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Kenny loggins vox humana

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Mark Robertson Robbo. Kevin 'Matey' Lee Ogston Pumper 6. Amanda Wilson Pumper 7. Darren Nuttall Man Up Ladder. Tony Williams Festival Setup Crew 1. Clayton Jacobson. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Goofs When Kenny takes off from Australia he is aboard a Airbus aircraft, and when the plane finally lands he is aboard a Boeing Quotes Kenny : There's a smell in here that will outlast religion.

Connections Featured in 20 to 1: Funny Films User reviews 87 Review. Featured review. At last a simple Ozzie film like The Castle.

Shane Jacobsen the star and a writer delivers a portrayal of a humble man with warmth and integrity. He supplies and maintains portable toilets to all types of functions. He does his job with pride and dignity.

He talks to the audience while going about his daily chores. In many comedies I crack a smile. In this one a laughed out loud. I loved him. The film was made with a very modest budget and shows what is wrong with many of the current Hollywood fare. You don't make good films with a lot of money. You make them with good scripts and talented actors etc.

Details Edit. Release date July 11, United States. Official site. Thunderbox Films. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1 hour 39 minutes. Dolby Digital. Related news. Contribute to this page Suggest an edit or add missing content.

Top Gap. The three will begin running towards the woods, eventually getting separated from one another within the herd. If Clementine killed the walker that bit Sarita's forearm: Sarita will begin to panic at the sight of her bitten arm. Kenny, hearing the panic will rush over to her and Clementine with Mike. Kenny will reassure Sarita and the four will run out of the herd, however Clementine will be left behind and ford through the herd with Rebecca and Jane. If Sarita's arm was amputated, Kenny will be depressed and at the bench, looking down.

If the walker was killed, a pale and weak Sarita will be lying on Kenny's lap with Kenny comforting her. Kenny is now extremely hostile, mentioned by Bonnie when Mike advised Kenny to amputate Sarita's arm. Either way, Clementine will be convinced to talk to Kenny, where he will lash out on her and blaming her for Sarita's impending death and saying that apologies do not matter and that her being a little girl would not mean that people could just forgive her for getting people killed.

After returning to Parker's Run with Luke and Sarah, Determinant Clementine will be given the option to ask about Kenny, where Bonnie will reveal that he went into the tent with Sarita if the walker was killed or alone.

Bonnie will also ask Clementine if Kenny has experience with delivering babies, where Clementine will tell Bonnie that he had a family. Clementine will enter the tent to see Kenny looking down at the ground or at Sarita, who was put down to prevent reanimation. Kenny is also more composed and calm. In the conversation between him and Clementine, he will rant about how he couldn't save his loved ones and about being beaten up by Carver.

Clementine can either console him or snap and remind him that he isn't the only one to have lost people. Whatever Clementine says, it will return Kenny to a semi-rational state of mind and he leaves the tent to the group, where Rebecca is in pain.

The group will split to find supplies and an area to help deliver Rebecca's baby , where Kenny has agreed to help. After helping Jane, Mike and Bonnie and returning to the group, it's revealed that Rebecca's water has broke and her screams of pain has attracted a herd of walkers. Bonnie, Mike and Clementine will help take Rebecca to the observation deck while Kenny will handle the herd of walkers.

However, it is shown that he has extreme anger when he continues to brutally beat a walker repeatedly. The group voices their concern as they watch it from afar. After Clementine sees Jane and Luke, who were supposed to keep watch but had sex at the observation deck, a furious Kenny lashes out at Luke. He accuses him and Jane of acting like a pair of teenagers and they begin to argue.

The herd arrives and they start to climb the stairwell, piling themselves against the iron gate to break through.

With Rebecca's water broken, Kenny rushes to her side to help deliver the baby. Clementine can either choose to stay and reassure Rebecca or hold off the walkers outside. Regardless, Clementine will eventually assist the group outside by barring the door and cutting the cables that hold the observation deck in place. The deck collapses and Sarah is caught in the fall, shattering her legs and becoming trapped in a mound of debris. Jane will be hanging on and Clementine can either choose to help her up and abandon Sarah or ask Jane to help Sarah.

Regardless of the choice Sarah will be devoured and Kenny will deliver Rebecca's child, a baby boy. The group looks distraught at the baby in Kenny's arms, who appears to have died in childbirth.

Fortunately, the baby coughs and the group is relieved to see him alive, especially Kenny who is brought to tears at the sight of the newborn. He gives him to Rebecca who dotes over her new son. Later that night Rebecca asks Clementine if she would like to hold her baby, which Clementine can accept or refuse.

Rebecca begins to fall asleep and Kenny takes the child off her hands, which Luke picks up. He angrily confronts Kenny about his behavior toward the baby, convinced Kenny thinks Rebecca's son is his own child. Kenny denies this but comes to terms with his feelings for the baby. He is convinced that the group needs to keep moving to find proper food and shelter for Rebecca's son, so he orders the group to leave at first light.

Clementine can either agree or disagree with him while Luke rebukes the decision, convinced that Rebecca needs rest before she can move. The group begins their journey the next day with the exception of Jane, who was convinced she couldn't stay with the group because Sarah's death reminded her too much of her own sister Jaime's death and are greeted by snow as the temperature has dropped to a chilling cold. Rebecca struggles to keep up and has to stop at a burned out car to regain her strength.

While the group waits for her, they spot Arvo approaching them. Kenny and the others draw their weapons and conceal them behind their backs while he limps over to them. Arvo greets them warmly and asks the group for help with his sister, who is in need of bandages. During the conversation, Arvo's group surrounds them from the woods and he explains what happened at the Observation Deck.

