ntc 335 cummins
blacked out 2nd gen cummins

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Ntc 335 cummins nb humane society

Ntc 335 cummins

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AZ dieselman, I don't know how it is there but here we have some young folks who think a N is obsolete and antique. They never heard of anything older and are not going to be bothered looking it up.

Just the world we are living in I suppose. They don't have a twit on their smart phone so it must not exist. Posted Tuesday, November 05, PM. Yeah, I suppose they could be lazy. It only takes a few minutes to type in an ESN and read the dataplate or other info.

Quickserve is a great resource. They have removed some info for older platforms though, I have to request it when I need it. Posted Wednesday, November 06, AM.

If you aren't using the tach drive on the PT pump you can screw an old Cummins injector nozzle on there to keep the crud out. Posted Monday, November 11, PM. I have the same engine in an old fire truck. What is yours in, apowalski2? Posted Sunday, November 17, PM. Speaking of model numbers They may have been related to the origial installed engine.

Just a guess but works in this situation. I am still trying to find a full view pic of my truck, these are my data plates. Jul 4, 3. There were factory built s. OP what would you like to know about it? SmokinCAT , Jul 4, Jul 4, 4. Jul 4, 5. Jul 4, 6. Ok thank you I appreciate the info. Jul 4, 7. Jul 5, 8. Had a in my KW Cabover back in the 80's. Did a good job. And no it didn't have glow plug. Take care of it and it will do what you ask of it.

Jul 5, 9. Alright thank you guys for the help it's my fist truck so I'm sure there will b a lot more questions haha. Briggs , Jul 5, Jul 5, Cummins is a steady RPM engine. Not so much torque or horsepower. It's roots actually come from the bigger engines that drove ships at sea a long time ago. It likes to run all day at 65 or whatever provided you had the gearing and final drive ratio to keep it moving in the area you are in. I pretty much exhausted what I know about this engine, not the in particular, Ive run a number of engines below and above that rating over the years.

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1965 Kenworth twin stick 6x4 log truck walk around tour and drive NTC 335 Cummins

Aug 28, аи About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Oct 18, аи (USED REMAN) Cummins NTC Diesel Engine For Sale, NH/NT, Remanufactured by Cummins in , SMALL CAM, Serial# , Stock# , . Cummins NTC Diesel Engine, HP,SMALL CAM. $4, USD. (USED REMAN) Cummins NTC Diesel Engine For Sale, HP, NH/NT, Remanufactured by .