baxter library hours
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Baxter library hours amerigroup texas medicaid providers directory

Baxter library hours

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Patrick was a native of Charleston. She first attended a private school directed by her aunt, Miss Ameila Smalls. She later completed her junior high and senior high work at Simonton School and Avery Normal Institute.

In order to further advance her education, she attended summer sessions at several institutions, including South Carolina State College in Orangeburg, and Allen University in Columbia. She also attended extension courses in Charleston and Georgetown offered by those institutions.

Her first teaching experience was in McCormick County. In addition to her classroom and office responsibilities, Mrs. Patrick taught adult school at night and was active in the community. She retired in after having served the state in the teaching profession for 50 years. She remained active in church, educational, and civic work after her retirement. The Baxter-Patrick James Island Library is located near the southwest corner of James Island, on a site with a documented history stretching back more than years.

The library stands near the east side of the Stono River, which takes its name from the Stono Indians who occupied this area seasonally during the English settlement of the Carolina colony in the s. The Stono soon clashed with Europeans and their desire to control the landscape, however, so the tribe formally ceded their traditional territory in and moved southward.

From that moment commenced a long succession of planters who farmed several hundred acres of land here using the labor of enslaved people of African descent. The land surrounding the library site was once used to grow a variety of crops, including corn, sweet potatoes, indigo, rice, and Sea Island cotton. In addition, the enslaved people living here raised dairy cows, beef cattle, hogs, and sheep. Paul Chaplin Grimball acquired this site in and expanded it into a plantation containing over 1, acres farmed by more than one hundred enslaved laborers.

The Grimball plantation was abandoned during much of the Civil War, however, when Union soldiers arriving from the Stono River occupied this site on several occasions and skirmished nearby with Confederates forces. After the war, much of the old plantation was divided into rental farms leased to formerly enslaved people and their descendants.

Grimball heirs continued planting a variety of crops here, although on a much smaller scale. The arrival of the boll weevil ended the cultivation of Sea Island cotton in the s, but the construction of South Grimball Road and Folly Road in the s facilitated truck farming of vegetables to inland markets.

In the s, Grimball heirs subdivided and sold much of the old plantation, including lots surrounding an old African-American cemetery located near what was formerly the center of the old plantation. Charleston County purchased this site in and built Baxter-Patrick Elementary School, named for two retired school principals, Mrs. Nan C. Baxter died and Mrs. Patrick died , who are remembered as the first black school teachers on James Island during the era of segregated education. That building was demolished in , and in June , Charleston County selected the site of the former school as the home for a state-of-the art public library for the people of James Island.

Construction commenced in early , and the Baxter-Patrick James Island Library, containing 20, square feet of community resources, opened to the public on November 2nd, Learn more about the history of the land in Episode of the Charleston Time Machine podcast. Temporary Cooper River Memorial Library.

Call for availability! Bee and Butterfly Discovery Garden. BML staff applied and received a generous grant from the Maine Public Library Fund this spring, and soon plans began to take shape. The Department of Public Works initially cleared the space and brought in fill. With the help of several large compost, mulch, and plant deliveries, as well as the generous donations of both plants and labor from several members of our community, the Garden currently comprises over 40 types of plants.

It includes commonly known butterfly bushes, coneflowers, and bee balm, as well as perhaps lesser-known plants such as hyssop, wild burgenot, and joe pye weed. The space provides a variety of sensory offerings, featuring plants of different heights, colors, scents, textures, and even sounds.

It also contains a bird bath, a handful of low-bush blueberry bushes, as well as both woodchip and stepping-stone paths, which visitors are encouraged to enjoy at their leisure.

The Garden is marked by a sign, designating the space and providing some introductory information about the importance of pollinators in our community. BML hopes to add seating stumps for children to use during programs, perhaps some local art, and a bench for rest and relaxation. For more information or to inquire about volunteer opportunities, please call BML at They do ask that members of the community communicate with them before leaving any garden contributions.

January Author Events We have two local authors to highlight in January! Looking for a Book Group? Two ways to read online with your library card!

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Hours & Address Address: Library Hill Mountain Home, AR Directions: Google Maps Main Phone: Contact Us Open Hours: Monday – Friday- ampm . Baxter Branch Library. Elmore Town Road Baxter, TN Phone: () Edgar Allan Poe/Sullivan's Island Library. 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Edisto Library. 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Mt. Pleasant Library. 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. Mobile Library. 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. McClellanville Library.