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Cognizant ransomware

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Unfortunately, the pressure tactics by the Maze creators do not end here. Recent research has indicated that TA, a group behind the Maze ransomware, has now published a dedicated website that lists all their non-cooperative victims and frequently publishes their stolen data samples as a form of punishment. Mitigating and eliminating the risks of ransomware is a multi-faceted process where various strategies are combined and customized based on each user case and the risk profile of an individual organization.

Here are the most popular strategies that can help stop a Maze attack right in its tracks. Application Whitelisting is a proactive threat mitigation technique that allows only pre-authorized programs or software to run while all the others are blocked by default. This technique helps immensely in identifying illegal attempts to execute malicious code and aids in preventing unauthorized installations.

Security flaws should be patched as soon as they are discovered to prevent manipulation and abuse by attackers. Here are the recommended timeframes for applying patches promptly based on the severity of the flaws:. Macros are used to automate routine tasks but can sometimes be an easy target for transporting malicious code into a system or computer once enabled.

The best approach is to keep them disabled if possible or have them assessed and reviewed before using them. Application Hardening is a method of shielding your applications and applying extra layers of security to protect them from theft. Java applications are very prone to security vulnerabilities and can be used by threat actors as entry points. It is imperative to safeguard your network by employing this methodology at the application level.

Administrative privileges should be handled with an abundance of caution as an admin account has access to everything. Always employ the Principle of Least Privilege POLP when setting up accesses and permissions as that can be an integral factor in mitigating the Maze ransomware or any cyberattack for that matter. As a rule of thumb, any applications, computers, and network devices with extreme risk vulnerabilities should be patched up within 48 hours.

It is also vital to ensure only the latest versions of operating systems are being used and avoid unsupported versions at any cost. Multi-Factor Authentication MFA adds an extra layer of security as multiple authorized devices are required to log in to remote access solutions like online banking or any other privileged actions that require the use of sensitive information. It is important to ensure that your browser is always updated, pop-up ads are blocked, and your browser settings prevent the installation of unknown extensions.

Verify if the websites you are visiting are legit by checking the address bar. Implement multi-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security and set expiration dates for passwords. Also, train yourself and staff to never open emails from unknown sources or at least not download anything like suspicious attachments.

Investing in an email protection solution ensures the safe transmission of your emails. Data backups are an integral part of a disaster recovery plan.

In the event of an attack, by restoring successful backups you can easily decrypt the original backed-up data that was encrypted by the hackers. It is a good idea to set up automated backups and create unique and complex passwords for your employees.

Customers were thrown in full paranoia mode after Cognizant sent an internal alert to all customers, urging clients to block traffic for a list of IP addresses. Customers were quick to link the IP addresses to web servers operated in the past by the Maze ransomware gang.

Cognizant, one of the largest providers of server hosting and IT services in the US, eventually publicly admitted that its network was infected with the Maze ransomware a day later on April Humphries said that Cognizant is now working to address the concerns of customers who opted to suspend Cognizant services in the wake of the ransomware attack, which also impacted Cognizant's current bottom line.

The number of SEC filings listing ransomware as a major forward-looking risk factor to companies' profits has skyrocketed in recent years from 3 filings in to 1, in , and already in Companies are seeing today ransomware attacks as a real risk for their bottom lines as ransomware incidents tend to cause reputational damage to stock prices and financial losses due to lost revenue as most victims take weeks and months to fully recover.

Home Innovation Security. Cognizant says April ransomware incident will negatively impact Q2 revenue. Written by Catalin Cimpanu, Contributor on May 8, See als 10 dangerous app vulnerabilities to watch out for free PDF. Cloud services: 24 lesser-known web services your business needs to try.

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