Whether or not Clementine had chosen to rob Arvo, he claims that Clementine stole from them and demands all of their supplies in exchange. Kenny aims at Buricko. During the standoff, Clementine notices that Rebecca has fallen unconscious with her head slumped over.

To her horror, Rebecca died of hypothermia and reanimated in only a few minutes. Clementine can either call out for Kenny or shoot Rebecca herself. If she calls out for Kenny, he will near her and shoot her without hesitation and the situation escalates to a firefight, with gunshots from both sides being heard as the screen turns to black and the episode ends. Kenny is first seen in this episode hiding behind a tree in order to avoid the oncoming fire from Vitali. Moments after Clementine gets to cover and Luke is shot in his leg, Kenny will shoot Buricko in the head to prevent him from firing onto Luke.

Then, as the conflict between Kenny and Vitali continues, Kenny decides to use Arvo as a hostage and picks him up, threatening to kill him unless Vitali surrenders. However, after Clementine shoots Arvo's reanimated sister dead, he will break free from Kenny's clutches and mourn over her, leaving Kenny open to fire from Vitali. Kenny dives to the icy ground to avoid getting shot at. Vitali, getting ready to kill Kenny, is unexpectedly stabbed by Jane in the neck, and they all watch as he chokes on his blood while Kenny approaches the dying Russian.

Vitali is then shot by Kenny in the head. After the group mourn over Rebecca, Kenny becomes deeply angered at Arvo, the only surviving Russian. He stalks over to him and begins beating him, only to be halted by Mike and Luke. Kenny, determined to finish off Arvo, draws his gun and argues his case, but Arvo will exclaim that he can take them to his house where there are supplies and shelter. Kenny does not believe his claims, and demands that Mike and Luke get out of his line of fire so he may execute Arvo.

Kenny openly blames Jane for causing the conflict between the two groups, but Bonnie convinces him to take a chance for the food that they all need. Kenny lets him live though he insists upon tying Arvo up and keeps Arvo at gunpoint as he leads the group away from the corpses to his house. After a while, the group decides to rest in order for Luke to re-bandage his leg wound. Arvo continues walking slowly without them, angering Kenny again.

He physically forces Arvo down to the ground, insulting and demeaning him. After Jane and Mike calm Kenny down, and Bonnie re-bandages Luke's leg wound, Bonnie will ask Clementine to tend to Kenny's eye wound and re-bandage it, as she is unsure if Kenny would let anyone but Clementine do it. Clementine approaches him with a clean bandage and a bottle of cleansing powder to treat his wound with and prevent infection.

Kenny tells Clementine that he wants to name the baby Alvin Jr. Clementine can agree with this decision, leading to Kenny expressing a great remorse to Alvin's death, wishing that could have done something to prevent it. Clementine tells him that she must change his bandages, to which he is quite perturbed that a little girl has to be the one to do it. Clementine may choose to coddle or be honest with Kenny about how much the medicine she has to apply will hurt, to which he will jokingly respond to with either a request for honesty or something to make it seem better, but allows her to apply the medicine regardless.

While she is cleaning his wound, he adds that he will always remember Alvin's death every time he looks at the baby. Clementine replaces the bandage around Kenny's head before the group continues onward to the house. The group stumble across an abandoned power station as dusk approaches. Kenny argues with Arvo and demands to know if this was the place he was leading them to, thinking that he is leading them nowhere to prolong his own life. Arvo explains that the house is a few hours distance away, and Kenny snaps that Arvo was lying again.

Clementine says that the fences might make the power station a good place to stay for the night so Jane and Kenny go and scout the station to ensure it is safe. Alvin Jr. She gives him a flat stare of annoyance, and he merely shrugs. Clementine looks after A. Soon after, Kenny and Jane return and call the rest of the group to get settled at the station.

The group is later seen sitting around a fire, with Arvo tied to a column outside of the fire's warmth and Jane standing away watching for any danger outside of the surrounding fence. Luke states that today is his birthday, to which Clementine can congratulate him, and the group have a regular talk about their past memories, with Kenny jokingly mocking Luke about his education.

Luke takes his comments as good-natured, and agrees with Kenny in that he had majored in college in "coffee shop working". Bonnie takes out a special bottle of rum which she had been saving for a special occasion, and she passes it to Luke and asks him to make a toast.

Afterwards, Kenny volunteers to take first watch with A. After some discussions, Bonnie will pass Clementine the bottle of rum and asks her to use it to tempt Jane and Kenny to join them by the fire. Whilst talking to Jane, if Clementine accepts her offer of taking a sip of the rum, Kenny will be seen shaking his head in disagreement.

Later, Clementine will then head over to Kenny, and if she had taken a sip, Kenny will lightly scold her about that decision. He then apologizes about his harsh reactions to Clementine after Sarita's death, before going on about Katjaa and Duck and that he didn't raise his son like he should have. He recalls past memories and then states he would do anything just for one more second with them. Kenny then vows that he won't make the same mistakes raising A. Clementine can then either convince him to join them, or leave him on watch with A.

Either option results in Clementine returning to the fire. If Kenny returned to the fire, he will join in with everyone having a joking conversation about Luke and Jane's sexual encounter, but the sound of Arvo weeping quickly takes the attention of Mike, and he gets up and takes the bottle over to Arvo while the rest of the group continue the discussion. If Kenny joined the group by the fire, he will state that giving the rum to Arvo is a "waste of good rum".

However, they are quickly interrupted by Arvo screams to leave him alone and Mike backs off quickly. If Kenny didn't join the group by the fire, he will come over to Arvo and beat him unconscious, to which Mike retaliates and once more calms Kenny down.

