cummins swap tacoma
blacked out 2nd gen cummins

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Cummins swap tacoma

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter RayRay27 Start date Nov 1, Indy , Feb 22, Your gonna need a 4bt Cummins engine. That's probably a good place to start. Oh and maybe some diesel fuel. I think this is a must. Preferably one that's not your parents. My bad you already got this. I'm thinking your just hoping you will be able to dump that 4bt into your 2. Last edited: Feb 22, It stil had the frame attached from what I remember.

Would be much too difficult to adapt it to the existing RF. I am doing this swap. BartMaster is correct. I purchased my 4bt as an entire frame off front clip. Cooling package, engine, transmission were all there. You can actually adapt the rf to the 4bt with a conversion kit for an AX15 jeep trans. But you would need to swap input shafts and a few other components.

As far as what all you need is a very very bland question. Need to know what you plan on doing with the truck before that question can be answered or even partly answered for that matter. Any questions about it tho hit me up. Mine is almost ready to test fire in my truck soon as I get the turbos finished. Preciate it! The 4bt would destroy the rf.

And ya madmax did get the hole clip engine and tranny. With some aftermarket injectors and a custom tune a vw TDI can make those numbers fairly easily and weigh less then half of a 4bt. I'm swapping in a vw 1. I'm not expecting it to be the fastest truck in the world but the torque curve will be sweet, should get mid 30's mpg and serve its purpose well.

I'll be running 35's with 5. MrBiggles , Feb 23, The gold standard likes this. I'll start by saying I know almost nothing about a diesel swap, other than it seems kinda cool, and if I do one it won't be for a long time.

Those VW s look pretty close to stock 3. The big appeal for me is the added mpg, not that it'd be a huge savings at the pump but for the increased flexibility that comes with the added range capabilities Any good sources or threads you guys know of that are informative yet inclusive to teach a noob to diesel to start the long learning process?

I'm gonna be building mine pretty soon. Ill make a log of it. I had the motor left over from my Suzuki samurai and found a sick taco without a drivetrain so it made sense for me. I rebuilt the motor last year and it's got a ton of performance parts and would have been too much of a loss to sell it. I've got most of the parts on order. Should start building withing the next couple of weeks once everything arrives.

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RecklessTLS , Nov 23, This is a bad idea and you should feel bad. EDDO and 95 taco like this. Try this, apparently it comes with everything needed. At that point why even bother having the Tacoma, just drive the diesel Ram and call it a day. TegoTaco , Nov 23, Short answer is blunt; don't take it personally - if you have to ask, then no.

The 5. You'll need to raise the cab mounts a ton for the hood to clear the engine. Without measuring, I wouldn't think it would fit without cutting the firewall which I'd avoid at all costs if doing a swap. That being said, I'd bet a 4bta would fit. Combined with a 5pd manual, it would run forever in such a light truck. I used to play with these oil burners in my younger days. They'll make stupid amounts of torque and are certainly fun to drive but don't do a swap for anything other than a hobby and fun as it doesn't make financial sense.

Fclarke , Nov 23, It makes zero sense to me. A big expensive project and you get a Dodge truck with a Tacoma body. Why would you do that? What would you do with a Dodge truck with a Tacoma body? When you go to sell it who the hell would want to buy it?

If you want a Cummings diesel then buy a truck that has a diesel. Sprig , Nov 23, Muddinfun and TegoTaco like this. When you go to sell it what would you call it? I'm not looking to do anything for resale. Plus you cant beat the power, mileage, longevity of a diesel.

I may just go with the 4bt. Just looking for ideas and feed back for now. Gator81 , Nov 26, Show Ignored Content. Tacomas Genuine Toyota Socket Plug.

Lubegard Dr. Had a discussion where some said the a was capable of mounting up to it, while back Joined: May 12, Member: Messages: 6, Gender: Male alberta canada Vehicle: black on black on black 05 trd off road stickers and sticker accessory's. Buddy a 4bt isn't a "go fast motor" skip the diesel junk and do a ls swap.

Reh , Lord Humongous , ryans4x4 and 1 other person like this. Is a front leaf front end or a front spring front end more popular?

Please see build section. SRA likes this. Warn winch with 80ft custom braided synth line. Custom 60ft synth extension. All pro tube bumper, Hi-lift jack, Safari Snorkel, Wilco tiregate. Well, this seems like a very thought out build. Matic , Aug 30, Reh , Kwikvette , ryans4x4 and 11 others like this. Are you just trolling?

I get the feeling this 4BT will see a scrapyard before it sees your engine bay. Jakester , Aug 30, I'm picking up what you putting down, but trying to make a motor that's built for low end power go fast isn't really gonna work. Not trying to crush your dreams of a 10 second pickup truck but there's really much better options than a 4bt for what your trying to accomplish.

JKO , Aug 30, Sperrunner , ryans4x4 , Blue92 and 4 others like this. The motor alone weighs lbs Good luck. I would like to have the time back that I wasted reading this troll thread. Joined: Mar 2, Member: Messages: 16, Minimag95 likes this. Thats why swap like this requires you to have some experience in using thought process.

If your exhaust isn't a metal trash can welded into the bed with a Cummins sticker on it, we will all be very very disappointed. Cucvfan , Blue92 , 0uTkAsT and 1 other person like this.

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Nov 21,  · Cheap Tacoma Mods; Largest tire sizes on stock suspension; Prevent Tailgate Theft Mod; Improve Gas Mileage; Oil Filter Location; DIY Oil Change; Oil Filter . Feb 24,  · Mike. Tacoma. fj40 front axle with Detroit locker Trail gear 5" springs Rear 4 link with fox air shocks and E locker Vw turbo diesel engine swap with a holset hew . This is the beginning of the swap, we wanted to insure that all the dirty undercoating is gone. to insure for a clean swap, this must be done. Visit our f.