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Blue cross of northeastern pennsylvania highmark blue shield cvs health irving tx address

Blue cross of northeastern pennsylvania highmark blue shield

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Despite her friendship with Owen, Blue does not take kindly to his or Maisie Lockwood 's interactions with her daughter, possibly out of protectiveness. However, she still responds to Owen's attempts to calm her down with his old commands for her. After Beta's abduction, Blue is left so furious that Owen recognizes that she can and possibly will kill him and Claire Dearing.

Blue doesn't respond well to Owen's attempts to calm her down at first, even slapping his outstretched hand down, but she retreats without doing anything more than the slap while Owen promises to get Beta back for her.

Owen later states several times that he is trying to save Beta because he promised his old friend that he would, even though several people are incredulous at the idea. When Owen returns Beta, Blue at first runs off with her daughter without acknowledging Owen at all.

However, she returns a moment later and exchanges a look with Owen to thank him for saving Beta and say goodbye. Barry is one of her trainers. Like with Owen, she has respect for Barry, as he is seen comforting Blue. However, after I. However, after Barry shouted her name from inside the hollow log he was hiding in, she ceased her attack and peeked inside the log after recognizing his voice. Although they are not seen interacting much in the film, it is assumed that Blue and Echo cooperated with each other.

In their youth, however, Blue and Echo fought for dominance over the pack. Blue was victorious, and Echo earned a scar across her face and an offset jaw. Nonetheless, Echo respected Blue and tried to avenge her after the Indominus rex seemingly killed her.

Unfortunately, she was killed in the fight. Blue then avenged Echo's death by joining in the battle with Rexy and forced the I. It can be assumed that Delta was Blue's second-in-command, as she and Delta can be seen communicating and working together many times throughout the film, such as when Leon fell into the Raptor paddock and Blue and Delta were the first to corner him.

When the I. Blue then avenged Delta's death by joining in the battle with Rexy, forcing the I. Because Blue is the oldest, while Charlie was the youngest in the pack, the latter looked to Blue for guidance and commands during hunts. Charlie had high respect for her sister that she gave up her meals to feed Blue.

When Charlie was killed by an InGen soldier, Blue viciously attacked all humans she could find in retaliation. It can be assumed that Rexy the Tyrannosaurus and Blue had never met prior to the film, however, the two united against their common foe, the Indominus rex during the final battle on Isla Nublar.

Blue saved the Rexy's life and fought by her side during the battle. During that moment, she briefly allowed Blue to ride on her back. After they killed the I. However, after being crushed under the car, Darius feels bad and convinces Yasmina and Kenji to save her. After freeing her, Blue immediately readies herself to attack, but Darius takes a stance similar to Owen Grady, which causes Blue to recognize his actions to be the same as her former trainer's.

She briefly views Darius in a similar light and calms down, until Kenji alerts her with his quarters' presence. Blue snaps back to her aggressive state, causing the group to run, though Blue does not chase after them this time. Later on, the six campers encounter Blue while running away from the Scorpios rex. Blue chases them into the old Visitor Center. When Darius sneaks away to steal back his dart gun in order to shoot the Scorpios Rex, Blue stops him from taking it back, clearly wary.

Darius then stands back, showing that Blue can trust him. Now, realizing she can trust Darius, Blue protects the campers by attacking the two Scorpios rexes.

She shares one last look with Darius, before escaping the crumbling Visitor Center and, after observing the destruction, running off into the wild. After Blue was released into the wild, she asexually-reproduced and raised her only offspring, Beta, living in the abandoned bus and training her to become a dominate predator; i.

Although Blue loves her daughter, she is also very protective of Beta. When Beta met Maisie Lockwood, Blue became very hostile towards her and even Owen, despite her history with him. At one point, when Beta was kidnapped, she almost attacked Owen, seemingly blaming him.

