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Cognizant behavioral health chadds ford pa

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Amerigroup healthy rewards Take the first step to help. Cognizant Behavioral Health Services. Answers to many common questions can be found on the therapist's profile page. Medical Identifiers. Source you prefer telehealth or in-person services, ask about current availability. We work with individuals 5 years upfamilies, and couples.

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Our experienced psychologists at CBHS incorporate the techniques of creative art therapy and or play therapy to facilitate treatment for children as young as five years of age. Couples Therapy Our couple's counselors provide relationship therapy. It is the process of counseling the parties in a relationship with an effort to recognize and to better manage or reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of distress.

Family Therapy Every family is a unique combination of people, with its own structure, values, and goals. During times of stress or transition, families find it challenging to resolve conflicts on their own. Some common struggles families experience are child behavioral problems, loss of a loved one, blending families and step parenting, divorce, substance abuse, eating disorders, or coping with other mental health issues.

Our licensed psychologists at CBHS strive to connect with each member of the family and work to change the family dynamic to strengthen and create healthy family relationships, improve communication, and reduce conflict.

It is an office procedure where magnetic pulses target the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Studies have shown that almost a third of patients do not respond to traditional anti-depressants. For these patients, almost two-thirds achieve a response with TMS. What to expect from TMS? You will then meet one of our therapists who will take a full history and conduct an evaluation, which will include objective tests and scales for depression, fatigue, etc.

This will be done regularly during your treatment as well to monitor your progress. We will then attempt to obtain prior authorization from your insurance. Our TMS specialist and the doctor will answer any questions you may have. Before treating your depression with TMS, your psychiatrist and the TMS Braincare team will discuss with you the possible benefits of treatment and explain what you may experience.

Treatments: A doctor and TMS specialist will determine the location of treatment and the amount of electromagnetic pulse that will be most beneficial to you. It is done by placing a coil on your head and producing one magnetic pulse while watching for movements in the hand and fingers. During subsequent treatments, a coil will be placed on your head. The TMS machine will be set to your specific treatment measurements.

You will hear a clicking noise and feel tapping on your head. In the first few treatments, patients may feel a mild headache. The treatment lasts 20 minutes and is conducted daily, 5 days a week for weeks sessions. Some patients may benefit from maintenance therapy after their initial treatment course. Please make sure you are attending the full course of therapy to get the most benefit from treatment.

Results: While TMS does not work for everyone, it has been found to be particularly effective for most patients. Results are often not immediate and it may take 2 or more weeks to notice improvement.

Psychiatric Services. Psychotherapy and Counseling Services. We work with individuals 5 years and up , families, and couples. We are accepting new patients and evening appointments are available. Our experienced clinicians provide individual, couple's, family therapy, psychiatric evaluations, medication management. Our approach is interactive and eclectic applying dynamic, and cognitive behavioral methods to help increase self understanding.

We work in a caring and compassionate way that helps individuals openly explore their problems. We have assisted countless patients in heightening self-awareness, opening up options for change, and unleashing potential for growth.

Take the first step to help. Verify your health insurance coverage when you arrange your first visit. Cognizant Behavioral Health Services's Groups Cognizant Behavioral Health Services Multi disciplinary group with psychological, psychiatric and couples counseling services. Specialties Depression Anxiety Stress. Modality Individuals Couples Family. Links Our Website. Last Modified: 22 Mar Cognizant Behavioral Health Services.

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