kaiser permanente authorization for use or disclosure of patient health information
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Kaiser permanente authorization for use or disclosure of patient health information 6.7 cummins injector replacement

Kaiser permanente authorization for use or disclosure of patient health information

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Cal ifor n ia. Col or ado. Geor gi a. Print nam e, ad dr ess , phone nu mber , fax number and email address. Delivery method : Electronic delivery is recommended. Check the box th at applies to the reason the r ecor ds ar e being requested. Medic al r ecor ds a max im um of 10 ye ars of rec or ds.

Billing records p r emi um payment s n ot included. Sign and d ate. P erson al r eprese ntat ive s houl d pr int nam e and i ndicat e rel atio nsh ip to th e pat ient. Documentation may be required to prove au thority to sign on behalf of the patient.

Mi nor p at ie nts age s 13 to 17 m ust aut hori ze the r elease of infor mat ion rel ated to. If no dat e or event is given, auth ori zatio n will expir e 90 days from date signed. To subm it your r equest, pleas e fax y our comple ted for m to the appr opr iate lo cati on s list e d bel ow. Pleas e vis it our websit e. Weste rn Washington.

Kaiser Foundatio n Health Plan of Washingt on. Releas e of Informat ion. PO Box Renton, WA 7 - Phone: - - 8 or toll - free 1 - - - Hours : 8 a.

Fax: 20 6 - - Eastern Washingt on. Kai ser F ound atio n Health Pl an of Wash ingt on. Health Information M anagement. Spokane, WA 9 - Phone: - - Hours: 8 a. Fax: - - Kai ser F oundat ion Health Plan of W ashin gton.

Washingto n, this authoriz ation shall expire 90 days after the date signed if disclosure is to a financial institution o r an. A copy of th is auth orizati on is valid as an origin al.

Member must complete this section. Instructi ons. I f not complete, form may be sent back to you. C omplete each. If none, leave this box blan k. State the purpose for the release o f information. Ex amples: Insurance application, Insurance Claim,. Legal, Benefits, Schoo l, P atie nt Care , e tc. For my own purposes may be used only if you a re. W ri te the name or comp any of who is to receive t he information.

Examples: Attorn ey, Physician, etc. Circle the purpose or ne ed for the exchange and disclosure of this information. Check the box es that apply to your request:. Examples: All. Please indicate media type and deliv ery preference. If no options are checked, the default will be paper. Sign the authorization. If y ou are not the patient, describe your relationshi p and legal authority to sign. You will be required to pr ovide the legal paperwork.

Patient or disclosure permanente of information health authorization use for kaiser humana dental insurance

Use of Health Information Technology Leads to Improved Care Quality

WebNov 23, The USE OR DISCLOSURE OF PATIENT HEALTH INFORMATION AUTHORIZATION (Kaiser Permanente) form is 1 page long and contains: 0 signatures 16 check-boxes 33 other fields Country of origin: US File type: PDF Use our library of forms to quickly fill and sign your Kaiser Permanente forms online. BROWSE KAISER . PATIENT AUTHORIZATION: I understand that: Information released may include information regarding the testing, diagnosis or treatment of HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, . WebApr 1, AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OR DISCLOSURE OF PATIENT HEALTH INFORMATION ORIGINAL - DISCLOSING PARTY CANARY - PATIENT Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Permanente Medical Groups SCAL: NS () SPANISH-NS; CHINESE-NS NCAL: (REV. ) SPANISH ; CHINESE .