Along with the other Raptors, Blue started training when she was very young, and her submission was unprecedented. She was created with the DNA of the Black-throated monitor lizard, which allowed her scales to reflect an iridescent blue color, giving her the distinctive pattern that she was named after. Darius shared one last look with her before being led back to camp. Just before the incident occurred, Blue, Echo, Delta , and Charlie attempted to strike Leon , a newly hired Jurassic World employee who had fallen into her pack's paddock , while trying to capture a pig that had escaped its holding pen.

However, they were thwarted by their trainer in time to save Leon's life. Blue and her pack later assisted their trainer during the rampage of the genetic hybrid Indominus rex when Vic Hoskins , Jurassic World's head of security, forced Owen to use them to hunt it.

Unfortunately, during the hunt, she and her pack mates began to communicate with the hybrid due to its raptor DNA. After the Indominus took Owen's place as the alpha, Blue and her pack mates turned against the humans. Her pack attacked many of the humans that had followed them, including Barry , who took refuge in a hollow log just before Blue lunged at him and began to viciously attack him through it.

Conflicted about whether he should shoot her or not, Barry yelled her name, causing her to stop and look inside. At this point, Owen intervened and whistled to get Blue's attention, stopping her from possibly resuming her attack on Barry. She ended up chasing after Owen, who drove off on his motorcycle, to try and attack him. Shortly after being cornered, Owen regained Blue's, and the other raptors', respect and his role as pack leader. The Indominus rex arrived, and ordered the raptors to attack the humans.

Blue, however, retaliated and rebelled against the Indominus , and the hybrid responded by swatting Blue into a wall of the Starbucks coffee shop, seemingly killing her. Delta and Echo then attacked the Indominus out of vengeance.

Unfortunately, they were soon overpowered by the hybrid and killed. Shortly after their deaths, Rexy; Jurassic World's resident Tyrannosaur joined the fight. Later, Blue regained consciousness and rejoined the fight, lunging at the hybrid and allowing Rexy to get back on her feet after she was pushed to the ground by the Indominus rex when it was preparing the killing blow for her. Blue continued to assist Rexy in her fight against the hybrid.

At one point, Blue rode on Rexy's back while she smashed the I. Eventually, the Mosasaurus dragged the Indominus into the bottom of the lagoon when the hybrid was tossed to the edge of it.

After the fight, Rexy decides to spare Blue, as gratitude for saving her life, despite her unpleasant encounter with raptors in the past. Blue then turned towards Owen, chirping at him momentarily before disappearing into the night, calling out for her pack mates. She was going to be the first victim of big game hunters Tiff and Mitch , until the campers alerted Blue and the other dinosaurs of their presence, causing a stampede of dinosaurs with Blue among them.

After the campers escaped the Tarbosaurus territory and Chaos and Limbo, Darius notices he found a camera in the nest of the Tarbosaurus , in which he found old footage of the raptors prior to the Jurassic World Incident. They find out that a man, named Hal Brimford had been stealing stockpiles of food.

The footage reveals that Brimford tried to give a letter to Owen Grady, which the cameraman joked around and threw it in the raptor pen. The campers head over to Blue's enclosure and the viewer can decide whether or not to bring Bumpy with. When the campers go in her enclosure they successfully find the note on the spot where it had been thrown.

Unfortunately for the campers, Blue was in her enclosure at the same time and attacks the campers. If Bumpy is there, she will distract and fight the raptor with Ben on her back and will allow the campers to escape.

If she is not, then Darius uses the camera and plays the sounds of Charlie, Echo and Delta to distract her. Blue, enraged with grief, destroys the camera. When she turns her attention back to the campers, they already had left.

The trio was initially able to successfully hide from Blue as they attempted to retrieve their compass, and Blue retreated into the shadows.