If Kenny joined the group by the fire, then he will simply stay by the fire and leave Arvo untouched. After they agree to get some rest, Kenny goes back on watch and the group retire for the night. The next day, Kenny is seen walking with the group and holding Arvo at gun point. Kenny unknowingly walks past a walker, which instantly gets up and attacks him.

Clementine can shoot the walker dead and save Kenny, or alternatively do nothing and let Kenny kill it, but afterwards, Bonnie hopes that the gunshot doesn't draw more walkers. Arvo says that the house is very close, and they continue walking.

The group eventually see the house from afar, seeing that it is unfinished and barely fit to be a shelter. It stands across a frozen lake which doesn't seem thick enough to hold all of them. Kenny rages towards Arvo once more about the unfinished house before the group decide to cross the frozen lake, where Kenny noticeably tells Arvo to go first. Soon after, walkers appear behind them, presumably drawn from the sound of the earlier gunshot, and the group notice them as they also begin to tread across the lake.

Several walkers break the ice on the lake and fall within, causing the group to panic. Arvo, seeing the group distracted, quickly runs towards the house but Kenny runs after him. With the new stresses on the ice, it breaks beneath Arvo and he plunges in, struggling to get back out.

Kenny catches up to him and pulls him out, grumbling that he should just let Arvo drown. The two make it to the other side and Mike glares at Kenny for running like that. Then, either while Clementine is breaking the ice or trying to help Luke, Kenny and Mike will both shout for her to stop before she falls in.

After the events on the lake, the group make it to the house and discuss what just happened. Kenny bursts out in violence towards Arvo once more and beats him to a near unconscious state, blaming him for causing the events on the lake.

Clementine can choose to intervene, to which Kenny will then accidentally punch her instead, much to his shock. Alternatively, she can verbally ask Kenny to stop beating Arvo, and either option will result in Kenny ceasing his anger, or she can ask Mike to stop Kenny. Jane then returns with a bag of supplies and exclaims that Arvo wasn't lying, much to Kenny's surprise.

He then proceeds to tie Arvo up while Jane tends to starting a fire. All of the group then rest for a short while. Kenny will later tend to a truck as Clementine awakens from the events on the lake to see Mike comforting Arvo, but he will soon leave, angered by what Kenny had done to Arvo and saying that he can't take this anymore.

Kenny then arrives and asks Clementine to help him fix the truck outside of the house. Clementine agrees to help, leaving care of A. On heading outside, Kenny questions Clementine about what they were talking about, and the two of them begin to tend to the truck. Kenny gives Clementine the keys and sits her in the driver's seat while Kenny works under the hood. Whilst working, the two discuss Jane and Lee. After failing to start it once, they start a conversation about Wellington and continue working.

After failing to start the truck a second time, Kenny gets angered and asks Clementine to return inside and Kenny will continue the work alone. Kenny will next be mentioned in a conversation between Clementine and Jane, where the latter will compare him to Carver, claiming that the two have some similarities and that eventually, Kenny may become him, to which Clementine can disagree with.

However, this conversation ends when Kenny manages to fix the truck, and the group rush out to him. They quickly discuss what they should do next; Kenny thinks that they should continue heading to Wellington, while others think they should return southward towards Howe's Hardware. Kenny gets angered by this and claims that since he started the truck, he gets to decide where they should go. Then he tries to get the group to leave Arvo behind at the house wherever they decide to go.

Clementine can side with either option, but either choice will result in the group deciding to sleep for the night and decide where to go the next day. Kenny enters the truck and checks his head wound and Clementine will join him. The two will discuss what just happened, as well as past memories and how a lot of people died for them to get where they are. The two are unable to decide where they should go, and so Kenny suggests they should get some sleep and figure everything out in the morning, and the two retire for the night.

After Clementine wakes up during the night to find Mike, Arvo and Bonnie Determinant attempting to escape, Mike will state that they are leaving due to Kenny's increasing rages and his actions towards Arvo.

After Clementine is shot by Arvo, Kenny can be heard rushing out of the house, questioning "What did you do!? Kenny is seen in the dream in his Season One outfit, driving the RV. After the dream, Clementine opens her eyes to find herself within the fixed truck alongside Kenny, Jane and A. Jane notices that she has awoken, and the group discuss the events that just passed before getting into an argument about where they should head.

Even with Clementine interrupting, the argument between Kenny and Jane will continue to worsen before Kenny halts the truck in front of a barrier of stationary cars. After asking if everyone is alright, Kenny will point at a rest area sign for them to meet there should anything happen before exiting the truck in search of diesel. Clementine will climb into the driver's seat and start a conversation with Jane about Kenny. Jane also debates whether they should leave right then and there in the truck, but then gunshots are heard from Kenny's direction and walkers begin to approach the truck.

Panicking, Jane tells Clementine to drive the car ahead, which she manages to do momentarily, leaving Kenny behind. After Clementine manages to arrive at the rest area mentioned by Kenny as a meeting place, she sights Kenny looking out through a window in search of them, and he quickly turns towards Clementine.

He immediately questions her about A. Clementine peers out through a window and sees Jane approaching through the snow towards the rest area, and Kenny will return and greet her inside, questioning her about A. When she replies with silence, the group fear the worst and Kenny rushes outside in search of A. With Kenny gone, Jane will quickly tell Clementine to stay out of the conflict that is about to ensue, saying that she wants Clementine to "see him for what he really is.

The two of them then stare as Kenny approaches back into the rest area, storms in, fists clenched, and starts to grow enraged at them. Even if Clementine chooses to stand in Kenny's way, he will push her out of the way and continue heading towards Jane and begin violently fighting with her. Eventually, the fight takes all three of them outside, and after Kenny stabs Jane in the leg, the latter will flinch backwards and knock Clementine over.

