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Doug sharp nuance

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Date of Patent: November 29, Detecting potential significant errors in speech recognition results. Abstract: In some embodiments, recognition results produced by a speech processing system which may include two or more recognition results, including a top recognition result and one or more alternative recognition results based on an analysis of a speech input, are evaluated for indications of potential errors.

In some embodiments, the indications of potential errors may include discrepancies between recognition results that are meaningful for a domain, such as medically-meaningful discrepancies. The evaluation of the recognition results may be carried out using any suitable criteria, including one or more criteria that differ from criteria used by an ASR system in determining the top recognition result and the alternative recognition results from the speech input.

In some embodiments, a recognition result may additionally or alternatively be processed to determine whether the recognition result includes a word or phrase that is unlikely to appear in a domain to which speech input relates. Filed: October 23, Date of Patent: November 8, Inventors: William F.

Abstract: A method, computer program product, and computing system for obtaining encounter information of a patient encounter; processing the encounter information to generate an encounter transcript; and processing the encounter transcript to locate one or more procedural events within the encounter transcript. Filed: February 8, Inventors: Christina Drexel, Ljubomir Milanovic.

Omni-channel conversational application development system and method. Abstract: A method, computer program product, and computing system for enabling a user to select a plurality of functional modules from a library of functional modules; and enabling the user to arrange the plurality of functional modules to form an omnichannel conversational application that includes a first channel and at least a second channel.

Fisler, Matthias Haack, Christopher A. Starbird, Bryan A. Gourlay, Robert A. Abstract: A method, computer program product, and computing system for automating a monitoring process is executed on a computing device and includes obtaining encounter information of a patient encounter.

The encounter information is processed to determine if the encounter information is indicative of a potential medical situation. An inquiry is initiated concerning the potential medical situation. Filed: March 23, Date of Patent: October 25, Inventors: Donald E. Owen, Garret N. Characterizing, selecting and adapting audio and acoustic training data for automatic speech recognition systems. Abstract: A system for and method of characterizing a target application acoustic domain analyzes one or more speech data samples from the target application acoustic domain to determine one or more target acoustic characteristics, including a CODEC type and bit-rate associated with the speech data samples.

The determined target acoustic characteristics may also include other aspects of the target speech data samples such as sampling frequency, active bandwidth, noise level, reverberation level, clipping level, and speaking rate. The determined target acoustic characteristics are stored in a memory as a target acoustic data profile. Filed: March 27, Abstract: A modular ACD system is configured to automate clinical documentation and includes a machine vision system configured to obtain machine vision encounter information concerning a patient encounter.

An audio recording system is configured to obtain audio encounter information concerning the patient encounter. A compute system is configured to receive the machine vision encounter information and the audio encounter information. Filed: August 8, Abstract: An original text that is a representation of a narration of a patient encounter provided by a clinician may be received and re-formatted to produce a formatted text.

One or more clinical facts may be extracted from the formatted text. A first fact of the clinical facts may be extracted from a first portion of the formatted text, and the first portion of the formatted text may be a formatted version of a first portion of the original text. A linkage may be maintained between the first fact and the first portion of the original text.

Filed: January 19, Publication date: October 13, Applicant: Nuance Communications, Inc. Pro-active identity verification for authentication of transaction initiated via non-voice channel. Abstract: A method of using biometric verification comprises identifying a validation requirement during the execution of a non-voice channel interaction, and initiating a contact to the user, at a pre-registered device.

The method further comprises executing a biometric verification of the user's identity and possession of the device, via a user interaction at the pre-registered device, and providing the validation when the user is successfully identified. Filed: August 13, Date of Patent: October 4, Inventor: Robert Douglas Sharp.

Abstract: A method, computer program product, and computing system for compartmentalizing a virtual assistant is executed on a computing device and includes obtaining encounter information via a compartmentalized virtual assistant during a patient encounter, wherein the compartmentalized virtual assistant includes a core functionality module. One or more additional functionalities are added to the compartmentalized virtual assistant on an as-needed basis.

Date of Patent: August 2, Ambient cooperative intelligence system and method. Abstract: A method, computer program product, and computing system for generating a three-dimensional model of at least a portion of a three-dimensional space incorporating an ACI system via a video recording subsystem of an ACI calibration platform; and generating one or more audio calibration signals for receipt by an audio recording system included within the ACI system via an audio generation subsystem of the ACI calibration platform.

Filed: October 22, Date of Patent: July 26, Inventors: Dushyant Sharma, Patrick A. Virtual agent communication for electronic device. Abstract: Methods and apparatus for communicating between virtual agents associated with users of electronic devices connected via at least one network. A first user may instruct an associated first virtual agent to invoke a communication session with a second virtual agent associated with a second user.

To invoke the communication session, the first virtual agent may send an outgoing communication to the second virtual agent and the outgoing communication may instruct the second virtual agent to perform at least one action on behalf of the first user. Virtual agents associated with different users may alternatively communicate with each other in the absence of user interaction to perform a collaborative action.

Filed: April 14, Date of Patent: July 12, But while away from their desks, they still have to do everything through the help desk, the anchor of any enterprise shop. The goal is to help IT be more productive.

Instead of stopping to use the laptop or peck away on an iPhone, a technician can instead use their voice to do the work that needs to get done.

According to Opus Research , Nuance has invested heavily in voice-recognition technology, making customer service apps like ServicePlus more viable. My colleagues have their doubts, pointing to the issues with using simple voice-recognition to issue commands for driving places as an example:.

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Enter email address. Bay City Times file photo Bangor John Glenn graduate Doug Sharp waves to the crowd after speaking at his alma mater following his bronze-medal performance in the Winter Olympics. Life is a rush for Doug Sharp. And he lives All rights reserved About Us. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site.

Ad Choices. Skip to Main Content. Winter Olympic juices flow again for Doug Sharp, who helped pave the path for bobsledding's gold medal hopefuls Winter Olympic juices flow again for Doug Sharp, who helped pave the path for bobsledding's gold medal hopefuls As a member of the USA-2 foursome that delivered a milestone moment in the Winter Olympic Games, Bay City bobsledding hero Doug Sharp has lived what his counterparts are experiencing now.

Doug Sharp's Glimpses of Glory: Drastic measures taken in name of Olympic security with video While much talk surrounded the security of the Games, Sharp had his own experience with unrest in the Olympics, which came in the aftermath of the Sept. Doug Sharp's Glimpses of Glory: Bay City's Olympic bobsledder gives his wild take on a wild ride with video Bay City's Doug Sharp shares some insight on the sport of four-man bobsledding, leading up to this year's Olympic finals, set for Sunday, Feb.

Formula First Championship Rookie of the Year Sharp has raced in circuits throughout the country consistently since winning an Olympic bronze medal in

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WebNov 7,  · VIEW FULL PROFILE HERE. Doug Graham, the Chief Security Officer at Nuance Communications, views the CSO position as a “change agent, driving transformation across the organization.”. Before he joins any organization, he evaluates the company’s commitment to the security program, and the company’s ability to withstand . WebDr. Doug Sharp. Dr. Sharp is a graduate of Purdue University and Palmer College of Chiropractic. He's been helping people through chiropractic care for 20 years. He was inspired to pursue chiropractic as a profession when he was injured on the football field in high school. A doctor told his mother to pull him from the sport. WebJan 10,  · Nuance has reportedly acquired one of the leaders in the Web-based virtual assistant business, VirtuOZ. The 10+ year-old company (founded in France in ), .