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Dpf filter cummins

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In tests, the will-fit DPF demonstrated higher backpressure and reduced exhaust flow when compared to the Genuine Cummins DPF during real world operation. This can cause premature turbocharger wear and failure, reduce fuel economy and increase operating costs.

Over time, this accumulation can cause frequent aftertreatment regenerations. Before the test takes place, a stationary regeneration is conducted to remove soot present in the DPF. Test data shows that, after a stationary regeneration, Genuine Cummins DPFs allow adequate exhaust flow, while will-fit DPFs still exceed the threshold for failure, requiring a time-consuming, costly field cleaning event.

The right amount of precious metal content and correct distribution throughout the filter are critical. The will-fit DPFs tested did not meet Cummins standards. This creates significant consequences downstream in the SCR portion of the aftertreatment system, including the potential to trigger fault code lamps and increased consumption of Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF.

If something happens, bring it to our DPF cleaning center that includes an industry leading aqueous cleaning option. We take great pride in helping you maintain your emissions systems.

Our dedicated experts understand that not all DPFs require the same treatment. Our DPF cleaning technology provides diversity, including three different types of equipment. We now offer an aqueous cleaning option that allows us to properly clean and dry a contaminated filter in under two-hours. With thousands of part numbers in stock, we invite you to take advantage of our Famous Same Day Shipping on a Cummins DPF filter and other affordable replacement parts for popular Cummins models.

From complete radiators to charge air coolers or DPFs, you can put your trust in our semi-truck parts experts that have been serving the industry since If you need assistance with products that fit your application or don't see exactly what you are looking for, give our professionals a call at View as Grid List. Forgot Password? Login or registration.

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Aftertreatment, Diesel Particulate Filter, Regeneration Analyzer Diagnostic Test

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