Upon regaining her sight, Clementine will see a gun next to her with Kenny and Jane continuing a vicious fight. Clementine then approaches him while he begins to mourn for Alvin Jr. Angered, Clementine raises her gun on him. Kenny will then remorsefully tell a frightened Clementine to shoot him. Clementine shoots him in the head, killing Kenny, then hears Alvin Jr. She goes to him, finding the baby in a wrecked car nearby, and leaves both corpses behind. Clementine goes to him, pained, but realizes he is still clinging to life.

He tells her that she did the right thing by killing him, as he knew he was out of control. He admits that, despite thinking that he wanted to die often, he was now scared of the end. Jane sits and watches as Clementine says her goodbyes to Kenny, and he passes.

Suddenly, Clementine hears a baby's crying, and rushes over to a nearby wrecked car where she finds Alvin Jr. Jane apologizes to Clementine for lying to her about Alvin Jr. Clementine then has the option of either forgiving her and agreeing with her on Kenny, then joining her, or walking away with the baby, leaving Jane behind. Kenny then mourns the loss of A. Clementine will follow the sounds and find Alvin Jr. After retrieving him, Kenny will come over to them and they will discuss why Jane had lied about Alvin Jr.

Clementine can either agree with Kenny in that she was crazy- after which she will continue towards Wellington with him leading to the ending, "With Kenny" below - or alternatively she can claim that Kenny is dangerous, resulting in Clementine pressing on alone with Alvin Jr. Alone Unknown : If Clementine tells Kenny that she can't go with him, he supports her decision and wishes her luck.

He hands the baby to her, as he feels that she would protect him better than he could. He says that he is glad to have met her and stands by as she turns and leaves.

He takes one last look at the two and tells Alvin not to "fret". Clementine leaves him behind in the blizzard. It's unknown if he still manages to find Wellington. Clementine agrees, and the scene fades out as they walk away. Nine days later, Clementine and Kenny trail up a hill, with smoke pluming from behind the edge of it.

They race up the hill, and at the peak they see a metal wall constructed. Kenny exclaims that it has to be Wellington, and as they approach they are quickly halted by a gunshot. A woman's voice on a speaker then demands for them to stop and approach the gate. The woman introduces herself, and after Kenny asks what they should do in order to get in, the woman, Edith , tells them that they are full, and drops a bag of supplies outside of the outlet. Kenny, angered that they won't let them inside, questions Edith but she replies that they are overcapacity as it is.

As she continues explaining, Kenny will interrupt, asking her to just take the children. Edith will go and ask someone if it is possible, as Clementine questions what Kenny is doing. Edith will quickly return and say that she can take the children inside, and Kenny thanks her and begins a conversation to convince Clementine to enter Wellington without him.

He claims that he can't be trusted to protect them anymore, and that she and Alvin Jr. Enter Wellington Unknown : Clementine will accept the offer and hug Kenny tightly as he says this is the right decision. He further asks Clementine to tell Alvin Jr. As they enter, Clementine turns to watch Kenny leave and she sees him pause briefly before continuing further away. Clementine turns and enters into Wellington as the gates begin to close, focusing on Kenny walking away before the screen begins to fade to black and the episode ends.

Leave with Kenny Alive : Clementine will refuse the offer, explaining to Kenny that they are leaving together. However, Kenny will continue in an attempt to convince Clementine to enter Wellington, but she will stop him in his speech and ask for them to leave together.

Edith, torn by their conversation, will throw out a second bag of supplies, saying that she was told to only give one bag per group, and after saying they can check back in a few months and wishing them luck, she departs. Kenny and Clementine will have a short conversation before picking up the bags of supplies and walking away from Wellington, as the screen fades to black and the episode ends. If Clementine chooses to be with Kenny, a flashback will ensue more than two years after the events of "No Going Back" where Kenny is teaching Clementine how to drive a manual stick shift as they head for Florida.

He ponders on the ideal life they are going to live there but worries as to why A. Clementine ends up crashing the car off the road into a tree, sending Kenny through the windshield and breaking both his legs. Clementine tries to help Kenny but she is unable to as walkers converge on A. Kenny tells Clementine to save A. If Clementine chose to enter Wellington in "No Going Back", the community comes under attack by scavengers.

Edith comes to warn her that she and Alvin Jr. Edith leaves Clementine to gather any necessary supplies before they leave. She can choose to take Kenny's hat with her or leave it behind. Kenny appears in this episode in a flashback if Clementine stayed with Kenny, set a month before the events of "Ties That Bind". Kenny is busy getting firewood as Clementine plays shadows with AJ. They're attacked by a walker which Clementine quickly kills.

Kenny will then have a talk about family, AJ and future plans with Clementine. He mentions how good of a mom figure she is, and that Rebecca would be proud of her. They discuss past events, and Kenny says that they can't survive out there waiting for Wellington to take them in, mentioning they should move on to Florida, saying they could use some company, especially AJ.

Clem will have the option to say she loves him or hug him. Kenny will later play with them, making shadows. When Kenny is on the verge of stabbing Jane in the chest, Clementine can choose to shoot Kenny in the abdomen, making him fall over. Clementine walks over to him, and Kenny tells her she made the right choice. After sharing some last words, Kenny finally bleeds out and dies. As he was not put down to prevent reanimation, it is unknown what happened to Kenny after Clementine and Jane, determinant left his body.