Recognizing Blue as one of the raptors they saw on their first night at camp, Darius and Kenji deduced that Blue must have been nesting there now. However, the moment they tried to leave, Blue came out from the shadows to confront them. She gave chase to them until they hid in a rundown car from her. They assumed her to have left and correctly deduced her pack was gone judging by her current status, only for her to attack the moment they felt safe. Escaping in the car, the campers were chased by Blue until the car flipped over on her, trapping her in between.

The Compies from earlier then appeared to eat the trapped Velociraptor. Taking pity on Blue and empathizing with her for being just as alone as they were on the island, Darius and the others chased the Compies off and lifted the car off of her. When Darius sneaks away to steal back his dart gun, Blue stops him from taking it back, clearly wary, only for Darius to once again stand back, showing that Blue can trust him.

Now recognizing Darius as someone to be trusted, Blue protects them by attacking both the Scorpios rexes. The fight ends when the kids collapse the roof on the dinosaurs, killing both of the Scorpios rexes while Blue flees with the kids. She shares one last look with Darius before escaping the crumbling Visitors Center and, after observing the destruction, running off into the wild. The mercenaries find no sign of Blue, but Kenji points out that this is her territory and she knows where to hide.

Hawkes makes noise in a successful effort to draw Blue out, but she quickly flees chased by the mercenaries when they begin firing tranquilizer darts at Blue. Blue leads the group right into a Dilophosaurus nest and watches from a distance as they fight off the other dinosaurs before she departs. As a result of Blue's trick, the group loses track of her. It is revealed that Blue is still alive, but she and many other creatures will now face an impending danger, in the form of an erupting volcano.

She is also revealed to be the last of her species by Eli Mills. Claire explains that Blue can pick up the scent of a human a mile away making her difficult to catch. At the beginning of the movie, it shows Owen Grady watching a training video of him, and her pack as infants on a computer. The hue of that portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo, evoked in the human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately to nanometers; any of a group of colors that may vary in lightness and saturation, whose hue is that of a clear daytime sky; one of the additive or light primaries; one of the psychological primary hues.

A pigment or dye imparting this hue. Dress or clothing of this hue: The ushers wore blue. A member of the Union Army in the Civil War. Of the color blue. Bluish or having parts that are blue or bluish, as the blue spruce and the blue whale.

Being a trail, as for skiing, marked with a sign having a blue square, indicating an intermediate level of difficulty. Gloomy; depressed. See Synonyms at depressed. From an unexpected or unforeseen source: criticism that came out of the blue. At a completely unexpected time: a long-unseen friend who appeared out of the blue. All rights reserved. Colours any of a group of colours, such as that of a clear unclouded sky, that have wavelengths in the range — nanometres.

Blue is the complementary colour of yellow and with red and green forms a set of primary colours. Textiles blue cloth or clothing: dressed in blue. Education a. Animals any of numerous small blue-winged butterflies of the genera Lampides, Polyommatus , etc: family Lycaenidae. Archery archery a blue ring on a target, between the red and the black, scoring five points.

Law slang Also: bluey Austral and NZ a court summons, esp for a traffic offence. Colours of the colour blue. Animals bluish in colour or having parts or marks that are bluish: a blue fox ; a blue whale.

See blue blood. US relating to, supporting, or representing the Democratic Party. Compare red 1 Compare gray 1 def. Tory def. Copyright , , by Random House, Inc. Similes Dictionary, 1st Edition. Switch to new thesaurus.

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A breakthrough occurred in when German druggist and pigment maker Johann Jacob Diesbach discovered Prussian blue. The new blue arose from experiments involving heating dried blood with iron sulphides and was initially called Berliner Blau.

By it was being used by the French painter Antoine Watteau , and later his successor Nicolas Lancret. It became immensely popular for the manufacture of wallpaper, and in the 19th century was widely used by French impressionist painters. It was called bero-ai , or Berlin blue, and it became popular because it did not fade like traditional Japanese blue pigment, ai-gami , made from the dayflower. Prussian blue was used by both Hokusai , in his wave paintings, and Hiroshige. The prize was won in by a chemist named Jean Baptiste Guimet, but he refused to reveal the formula of his colour.

