cummins 3rd gen
blacked out 2nd gen cummins

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Cummins 3rd gen

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Here's the long list of all the available configurations, however the most popular ones are going to be the and But, some of you will run a ton of fuel and be able to light one of the larger We have dubbed the as the newest smallest turbo in the SXE lineup. This slightly smaller turbine wheel will aid spoolup by RPM and only slightly restrict airflow above rpm.

This incorporates the Billet FMW wheel and the degree thrust bearing. Unfortunately the cost and labor involved with this combination equals a slightly higher price tag, but for those who really need it, it's now available.

There should be no other parts you need to purchase to bolt this turbo on. Simply put, a wastegate on a diesel opens to control turbine speed and drive pressure. When the wastegate opens and it relieves that drive pressure, it also slows down the turbine wheel thus creating less compressor flow. When you decrease the compressor flow of the turbo, you are decreasing the amount of air that is flowing through the engine. If you are still commanding and delivering the same amount of fuel, you are now going to have more fuel than air when the wastegate is opened.

When you have more fuel than air, your EGTs rise. Having a non wastegated turbo will give you the amount of boost that the delivered fuel needs to sustain a usable EGT. Wastegating the turbo to run less boost at that same fuel delivery is not the answer. The only thing that will happen if you wastegate the turbo in that scenario is high EGTs. Great turbo so far! Nice and cool egts in my compound setup.

Great quality looking as well! Created with Sketch. Toggle menu Call Us Login or Sign Up 0. This is directly tied to the tight exhaust housing and lightweight turbine wheel. With the quick spool and improved top-end power, this is a great turbo for towing performance. If you like to use your truck for work and have to tow something the Stealth 64 is up to the task. We have measured excellent EGT control without sacrificing performance. This charger is the perfect fit for those of you with future plans for a twin kit.

Take your time and put the build together in stages. Start by upgrading the factory charger with an easy drop-in and build off it down the road. In a compound or twin kit, we have many customers making , HP! Of course, those builds include a more extensive list of supporting modifications. Still, it is nice to know there is a proven formula to follow.

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