If Clementine looks away or takes too long to make a decision, Kenny stabs Jane in the chest, instantly killing her. Clementine can then choose to shoot Kenny. If she does, she aims at Kenny's head, in which Kenny just tells her to do it. Clementine then shoots Kenny in the head, and leaves both his and Jane's corpses as they were. While Kenny is teaching Clementine how to drive, they end up losing control of the vehicle and crashing into a tree, causing Kenny to be launched out of the windshield and impact the ground hard enough to paralyze himself from the waist down.

Walkers, attracted to the sound of the crash, approach the vehicle with A. Kenny draws their attention away from the baby and, knowing he could not escape, tells Clementine to save A. Clementine, sobbing, grabs the baby and runs as the walkers tear him apart.

If Lee fails to complete certain tasks, it is possible for Kenny to be killed. These deaths are considered non-canon, and result in a game over. Lee will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when Kenny can be killed. Kenny and Katjaa were husband and wife before the outbreak. They had a child together and loved each other very much. They both trusted Lee very much. Over the next few days, he was conflicted with a combination of immense sadness and anger towards his wife for killing herself and Duck dying.

He forgives her in the end, but still acknowledges that what she did was wrong and makes a point to mention that no one should give up so easily to simply avoid pain and tough circumstances. Kenny never stopped loving his wife no matter what though and continuously asks himself if he would still be able to protect her if she were alive and with him in Savannah.

Kenny and Duck had a good father-son relationship and loved each other very much. Even after the apocalypse began Kenny had time to push Duck on the swing and tend to him whenever he could. Kenny always mentioned that he wouldn't let anything hurt his son. Kenny proves this by saving him from walkers at Hershel's Farm and taking a bullet for him when Andrew St.

John was about to shoot him. When Duck was bitten Kenny went into a state of shock and disbelief saying that he wouldn't turn and that he was fine. Eventually either Lee or Kenny was forced to shoot Duck to put him out of his misery and prevent him from reanimating. After Duck died, Kenny went into deep depression and started to drink his sorrows away.

Kenny never stopped loving his son no matter what though and continuously asks himself if he would still be able to protect him if he were alive and with him in Savannah. Even by the events of A House Divided he is still deeply affected by his son's death, becoming visibly upset when he mistakenly refers to Clementine as "Duck".

In "In Harm's Way", Kenny spoke of how much he misses Duck and it was getting harder for Kenny to remember how innocent he was because the first memories Kenny associates with Duck were "always the dumb things he was doing". During No Going Back, Kenny reveals to Clementine that he wasn't there for Duck and Katjaa as much as he could have been, and shows that he regrets this.

He wishes he could see his family again, and shows how much he misses the. Determinant He reminisces over how Duck had learned to speak quickly and then never stopped. Lee and Kenny became companions after enduring a walker attack on Hershel's farm, in which Lee could choose to assist in saving Duck, or attempt to save Shawn. When they were kicked off the Greene Family Farm, they started traveling together. Lee could either become Kenny's best friend or they can be at odds with each other.

Lee was arguably Kenny's closest friend of the apocalypse and the two went through some extremely dramatic events together and were almost always helping each other.

Even if they are at odds, Kenny will normally go on missions alone with Lee, take orders from his during emergencies and ask his opinion on several matters as the former recognizes the latter as a smart and able companion, regardless of personal feelings. After the St. John's Dairy Farm incident in the meat locker, they would either have a stronger relationship if Lee decided to help Kenny kill Larry, or Kenny would despise Lee for trying to revive Larry since Lee didn't back him up on a morally questionable action.

After Duck was bitten, Lee can argue with Kenny about putting his son out of his misery, and eventually fight physically about it, or Lee can be caring towards Kenny and talk him out of his denial towards his son's hopeless situation.

Lee's relationship with Kenny is put to the test in "Around Every Corner", as Kenny is still struggling with the loss of Duck and Katjaa. Lee may choose or choose not to help Kenny through these trying times. Not matter where their relationship stands, at Savannah when Molly saves Kenny and Clementines, Kenny will try to save Lee. When Clementine is taken by the stranger, Kenny will either jump at the opportunity to help his friend, doubt whether Lee will help him if he was the one in need, or refuse to go with him.

During "No Time Left", Kenny will show concern over Lee's bite and even begins to think that it could be a Larry situation again. They get into a fight about this and ends with one of them losing their temper. Whilst sitting with Christa and Omid, Lee, knowing that he might turn has the option of saying that he would like Kenny to look after Clementine for him, noting that he would do anything to protect those he loved which shows that Lee has a lot of personal trust in him.

Kenny will then try to mend his relationship with Lee. They will talk about past events and Lee can apologize for anything Lee ever did wrong to Kenny. They then share a drink. After this, their relationship seems stable if they had not got on well during the game as Kenny is being friendly to Lee and refers to him as "pal".

Lee was saddened and mournful of Kenny's presumed death after he sacrificed himself to save Ben or Christa from walkers. Fueled by Kenny's presumed death, Lee continues his journey to rescue Clementine and calls Kenny a good man. When reunited with Clementine, Kenny mentions that he half-expected Lee to walk up next to her and that the two were always together, before becoming saddened at the reminder of his death and remembers what he had done for him.

Kenny can either claim that Lee was a hell of a guy or that they had their differences. In the latter's case Kenny will still find something good about Lee to remember. It was also revealed that he had told Walter, Matthew and Sarita or possibly just Walter about Lee despite his reluctance to talk about his family.

He also states that putting children first was something Lee understood. Years after Lee's death, Kenny still deeply misses his friend. In "Thicker Than Water", Kenny states Lee is a good man and feels bad about how he might have treated him. Kenny is kind and caring towards Clementine when they first meet, and has formed a friendship with her.

