us. We did a medical workup, and an abdominal ultrasound revealed an inoperable situation. It is heartbreaking to say that we were presented with a terminally ill animal.

We wish we could say that she had a happy ending. It was upsetting for all of us to deal with. To honor her memory, we chose to tell her story.

She deserved a gentler and softer world. We were consoled that we were at least able to provide her some care and affection in her last days.

Getting checked out before surgery. We received a call from a man who needed medical help for his ten-year-old dog. By the time he was able to get to us the growth had enlarged enormously and was bleeding. For traveling, he put one of his tee-shirts on him to act as a bandage. As part of our medical work-up we found that Chumley could barely walk because of the condition of his nails. They were so overgrown they were curling over and piercing into his foot pads.

He calmly let us examine him and never put up a fuss. We performed surgery on the good-natured basset hound and removed the entire tumor. Thankfully, all of the biopsies came back as benign.

Now back at home, his owner reports that Chumley is active and playful again, and thanked us for helping him during this challenging time. We understand that animals are their family, maybe their only family, and it is important to everyone to keep your family well. The pets are their joy, their pleasure, and very often their support system.

Their animal is depending on them, and they are depending on us. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, you could find yourself needing help. These photos have been seen all over the world, inspiring shelters everywhere to do the same. If anyone needed Phibbs' caliber of PR and an eye towards revealing a soul's inner beauty- it was the loyal animals who had suffered from their human's misfortunes.

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Activists Protest Humane Society of New York Over Animal Warehousing

WebNJ Humane Society. Director. Alexander Saavedra. Alex Saavedra has over 35 years of criminal, civil, and regulatory investigative experience. Alex was a Commissioned New . WebReviews on Humane Societies in Queens, NY - Humane Society of New York, Humane Societies, Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition, ASPCA Adoption Center, Dr Pet MD, . WebReviews on Humane Societies in New York, NY - Humane Society of New York, Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition, Humane Society of Westchester, Brooklyn Animal Action, .