This was the beginning of new industry to manufacture artificial ultramarine, which eventually almost completely replaced the natural product. In German chemists synthesized indigo. This product rapidly replaced natural indigo, wiping out vast farms growing indigo. It is now the blue of blue jeans. As the pace of organic chemistry accelerated, a succession of synthetic blue dyes were discovered including Indanthrone blue , which had even greater resistance to fading during washing or in the sun, and copper phthalocyanine.

The Blue Boy , featuring lapis lazuli, indigo, and cobalt colourants, [19]. The Great Wave off Kanagawa illustrates the use of Prussian blue. Blue dyes are organic compounds, both synthetic and natural. Produced on an industrial scale, indigo is the blue of blue jeans.

For food, the triarylmethane dye Brilliant blue FCF is used for candies. The search continues for stable, natural blue dyes suitable for the food industry.

Blue pigments were once produced from minerals, especially lapis lazuli and its close relative ultramarine. These minerals were crushed, ground into powder, and then mixed with a quick-drying binding agent, such as egg yolk tempera painting ; or with a slow-drying oil, such as linseed oil , for oil painting.

The chromophore in blue glass and glazes is cobalt II. Diverse cobalt II salts such as cobalt carbonate or cobalt II aluminate are mixed with the silica prior to firing. The cobalt occupies sites otherwise filled with silicon.

Methyl blue is the dominant blue pigment in inks used in pens. Certain metal ions characteristically form blue solutions or blue salts. Of some practical importance, cobalt is used to make the deep blue glazes and glasses. It substitutes for silicon or aluminum ions in these materials.

Cobalt is the blue chromophore in stained glass windows , such as those in Gothic cathedrals and in Chinese porcelain beginning in the T'ang Dynasty. Similarly, vanadyl salts and solutions are often blue, e. When sunlight passes through the atmosphere, the blue wavelengths are scattered more widely by the oxygen and nitrogen molecules, and more blue comes to our eyes. This effect is called Rayleigh scattering , after Lord Rayleigh and confirmed by Albert Einstein in The sea is seen as blue for largely the same reason: the water absorbs the longer wavelengths of red and reflects and scatters the blue, which comes to the eye of the viewer.

The deeper the observer goes, the darker the blue becomes. In the open sea, only about one per cent of light penetrates to a depth of metres. See underwater and euphotic depth. The colour of the sea is also affected by the colour of the sky, reflected by particles in the water; and by algae and plant life in the water, which can make it look green; or by sediment, which can make it look brown. The farther away an object is, the more blue it often appears to the eye.

For example, mountains in the distance often appear blue. This is the effect of atmospheric perspective ; the farther an object is away from the viewer, the less contrast there is between the object and its background colour, which is usually blue.

In a painting where different parts of the composition are blue, green and red, the blue will appear to be more distant, and the red closer to the viewer. The cooler a colour is, the more distant it seems. Earth's blue halo when seen from space. Another example of Rayleigh scattering.

Some of the most desirable gems are blue, including sapphire and tanzanite. Compounds of copper II are characteristically blue and so are many copper-containing minerals. Azurite Cu 3 CO 3 2 OH 2 , with a deep blue colour, was once employed in medieval years, but it is unstable pigment, losing its colour especially under dry conditions. Lapis lazuli , mined in Afghanistan for more than three thousand years, was used for jewelry and ornaments, and later was crushed and powdered and used as a pigment.

The more it was ground, the lighter the blue colour became. Natural ultramarine , made was the finest available blue pigment in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It was extremely expensive, and in Italian Renaissance art, it was often reserved for the robes of the Virgin Mary. Morning glory Ipomoea acuminata. Vaccinium corymbosum. Lactarius indigo [26]. Intense efforts have focused on blue flowers and the possibility that natural blue colourants could be used as food dyes.