Kenny states that he cares about Clementine as much as he does for his family. Kenny is grateful to Lee when he gives food to his family, and states that Lee and Clementine are welcome to come along with him and his family if he leaves the motor inn one day. Depending on Lee's actions, Kenny volunteers to help Lee look for her when she goes missing. After Kenny's disappearance and presumed death, Clementine keeps the picture she drew of Kenny and his family, indicating that she misses them very much.

When Kenny and Clementine reunite they are both dumbstruck and overjoyed. Clementine can hug him upon seeing him him and if she chooses any other option Kenny will wipe a tear of joy from his eye. It is clear that they have a strong friendship from their time together and is willing to trust the group based on her opinion, as well as surrendering to Carver when he threatens Clementine. It is also shown that he may even think of Clementine as his own child, demonstrated when he accidentally refers to Clementine as his son, Duck, which causes Clementine to worry for his mental health.

Kenny also served as the only living reminder Clementine had of Lee and her for him. As such, Kenny took over Lee's role as Clementine's protector and mentor. Throughout the rest of the game Kenny took his role as Clementine's guardian very seriously both to honor Lee's sacrifice for her and out of genuine affection.

He entrusted her with the vital task in order to escape and selflessly took the blame for the stolen radio in order to protect her, which made Carver beat Kenny and causing him to lose use of his left eye in the process. He didn't blame Clementine for his injuries and told her that it wasn't her fault.

Kenny acts aggressive towards Clementine, blaming her for causing Sarita's death regardless whether or not Sarita's arm was cut off and loses his temper towards her. Clementine becomes emotionally hurt though it makes her worried for Kenny's mental health due to the severe losses around him. After isolating himself from the others, whether ending Sarita's suffering if Clementine did not cut off her arm or wanting to be alone, Kenny forgives Clementine though would never forget her actions.

During the crisis with Rebecca going into labor, Clementine witnesses him take his anger out on a walker he repeatedly strikes beyond its death, and she has the option to defend his actions.

After its close, Clementine can convince him to let Arvo live or not, but Jane and Bonnie will talk him out of it regardless. Kenny later apologizes to Clementine for the way he reacted to her during "Amid The Ruins" over Sarita's death. Later on, he lets her treat his eye wound after refusing to let Bonnie do it, showing he still trusts Clementine more than the others in the group.

Later that night, while at the power station Kenny decides to take the first watch. Clementine joins him and Kenny starts to reminisce about his life with Katjaa and Duck and how much he misses them. He also comments on whether or not Clementine had a drink of rum with Jane and states that he thinks that Jane is a bad influence on Clementine, or that he told Clementine not to have a drink, showing he is protective of Clementine.

Clementine can later save his life from a hidden walker while walking through the forest. When trying to help Luke or break the ice, Kenny will yell at her to stop, concerned for her safety. At the unfinished house , if Clementine decides to physically intervene whilst Kenny is beating Arvo, Kenny will accidentally hit Clementine instead, resulting in Kenny ceasing his violence, shocked at what he had done. The two share a close conversation about their hopes and past while fixing the truck.

Clementine can verbally defend Kenny against Jane while talking about Carver, or agree with her about Kenny's dark nature. She and Kenny will reminisce about Lee in the truck. When Arvo shoots Clementine in the shoulder, Kenny rushes outside to help her.

His desire to keep her safe outweighing his desire for vengeance, Kenny chooses to save Clementine by getting her into the heated car rather than kill the traitors. At end if Clementine shoots Kenny, she will break down in tears and hold his hand one last time as they share a final, emotional talk.

If Clementine doesn't shoot Kenny and allows him to kill Jane, they could travel to Wellington together, depending on her choice of whether or not he's too dangerous to be around safely. And as they made it there, Kenny begs for them to take Clementine in.

This shows how deeply he cares about her safety. As they say their last goodbye, both of them start to break down in tears. If Clementine chooses to stay in Wellington, they will embrace and Kenny then tells Clementine that he's glad to have met her, before they go in separate ways, Clementine turns and looks back to see the last friend she has go off into the distance showing how much she really cares for Kenny.

If Clementine refuses to stay in Wellington, she will tell Kenny that there's no way she would stay without him, showing that she has the same affections towards him as she had for Lee. Before they leave Wellington together, Kenny looks at Clementine and says "You're as stubborn as a damn mule. Wonder where I got that from? The two then smile at each other and take off together with Alvin Jr.

Kenny tells Clementine that he always dreamed about teaching Duck to drive and tells her that she's the best second chance he could ask for, showing that Kenny sees Clementine as his own daughter.

Clementine ends up crashing the car, breaking Kenny's legs. Clementine, desperately and filled with guilt, tries to help Kenny up. As walkers were after AJ, Kenny calls their attention, and tells her to leave him and look after AJ for him.

Clementine, heartbroken, promises she will keep him safe, and Clementine runs away holding A. If Clementine went with Jane, she has the option of giving the baby a middle name. She can choose to give Kenny's name to A. In "Thicker Than Water", Clementine will have a flashback about him.

Kenny will have a talk to her about family and how she is AJ's mom now. Clementine deeply cares for Kenny, and she considers him family, possibly showing she might see him as a father.

If Clementine shot Kenny at the end of "No Going Back", she can mention it in " Done Running " to Louis, Violet and Marlon when asked if she had ever killed anyone that had been close to her. She states that Kenny's heart had broken and that he had failed to put the pieces back together, regretfully explaining that she had done him a favor by killing him. Carley and Kenny had a passive relationship. Upon reaching the drugstore, Kenny told Carley to rest up, since she was a good shot and he wanted her to stay that way.

