nurse manager salary kaiser permanente
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Nurse manager salary kaiser permanente data warehousing jobs in cognizant

Nurse manager salary kaiser permanente

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Northern vs Southern California Kaiser Nursing Salary and COL Breakdown in 2021 - Which is better?

Nurse Manager, CVICU: Kaiser Permanente: Santa Clara, CA: $96K-$K: Nurse Manager, OR: Kaiser Permanente: San Francisco, CA: $94K-$K: Service Unit Non-Registered . The average salary for Staff Nurse at companies like Kaiser Permanente in the United States is $82, as of November 23, , but the range typically falls between $73, and $90, . While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $, and as low as $36,, the majority of Kaiser Permanente Nurse salaries currently range between $, (25th .