The most brilliant blue colouration known in any living tissue is found in the marble berries of Pollia condensata , where a spiral structure of cellulose fibrils scattering blue light. The fruit of quandong Santalum acuminatum can appear blue owing to the same effect.

Morpho butterfly. Indigo buntings have iridescent feathers. The mandarin fish is one of few animal species with blue pigment. Male moor frogs become blue during the height of mating season.

Blue-pigmented animals are relatively rare. Examples include the plumage of several birds like the blue jay and indigo bunting , [32] the scales of butterflies like the morpho butterfly , [33] collagen fibres in the skin of some species of monkey and opossum , [34] and the iridophore cells in some fish and frogs.

Blue eyes do not actually contain any blue pigment. Eye colour is determined by two factors: the pigmentation of the eye's iris [37] [38] and the scattering of light by the turbid medium in the stroma of the iris. The appearance of blue, green, and hazel eyes results from the Tyndall scattering of light in the stroma, an optical effect similar to what accounts for the blueness of the sky.

Eye colour also varies depending on the lighting conditions, especially for lighter-coloured eyes. In the United States, as of , one out of every six people, or Blue eyes are becoming less common among American children [ citation needed ]. In the US, boys are 3—5 per cent more likely to have blue eyes than girls. Egyptian blue tripodic beaker imitating lapis lazuli.

South Mesopotamia. Fresco of Polyphemus and Galatea, Pompei, using Egyptian blue 1st c. BC Metropolitan Museum. As early as the 7th millennium BC , lapis lazuli was mined in the Sar-i Sang mines, [45] in Shortugai , and in other mines in Badakhshan province in northeast Afghanistan.

Lapis lazuli artifacts, dated to BC, have been found at Bhirrana , which is the oldest site of Indus Valley civilisation. A term for Blue was relatively rare in many forms of ancient art and decoration, and even in ancient literature. The Ancient Greek poets described the sea as green, brown or "the colour of wine". The colour was not mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. Blue was also not used for dyeing fabric until long after red, ochre, pink, and purple.

This is probably due to the perennial difficulty of making blue dyes and pigments. On the other hand, the rarity of blue pigment made it even more valuable. The earliest known blue dyes were made from plants — woad in Europe, indigo in Asia and Africa, while blue pigments were made from minerals, usually either lapis lazuli or azurite , and required more.

In ca. Blue was not one of the four primary colours for Greek painting described by Pliny the Elder red, yellow, black, and white. For the Romans, blue was the colour of mourning, as well as the colour of barbarians. The Celts and Germans reportedly dyed their faces blue to frighten their enemies, and tinted their hair blue when they grew old. The Romans had many words for varieties of blue, including caeruleus , caesius , glaucus , cyaneus , lividus , venetus , aerius , and ferreus , but two words, both of foreign origin, became the most enduring; blavus , from the Germanic word blau , which eventually became bleu or blue; and azureus , from the Arabic word lazaward , which became azure.

Blue was widely used in the decoration of churches in the Byzantine Empire. At certain times in Moorish Spain and other parts of the Islamic world, blue was the colour worn by Christians and Jews, because only Muslims were allowed to wear white and green.

Stained glass window at Saint Denis Basilica , coloured with cobalt blue. The Wilton Diptych — The Virgin Mary was traditionally shown in blue 14th c. In the art and life of Europe during the early Middle Ages , blue played a minor role. Suger considered that light was the visible manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

The church became the marvel of the Christian world , and the colour became known as the "bleu de Saint-Denis".

In the years that followed even more elegant blue stained glass windows were installed in other churches, including at Chartres Cathedral and Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. In the 12th century the Roman Catholic Church dictated that painters in Italy and the rest of Europe consequently to paint the Virgin Mary with blue, which became associated with holiness, humility and virtue.