In Starved For Help, Carley suggested to Lee that he should think about feeding Kenny and his family so they'll remember his actions if they ever leave the motor inn. Kenny seemed to be quite enraged and shocked over Carley's death and was the one who suggested they leave Lilly behind for killing her, though it's just as likely that this was due to tensions between Kenny and Lilly as any attachment Kenny had to Carley.

Doug and Kenny have formed a friendship with each other. Upon reaching the drugstore, Kenny commanded Doug to keep a lookout at the pharmacy, and was obeyed by him. Despite not being good with guns, Kenny seemed to value Doug's knowledge and technical skills.

When Lilly accidentally shoots Doug, Kenny was enraged and shocked, and even suggested leaving Lilly behind for the walkers. Glenn was caring to Kenny, as shown when he risked himself to save him and the others when they were surrounded by walkers.

In the pharmacy, Glenn defended him and the others from Lilly and Larry, stating that he couldn't bring himself to leave him out there for the walkers. Glenn later happily goes along with Kenny, who established himself as a de facto leader of the group, much to Lilly's dismay. During the walker attack, Glenn obeys Kenny's orders and helps defend the pharmacy. Mark and Kenny seemed to be friends and on good terms with each other.

Mark was grateful for Kenny and the group when they picked him up at the overrun Robins Air Force Base. Since then, Mark respected Kenny and viewed him as a good leader, but worries for him and his relationship with Lilly and Larry. When Mark heard a scream in the woods, he was worried that it might have been Kenny. Later, Kenny and Mark work together to fire at the walkers to buy Lee time while he attempts to free David from the bear trap.

If Mark accidentally shoots Travis after failing to save Parker, Kenny orders Mark to grab Travis and he does so without question. After finding out that Mark's legs were chopped off by the St. Johns, Kenny was horrified by what happened to Mark. Kenny and Ben have a slow developing relationship because Kenny doesn't trust him to be on watch and thinks he panics too much. But he does trust him to look after Duck while he is out scouting for supplies or fixing the RV. After the deaths of Katjaa and Duck, Ben says he spends more time with Kenny and its implied they are friends.

However, he found out what Ben did, and Kenny's initial reaction was to kill him, ultimately leading to the end of their friendship. Kenny says he won't let Ben leave with them on the boat and then when Ben is in danger Kenny urges Lee to let Ben die. If saved, Ben eventually stands up for himself after Kenny's constant threats, telling him that he is still incredibly sorry for what happened to Kenny's family and never meant to hurt them.

He goes on to state that he himself never even saw his family after the outbreak and Kenny at least had the time to say goodbye and the knowledge of what happened to them. This causes Kenny to finally understand where Ben was coming from and begins to pity him, eventually admitting to Lee that he was glad Lee saved his life in the end after hearing about Ben's wish to die.

Kenny would eventually risk his life to protect Ben and use his last bullet to make sure Ben didn't suffer a painful death from the Walkers. However, later on he would still regard him with some contempt going so far as to refer to him as a 'shitbird'.

Kenny is mentioned by Chuck to share his "love of the road. This is possibly bolstered when they share a drink after Katjaa's and Duck's death to dull Kenny's pain. However, a small amount of tension may have arisen from their heated argument that occurred over how much the group is truly capable of after they are forced to stop on the tracks due to an oil tanker hanging from a bridge.

This can be backed by the fact that if Lee decides to bring up finding him to Kenny, the latter will ignore the statement. When Christa and Kenny meet, Kenny sees her and Omid as just "excess baggage" and insists that the two of them are slowing down him and Lee, because of this, Christa doesn't care much for Kenny and vice versa. However in "No Time Left", Kenny and Christa eventually decide to bury the hatchet so to speak, by Christa asking Kenny how he's doing when trapped in the attic.

Kenny can eventually save Christa's life when she is attacked by a herd of walkers, also sacrificing himself in the progress. Christa was saddened of Kenny's presumed death, and is grateful towards him. By the time of "A House Divided" after he is shocked and saddened to hear about Omid's death he is even more visibly shocked and saddened to hear of Christa's disappearance.

Initially, Kenny was distrustful towards Omid, and stated that he won't let him escape if he turns out to be someone bad. After introducing himself, Kenny teaches Omid how to operate the train. It is presumed that Omid's optimistic personality allowed for him to get along with Kenny to an extent. In the train, Omid was eager and excited to operate the train and began touching buttons, which results in Kenny ordering him not to touch anything and calling him a jackass.

In Around Every Corner, however, Kenny seems open to leaving Omid behind if the infection in his leg worsens, concerned only about finding a boat. In No Time Left, Kenny argues and accuses Omid and Christa of being selfish in their motives, only caring about each other rather than the whole group, to which Omid tries to disarm and deny.

As time goes on, Kenny seems to officially accept and trust Omid as a reliable member of their group. Kenny can eventually sacrifices himself to save Omid's girlfriend, Christa, from a herd of walkers.

Omid was saddened of Kenny's presumed death, and is grateful towards him. Kenny first met Sarita when she found him holed up in a restaurant some time after "No Time Left".

From there, the two developed a very close relationship, with Kenny becoming protective of her. He has refused to tell her almost anything about his life before they met. He has shown to suddenly lash out at her angrily, though she insists to Clementine that it is only his protective nature. Sarita acts as Kenny's calm and rational side much like Katjaa did in season one, trying to advise him against being reckless and rebuking him for snapping at her.

During "In Harm's Way", she is distraught after Kenny is savagely beaten by Carver resulting in the loss of his left eye. Sarita unsuccessfully tries to dissuade Kenny from beating Carver to death, and if Clementine goes outside with her she says the Kenny she used to know is no longer there, and that she thought she could save him.

