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Kaiser permanente tyson

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March 29, The medical school is the 6th most diverse in the nation and 2nd in California, according to U. News and World Report. Top tips for future doctors exploring a path in cardiology February 16, Tyson School of Medicine and cardiologist with Southern California Permanente Medical Group, shares insights on pursuing a career path in cardiology and offers advice to future physicians. Exceptional Care Experience.

All rights reserved. Search Submit. Opt in to receive our newsletter. Email: Honeypot. For this filing revenues are imputed based upon expenses associated with the operation of Falls Church ASC. The balance sheet, cash flow and networth schedules are based on the annual filing for Kaiser Permanente.

View Larger Map. The desired direction is toward a lower value. The desired direction is toward a higher value. Cases per full-time equivalent 15 Cases Per Full-Time Equivalent: The average number of cases performed per employee or agency personnel. Procedure per full-time equivalent 16 Procedures Per Full-Time Equivalent: The average number of procedures performed per employee or agency personnel.

Financial Viability. Cash debt coverage 20 Cash Debt Coverage: A measure of the facility's ability to generate cash to cover its long-term debt. Fixed asset financing ratio 21 Fixed Asset Financing Ratio: The percentage of asset value financed by long-term debt.

Community Support. The number of patient days has been adjusted to account for outpatient service revenue. Want all this information and more?

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