In medieval paintings, blue was used to attract the attention of the viewer to the Virgin Mary. Paintings of the mythical King Arthur began to show him dressed in blue.

The coat of arms of the kings of France became an azure or light blue shield, sprinkled with golden fleur-de-lis or lilies. Blue had come from obscurity to become the royal colour. Blue came into wider use beginning in the Renaissance, when artists began to paint the world with perspective, depth, shadows, and light from a single source. In Renaissance paintings, artists tried to create harmonies between blue and red, lightening the blue with lead white paint and adding shadows and highlights.

Raphael was a master of this technique, carefully balancing the reds and the blues so no one colour dominated the picture. Ultramarine was the most prestigious blue of the Renaissance, being more expensive than gold. Wealthy art patrons commissioned works with the most expensive blues possible. In Richard Sackville commissioned a portrait of himself by Isaac Oliver with three different blues, including ultramarine pigment for his stockings.

Portrait of Richard Sackville , using three expensive blues, including ultramarine for his stockings. Ming Dynasty, Porcelain vase painted with cobalt blue under transparent glaze. Metropolitan Museum. Delftware plaque with cobalt blue painting Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Urn by Josiah Wedgewood s Metropolitan Museum. An industry for the manufacture of fine blue and white pottery began in the 14th century in Jingdezhen , China, using white Chinese porcelain decorated with patterns of cobalt blue , imported from Persia. It was first made for the family of the Emperor of China, then was exported around the world, with designs for export adapted to European subjects and tastes.

The Chinese blue style was also adapted by Dutch craftsmen in [Delft and English craftsmen in Staffordshire in the 17thth centuries. Beau Brummel introduced the ancestor of the modern blue suit. Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil in light blue gown The early 19th century saw the ancestor of the modern blue business suit, created by Beau Brummel , who set fashion at the London Court.

It also saw the invention of blue jeans , a highly popular form of workers's costume, invented in by Jacob W. Davis who used metal rivets to strengthen blue denim work clothing in the California gold fields. The invention was funded by San Francisco entrepreneur Levi Strauss , and spread around the world.

Blue used to create a mood or atmosphere. A cobalt blue sky, and cobalt or ultramarine water. Blue conveys melancholy in Picasso 's The Old Guitarist Recognizing the emotional power of blue, many artists made it the central element of paintings in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Painter Mark Rothko observed that colour was "only an instrument;" his interest was "in expressing human emotions tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on. Officers of the London Metropolitan Police. In the 17th century. The Prince-Elector of Brandenburg, Frederick William I of Prussia , chose Prussian blue as the new colour of Prussian military uniforms, because it was made with Woad , a local crop, rather than Indigo , which was produced by the colonies of Brandenburg's rival, England.

It was worn by the German army until World War I, with the exception of the soldiers of Bavaria, who wore sky-blue. In , the Royal Navy adopted a dark shade of blue for the uniform of officers. Blue continued to be the colour of the field uniform of the US Army until , and is still the colour of the dress uniform.

In the 19th century, police in the United Kingdom, including the Metropolitan Police and the City of London Police also adopted a navy blue uniform. Similar traditions were embraced in France and Austria. In Hinduism , Krishna is depicted with blue skin. Blue domes of the Church dedicated to St.

Spirou in Firostefani, Santorini island Thira , Greece. Persian blue in Shah mosque 16th c. The flag of Israel uses a special variety of blue, called tekhelet.

The Italian national football team. In sports, blue is widely represented in uniforms in part because the majority of national teams wear the colours of their national flag. Similarly, Argentina , Italy , and Uruguay wear blue shirts. Blue is well represented in baseball Blue Jays , basketball , and American football , and Ice hockey. The Indian national cricket team wears blue uniform during One day international matches, as such the team is also referred to as "Men in Blue".

Flag of the United Nations , approximates "sky blue". Flag of the European Union is "reflex blue", a medium dark blue. A presidential-election map of the US, — States that consistently vote for Democrats are termed "blue states".