Regardless of the circumstances of Sarita's death during "Amid the Ruins", Kenny is devastated at losing her. He will later talk to Clementine about Sarita's death at the power station during "No Going Back", apologizing for blaming her for Sarita's death. Kenny will pine for Katjaa at this point. This might imply that Kenny's relationship with Sarita might have been because he was on the rebound.

Later when arguing with Jane in the car, Kenny will state that he loved Sarita. Kenny and Walter are very friendly towards one another, as Walter allowed him and Sarita to stay at the ski lodge for several weeks. Over time, they became good friends to the point where Kenny began calling him "Walt".

Kenny was annoyed by Walter freely giving Bonnie a large amount of food, and presumably berated him. Kenny was later horrified by Walter's death at the hands of Carver. After Carlos sarcastically states that Walter really appreciated Kenny's help, Kenny appears to be saddened. While Kenny and Matthew are never see interacting, it can be assumed that Kenny trusts Matthew the same as he trusts Walter as he took refuge with them. It is unknown if Kenny knows about Matthew's death.

Kenny and Molly had a relatively negative relationship, and never really trusted each other. When they first meet, Kenny comes at her with a gun despite Lee telling him not to.

Molly then knocks him onto the ground and nearly beats him to death before Lee breaks the two up. Later, when Molly says she had been ringing the bells in Savannah, Kenny accuses her of deliberately trying to get them killed even though she had no idea who they were.

His negative attitude almost has Molly leave the group on River Street, if not for Clementine being there. Molly later demands that the group takes her with them on the boat as payment for the rescue. After Molly ditches Lee in Crawford while still having the battery, Kenny thinks she abandoned them, despite having no reason to since the battery by itself was useless.

Finally, when Kenny tries to attack Ben after he admitted to helping the bandits, Molly snidely commented on how well their group was getting along, showing how little she cared for Kenny or most of the other members, but Lee brushes her off saying its not a good time. Kenny and Lilly have a very tense relationship with one another. Kenny wants what is best for his family and tends to often get in the way of Lilly's management. Lilly and Kenny first met at the drug store where Lilly's father demanded that Kenny's son, Duck, should be thrown out to the walkers for possibly having been bitten.

This started their relationship off on a bad level. After Larry has to sit down, due to his heart condition, Lilly takes care of him leaving Kenny in charge of the group. When Carley is given an order by Kenny to shift in with Doug when he needs it she replies "You got it, 'boss.

Throughout " Starved For Help ", Kenny and Lee constantly argue over who's leadership method should be followed. Kenny and Lilly's relationship is seriously affected during the meat locker incident at the St. John's dairy. Kenny will kill Lilly's father, Larry, with an salt lick, in fear of him reanimating. This completely solidifies Lilly's hatred for Kenny, and causes Lilly to begin a deep grieving process for her father.

Despite the action Kenny, immediately looks shocked over what he did and expresses sincere remorse. While some people consider Kenny and Lilly to be alike in many ways- such as their unrelenting devotion to family- Kenny can prove himself to be more considerate than her during his time on screen.

After her dad's death, Lilly became paranoid, bitter and reclusive. Kenny himself became reclusive initially, but he chose to move past it for the good of the group. Larry and Kenny weren't friends at all. Kenny showed hatred towards Larry when he thought that Duck was bitten and wants to throw him out. Larry stands up for his daughter, and gets into arguments with Kenny as well. During the events in the meat locker at the St. John dairy , Larry gets a heart attack.

Kenny tells Lilly that he too wishes to save Larry, but says that he can't be saved and he must be stopped from reanimating. Eventually, Kenny crushes his head with a salt lick, and later tells Lee that he didn't enjoy what he did to Larry, and tells him that he did that for the safety of the group. Luke and Kenny are shown to have a very tense relationship in which both display much cynicism about the intentions of one another.

Luke is shown to dislike Kenny's erratic and constantly shifting behavior as well as his unpredictable and volatile mannerisms, such as acting amiable and being adamant on the matter of inviting them into his group one moment while arguing over who Clementine likes better the next. Despite this, he agrees to pair up with Kenny to ward off walkers further off while the rest of the group tries to fix the overpowered turbine.

However, Kenny later tells him to "take a hike". If Clementine mention Duck was Kenny's son; Luke quickly feels saddened for Kenny and shows regret for asking the question.

After Kenny was beaten by Carver, Luke feels responsible over what happened to Kenny, telling the group that if he hadn't been caught trying to steal food, Kenny wouldn't have been beaten. Luke later tells the group that if they want to leave soon, they may have to leave some folks behind, hinting towards Kenny, even though he doesn't want to leave Kenny behind.

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Kenny is the tritagonist of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series. He is the tritagonist of Season One, the deuteragonist of Season Two and determinately a character in flashbacks in A New Frontier. Kenny acted as the de-facto co-leader of the Motel Survivors, alongside Lee Everett and Lilly, though he eventually acknowledged Lee as the true leader. While he is known for taking . Kenny is a surname, a given name, and a diminutive of several different given names. In Ireland, the surname is an Anglicisation of the Irish O Cionnaith, also spelt O Cionnaoith and O Cionaodha, meaning "descendant of Cionnaith". It was once popular in the 16th-century in Leinster, Munster, parts of Connacht and in County Tyrone in Ulster, and was Anglicised as . Kenny is a gatlian who was born on the planet Gatlus, a planet isolated on an asteroid belt's far edge. All his life, people thought of him as a loser, and he desired to prove himself and be of use for something. Gatlus was completely untouched by other interstellar civilizations, but this all changed when the alien smuggler, Rel Delmar, crash landed on the planet.