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Baxter verticut

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Information Sources Information came from the Verticut and H. Roberts websites. A relevant snippet from the H. Roberts website: Harry took on the representation of Roll-In Bandsaws. This style of machine was totally unknown in those days when most buyers came in looking for a hack saw and it's advantages quickly caught on.

In the early 's one our neighbouring competitors had a local businessman build a knock-off. They had a difficult time marketing against the Roll-In and that lead the builder, Les Baxter to approach us on how to improve on the Roll-In and market it. That saw became known as the Verticut and we still sell them today Les Baxter's sons are now producing them. From the Verticut page on the H. Roberts website: Roberts Machinery pioneered the [sale of] roll-in style bandsaw in Canada in the 's.

Since then thousands have been sold. The original design was developed by the Roll-In Saw Co. In the 's Lex Baxter started making a Canadian version with some very significant design improvements. He eliminated the external gearing which was exposed to chips that caused the gears to wear fast. The exchange rate changed and now the Baxter Verticut roll in style say is both superior in design and more attractively priced than the American made saw.

Our purpose is to provide information about vintage machinery that is generally difficult to locate. Catalogs, manuals and any other literature that is available on this site is made available for a historical record only. Please remember that safety standards have changed over the years and information in old manuals as well as the old machines themselves may not meet modern standards.

It is up to the individual user to use good judgment and to safely operate old machinery. The VintageMachinery. About Us. Discussion Forum. Machine Info. Photo Index.

Support Vintage Machinery. Submitting Content. Contact Us. Electric system uses only C. Premium quality bandsaw blade. Instruction and parts manual.

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