Unlike red or green, blue was not strongly associated with any particular country, religion or political movement. In politics, blue is sometimes used as the colour of conservative parties, contrasting with the red of more leftist parties. However, in the United States, the colours are reversed. To avoid associations of the Democrats with socialism or the far left, States which voted Democratic in four consecutive presidential elections are termed "blue states", while those which voted for Republicans are termed "red states".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Primary colour between purple and red in the spectrum. This article is about the colour. For other uses, see Blue disambiguation. Primary colour between purple and green in the spectrum.

Main article: Shades of blue. Further information: Structural colouration. Main article: Colourants. Egyptian blue. Copper phthalocyanine. YInMn blue. See also: Blue pigments. Anhydrous cobalt II chloride. Vanadyl sulfate. Further information: Rayleigh scattering and Why is the sky blue?

Logan sapphire. Blue facial ridges of mandrill. Blue poison dart frog. See also: Blue in culture. Sailors of the Royal Navy.

Archived from the original on 23 December ISBN A New Dictionary of Heraldry. Archived from the original on 25 October Retrieved 27 April Center for Science Education. Retrieved 25 June Hardy and Fred H. The Principles of Optics. McGraw-Hill Book Co. Archived from the original on 16 September Retrieved 20 September Archived from the original on 15 September Natural Photonics originally in Physics Review Magazine.

Bluish or having parts that are blue or bluish, as the blue spruce and the blue whale. Being a trail, as for skiing, marked with a sign having a blue square, indicating an intermediate level of difficulty. Gloomy; depressed. See Synonyms at depressed. From an unexpected or unforeseen source: criticism that came out of the blue. At a completely unexpected time: a long-unseen friend who appeared out of the blue.

All rights reserved. Colours any of a group of colours, such as that of a clear unclouded sky, that have wavelengths in the range — nanometres. Blue is the complementary colour of yellow and with red and green forms a set of primary colours.

Textiles blue cloth or clothing: dressed in blue. Education a. Animals any of numerous small blue-winged butterflies of the genera Lampides, Polyommatus , etc: family Lycaenidae. Archery archery a blue ring on a target, between the red and the black, scoring five points.

Law slang Also: bluey Austral and NZ a court summons, esp for a traffic offence. Colours of the colour blue. Animals bluish in colour or having parts or marks that are bluish: a blue fox ; a blue whale. See blue blood. US relating to, supporting, or representing the Democratic Party. Compare red 1 Compare gray 1 def. Tory def. Copyright , , by Random House, Inc. Similes Dictionary, 1st Edition.

Switch to new thesaurus. Union Army - the northern army during the American Civil War. Based on WordNet 3. In low spirits: dejected , depressed , desolate , dispirited , down , downcast , downhearted , dull , dysphoric , gloomy , heavy-hearted , low , melancholic , melancholy , sad , spiritless , tristful , unhappy , wistful.

Dark and depressing: black , bleak , cheerless , dark , desolate , dismal , dreary , gloomy , glum , joyless , somber , tenebrific. Tending to cause sadness or low spirits: cheerless , depressing , dismal , dispiriting , gloomy , joyless , melancholy , sad.

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WebBlue is one of the colors of the rainbow that people can see. It is one of the seven colors of the rainbow along with red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and violet. Apart from indigo and violet, it has the shortest wavelength of these colors (about nanometers). Blue is the color of the Earth 's sky and sea. WebBlue is the most commonly used color in corporate identity. A dark blue suit is professional business attire. Blue jeans are worn all over the world. Aristocracy is blue-blooded in all European languages. Unique Meanings of Blue in Different Cultures. Greeks believe that blue wards off "the evil eye. WebBlue is a female Velociraptor that appears in Jurassic World, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, and Jurassic World: Dominion. She is the oldest of the four raptors in her pack consisting of her sisters, Delta, Echo, and Charlie.