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Nissan 2016 titan cummins

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Orangewood Ave. Jon brings more than 16 years of communications focusing primarily on public and media relations. Jon has served as the primary external communications contact and spokesperson for a variety of companies including Wellpoint, IU Health, Planned Parenthood.

His career has also included stints on Capitol Hill, state level lobbying, talk radio and political campaigns. During his tenure, Jon has also played a leadership role in communicating and messaging around several crises, including one that attracted national attention when lives were lost at a large downtown Indianapolis hospital.

Jon is a native Hoosier and resides with his family in Indianapolis. As we near the end of , we are celebrating some of the accomplishments that made this an exciting and innovative year for New Power. In the last 12 months, we expanded our technologies, grew as a business and continued to blaze the trail toward a zero-emissions future. Join us as we reflect on five wins from our New Power business unit that helped make this year truly spectacular.

The newest member of our battery family is the lithium iron phosphate LFP battery, which expands our support of electrified commercial vehicle applications. LFPs are faster charging and longer-life batteries, and are used in the medium duty truck and school bus markets.

Holiday vacation plans? The trains convert hydrogen fuel into energy and turn existing, non-electrified infrastructure into zero-emission rail lines. These trains emit only steam and condensed water while in service and operate with low noise levels that improve both operator and passenger comfort. The facility was fully operational in , enabling accelerated adoption of hydrogen technologies across Europe and the globe.

This year, we drove the green hydrogen economy forward across the globe by supporting new infrastructure projects and advancing government decarbonization goals. Construction is scheduled to be complete by the end of The , sq.

Operation began at our new Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems Production Center in Herten, Germany this year, which further enables the adoption of hydrogen technologies across Europe. We expanded our Mississauga, Ontario, Canada campus by adding a third facility dedicated to hydrogen technology.

We unveiled the Meritor 17Xe ePowertrain integrated with a Cummins battery system. The 17Xe is designed for heavy-duty trucks with the capacity to support 44 tons of gross combined weight. Our clean drivetrain options offer performance and packaging advantages for diverse applications across the globe. We announced that we'll begin producing electrolyzers in the U. To drive the domestic green hydrogen economy forward, we'll start at megawatts MW of manufacturing capacity annually, scalable to 1 gigawatt GW in the future.

Cummins, a global power technology leader, is a corporation of complementary business segments that design, manufacture, distribute and service a broad portfolio of power solutions. Cummins Inc. Now in its 23rd year, the award recognizes employees who demonstrated excellence in innovation and technology by developing significant intellectual property for our products. The first winning patents relate to the mitigation of sulfur accumulation on a selective reduction catalyst SCR. Ancimer, Currier, Kamasamudram, Kumar, and Yezerets developed methodologies to not only monitor this accumulation of sulfur but regenerate the catalysts faster, and at lower temperatures, through the synchronization of engine operating conditions during regeneration.

Wilson developed a different approach targeted for the service channel in areas with high sulfur fuel, particularly the Euro V products in South America. A key feature of his invention involves the deactivation of cylinders, and his work has been cited numerous times by non-Cummins patents.

This feature automatically senses a variety of factors, such as grade and weight, and selects the optimum torque for performance and fuel economy. The invention was first in production in and has been a standard offering of the X15 product since This award was created to honor Dr. Perr, who passed away in , joined Cummins in after fleeing Communist Hungary. In his lifetime, he was named the inventor or co-inventor of granted patents and remains an inspiration to many in our industry.

The other three winners were unable to attend, but their award and special recognition have been provided to them separately. Members of a selection committee, made up of leaders from across all business units, meet yearly to evaluate patents that have created significant value for our products.

In , over 1, patents were reviewed for consideration before selecting the final patent award recipients. Since , only 84 patents have been selected for this prestigious award with each invention adding value to our brand promise of innovation and dependability. Congratulations again to the recipients on the honor of winning the Julius Perr Innovation Award. Smart phones, smart TVs, virtual assistants, smart thermostats, smart locks and doorbells.

Our homes are now filled with smart devices. Unfortunately, most of them become useless without power to run or recharge. You might need one for towing or hauling. You might need to keep going when smooth stretches of asphalt end. You might just love the commanding view of the road and feeling of invincibility only pickups provide — the feeling of being king of the road.

Or maybe, like me, you just had an ancient, broken Mercedes to move over miles and an itch to do some off-roading. To handle my predicament, I saddled up in a Titan to see if it was capable of towing 4, pounds worth of vintage Mercedes along with 2, pounds of U-Haul trailer, plus many miles of rocky, muddy off-road trails. This truck was about to get dirty. At So it ticks the size requirements with no issue.

The Titan also looks best when muddied up, not to hide unsightly design cues, but because all pickups look great when dirty. Hosing it off reveals an obligatory chrome front grille to help the Titan fit in with the rest.

The two-tone color combination of the underbody cladding also reduces the shock factor of its massive proportions. On the road, it garnered enough attention from spectators to make me feel like one of the cool kids in high school. A conflicting image it may be, but these luxury pickups arguably make living with one of these workhorses less of a compromise. That bests any engine available in competing light-duty pickups.

Nissan offers a gas 5. Without anything in tow, the Titan XD averaged 16 mpg across more than miles through Pennsyltucky. With the Mercedes SEL strapped to a U-Haul trailer and hitched to the Titan, adding nearly as much weight as another Nissan Titan behind the XD, the economy rating only dropped by less than two mpg to an average of The Titan may tower above traffic like the Empire State Building on wheels, but it behaves more like a refined luxury SUV, ridding any trace of its truck-ness.

That is, until you look in any of the rear-view mirrors. The biggest takeaway: The Titan offers heavy-duty capabilities in a palatable package you can live with daily. Its soothes bumps that make heavy-duty competitors jitter. The new Cummins diesel also gives the Titan a clear advantage in both the fuel economy and grunt department, when most competitors offer only gas engines.

The Nissan Titan steps in to fill that void.

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2016 Nissan Titan 5.0 Cummins Reduced Power

Jan 7,  · The Cummins liter V8 turbo diesel engine was first offered as an option on the Nissan Titan XD and generated horsepower and pound-feet of torque. The . Feb 3,  · A proposed class action alleges model year Nissan Titan pickup trucks equipped with a Cummins liter diesel engine are plagued by two dangerous defects, . AdWe Pay Parts And Labor To The Shop Installing Your Replacement Transmission. No Up Front Core Charges + Free Shipping.A Rating BBB – Better Business Bureau.