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Phaco system alcon

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After the cataract is removed, a folded intra-ocular lens IOL is inserted through the micro-incision using the advanced AutoSert System, then unfolded and locked into permanent position. The small incision is self-sealing and usually requires no stitches. This type of incision heals quickly and provides a much more comfortable recuperation. Please include non-medical questions and correspondence only.

The increased flexibility and multiple removal options provide surgeons with more control over the lens removal procedure.

Physicians can choose the method of cataract removal that will most benefit the patient. The new technology allows your doctor of optometry, in conjunction with Omni Eye Services, to provide the highest level of care available anywhere!

Contact Us. North Office. For example, the surgeon can adjust the speed at which the eye pressurizes to prevent sudden overpressurization and reverse pupillary block. As a result, chamber maintenance is so stable that cataract removal can be performed safely at near physiologic intraocular pressures of 25 to 40 mmHg. Our fluid use has been reduced to 35 to 50 ml per procedure. In my experience, surgery with the Centurion system is elegant, making it more comfortable for both surgeon and patient.

The other option is a venturi system, which creates a vacuum to move the fluid. Each system has benefits. Peristaltic technology gives you great holdability and intraoperative control, which is advantageous early in the procedure. A venturi system gives the surgeon great followability; broken-up particles of the nucleus come to you, which is a big advantage during the removal part of the surgery.

The surgeon can decide which system to use during the different parts of the surgery, using the foot pedal on the fly to engage either peristaltic or venturi aspiration. Raheja notes that having such advanced technology in the system can seem intimidating. Raheja says the Signature system senses that an occlusion at the tip has occurred and automatically implements changes to minimize any surge when the occlusion breaks.

Garg agrees that this makes a difference. The Stellaris is also available as the Stellaris PC, which is capable of performing vitrectomy surgery in addition to cataract surgery. The Stellaris Elite, featuring more than a dozen new innovations, will be introduced later this year. On the other hand, some surgeons also like to have the ability to modulate their parameters on the fly. Dual-linear control allows the surgeon to manage two parameters, such as aspiration and power, with the foot pedal.

Your foot can press down on the pedal as if it were an accelerator to control one variable, but you can also move it side to side to control a second variable.

Vacuum occurs instantaneously, allowing pieces of the nucleus to come to the tip so I can stay in the middle of the eye and do my usual stop-and-chop maneuver with ease, even when dealing with moderate-to-hard cataracts.

This has been a big help in many small-pupil, Flomax and pseudoexfoliation cases. Vacuum-based systems also maximize efficiency for femtosecond-laser-assisted cases.

We performed a study in which we used an endoscope to video the chamber stability during a standard case, and we saw almost no movement of the iris or shallowing of the chamber.

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Eye Vis Lond. Zacharias J. Laboratory assessment of thermal characteristics of three phacoemulsification tip designs operated using torsional ultrasound. Clin Ophthalmol. Vasavada AR, et al. Comparison of torsional and microburst longitudinal phacoemulsification: A prospective, randomized, masked clinical trial. Ophthalmic Surg Lasers Imaging. The low compliance rigid cassette on the Alcon Accurus CS Phacoemulsifier gives fast, precise and consistent vacuum responses throughout the procedure.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Category: Phacos. Description Reviews 0 Description The Alcon Accurus CS Phacoemulsifier console is suitable for both anterior-segment and posterior segment surgery using one cassette.