pocatello humane society
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Pocatello humane society

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Every morning the U-Haul Team opened the door of the U-Box , kept an eye on the container throughout the day, then locked the container when they closed. During the day, kind people from the community stopped by to deliver the much needed and appreciated pet food. Helping Us Help Them! For information on cost, please click HERE. Microchipping Program Exciting News!! When kind people found me I had no microchip!

I was in foster care, but now I have a new home and a microchip! Life is sweet again! The microchip will be embedded by the veterinarian working with the BHS on the Wednesday night you come.

No checks please. Cash or Paypal work nicely. Come and protect your furry family with a microchip, it can bring them home if they are lost!! Note that we'll use the term "shelters" here for simplicity but it includes all types of rescue organizations.

If you have any questions about adopting an animal what you'll need, what to expect, etc. If you're looking to adopt a new dog, our Dog Adoption Guide is a must-read. It has everything you need to know about bringing a shelter dog home:. Animal Shelters ID Pocatello. Bannock Humane Society. All proceeds benefit needy cats and kittens in Southern Arizona.

Contact Info Address :. Phone :. Email :. Website: bannockhumanesociety. Hours of Operation Adoption Days: pm - pm. Adoption Process Adopting a new pet is a beautiful decision, and Bannock Humane Society will do all they can to assist you in choosing a pet that will happily fit into your family.

You can also just visit the shelter in person instead of starting online. Interact with animals you're interested in adopting to make sure there's chemistry.

If you find an animal that could be your new companion, talk with a member of the shelter's staff about the animal's past, personality, behavioral problems, and medical history. If you want to proceed with the adoption, complete any required paperwork and pay the associated adoption fee. Schedule a time to take the animal home, possibly the same day. Why Rescue A Shelter Dog? Because shelter dogs are full of love!

Is it because they know you saved them and love you harder for it? I can't say for certain, but yes. You can learn a lot about an animal welfare organization just by looking at their name. Animal Shelters Most Animal Shelters are city or county-run organizations, often operated by the local Animal Control department, that manage strays and handle owner surrenders.

They usually have kennel facilities you can visit to adopt animals, and they usually have less stringent adoption requirements, lower adoption fees, and same-day adoptions because their goal is to get animals out of the shelter. Unfortunately, they usually know very little about each animal, including their true personalities and any behavioral problems.

Humane Societies Most Humane Societies are non-profit organizations, many of which are no-kill shelters. They exist to improve animal welfare in the local community and often partner with city or county-run Animal Shelters that often euthanize animals due to capacity restraints. They may also have some animals in foster care. There's a lot of variation in process and fees among Humane Societies, but they usually have really good websites that detail everything for you.

Rescues Most Rescues are foster-based organizations that don't have physical facilities. They usually have websites and contact emails, but not all of them have phone numbers. Because they don't have a physical facility, you need to view animals in their foster network online, usually on their website but sometimes on their member pages on either PetFinder or Adopt-a-Pet. If you see an animal you'd like to meet, contact the rescue using the process listed on their website or via email.

They'll help you through the application process and set up a time for you to meet the animal at the foster's home. Adopting from a rescue generally is the most expensive option here and takes the longest, but you get an animal that's been cared for in a loving home environment and their foster can tell you a lot about their personality. See an animal online that you'd like to meet? Call the shelter before your visit to make sure the animal is still available. This especially applies for puppies, which are adopted out quickly.

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