how to apply for baby and me program amerigroup
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How to apply for baby and me program amerigroup cummins road

How to apply for baby and me program amerigroup

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He had an inspiration - why not apply for some government money? People who apply for housing benefit must be means-tested. We could apply for a loan to buy a car. She's applied for a job with an insurance company. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Applying for a job. B2 [ I ] especially of rules or laws to have a connection or be important :.

That part of the form is for UK citizens - it doesn't apply to you. Those were old regulations - they don't apply any more.

Please strike out whichever option does not apply to you. The law will apply equally to men and women except in the case of maternity leave. The discount applies only to children under the age of ten.

The legislation must be applied irrespective of someone's ethnic origins. It is intended that these guidelines should be applied flexibly and pragmatically. Linking and relating. C1 [ T ] to make use of something or use it for a practical purpose :. He wants a job in which he can apply his foreign languages.

The court heard how the driver had failed to apply his brakes in time. If you apply pressure to a cut it's meant to stop the bleeding. If it continues to bleed , you may have to apply a tourniquet to the limb. If he still refuses we could always apply a little pressure , as it were.

It's important to apply research in a practical way and not leave it on the shelf. The taxi driver suddenly applied his brakes. Using and misusing. Apply the cream liberally to exposed areas every three hours and after swimming. The paint should be applied thinly and evenly. Covering and adding layers. If you apply yourself to something, you work hard at it, directing your abilities and efforts in a determined way so that you succeed :. You can solve any problem if you apply yourself.

If I had applied myself, I think I could have passed those exams. If your players aren't applying themselves, you're never going to win anything. People assumed he was simply not applying himself to his studies. I'm sure the business will thrive if we apply ourselves and work together. Effort and expending energy. She applied for admission to law school. The same rules apply to everybody. She applied the lotion gently to her sunburned arms.

As a translator , he was able to apply his knowledge of foreign languages. The driver failed to apply his brakes in time. This law is only applicable to nonprofit organizations. Please apply before April 4th. Whether you are a shoe store or an internet company , consumer protection laws apply.

Compare applicable. Examples of apply. We have applied a sophisticated, automated algorithm to identify the low-amplitude y0. From the Cambridge English Corpus. Results from a single human feeding study are available [1, 2] but unfortunately only high doses, resulting in high attack rates were applied. Logistic regression was then applied to obtain maximumlikelihood estimates of the effect of exposures on the outcome of interest whilst controlling for confounding.

To calculate mixed substance we applied the condition of mechanical component equilibrium. The procedure was applied to the 3 m focal length off-axis parabola. Image of the glass shell made by applying a pinhole chamber. A modest voltage applied to this electrode is then used to turn on the current during the flat por tion of the main accelerating pulse.

Sluicing also applies inter-sententially, as shown by ii. The precedent to be applied by the court no longer functions as an example. Depending on how the rule theorist thinks rules are applied, there is further trouble for him with the sort of working-out being suggested. If the legislation is ir rational, then it disrespects any citizen to whom it is applied. The argument in the text applies to it as well.

Individuals possessing personal pensions have to bear the investment risk, because the contracted-out condition cannot be applied to a money purchase scheme. Nevertheless, we use the model to illustrate its different aspects applied to the application domain. See all examples of apply. University Communications. Information For.

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