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Cummins rv generators

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Request a quote. For RV generators used in non-RV applications, the warranty coverage period is one year from the warranty start date, or 1, hours, whichever comes first. Extended warranty coverage is also available for purchase and covers you for five years from the warranty start date, or 3, hours, whichever comes first.

Discover our RV Warranty. The RV Generator Handbook contains basic information that will allow you to use and maintain your new generator. Includes helpful tips for operation along with maintenance, parts and service information. This handbook is a general supplement to the more specific information contained in the operator manual that comes with every new Cummins generator. View handbook. The RV Generator Dealer directory is a quick reference to easily locate and contact your nearest authorized RV service dealer.

It includes both Cummins Sales and Service locations as well as Authorized RV service dealers organized alphabetically by state. Help your customers with the home standby power they need. Join the Cummins authorized dealer network, backed by Cummins product and sales support.

Learn about becoming a Cummins authorized dealer. Cummins offers the most complete line of generators designed specifically for motorized and towable RVs. In this document, you'll find useful information about the performance of our generators, noise levels, genuine parts and support.

View RV generator full line brochure. View RV generator manuals. These can be ordered directly with your local Cummins Distributor. View RV generators accessories manual. Green Label Parts are designed and engineered specifically for your Cummins Onan generator to perform at its peak, and are backed by the Cummins Onan parts warranty. The information you are looking for is on cummins. Onan generators are designed to run at lower sound levels so that both you and nearby campsites can sleep easy.

The history of of RVing and our work are intertwined. Watch as Jennifer Hodson tells the story of how we got started in power generation, how we pioneered its use in RVs and how our past experiences affect how we approach the present and the future.

Their proven performance makes them ideal for the demands of the commercial mobile market. Watch this short video to learn how we are continuing to meet the needs of this important market. Our warranties are as simple. We will pay to fix any part that fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship for the periods of time outlined below.

Want to learn more about Onan RV generators? Request a quote from our sales team or find a location near you to learn more. The information you are looking for is on cummins.

Ask the RV experts Whether you are new to RVs or have been traveling for years, you want to know all about the tough, reliable Onan generators that are so important to your enjoyment. Future of RV at Cummins. Global Perspectives. Advantages of Cummins Genuine Parts. Learn why Cummins genuine parts are the best choice for servicing Onan RV generators. Cummins Customer Service. The power to go anywhere With Onan RV generators from Cummins, you can see the country without giving up all the comforts of home.

Dependable Power From self-diagnostic capabilities to high-quality, electric power, Onan generators deliver power that you can trust.

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Other manufacturers' oil filters often do not have bypass valves. As these "will-fit" filters trap debris, oil pressure starvation can occur, leading to high oil pressures, failed gaskets and even engine damage.

Other "will-fit" oil filters do contain bypass valves but they do not determine at what PSI the valve opens. If the setting is too high, the filter's paper element can be damaged during a cold start rendering it useless, or cause oil starvation to the engine.

Customers have comments that the replacement oil filter part they purchased for their Cummins Onan Quiet Diesels appears to be the wrong size. We hear this a lot! Filter has replaced filter and filter Despite the difference in outward appearance, it will fit your set and the oil ring will provide a proper seal.

The new oil weight offers the same great benefits you find with our SAE15W product. The Cummins nationwide network of distributors and dealers can help you with parts and service to keep your Cummins RV generator set in peak condition. Looking for RV generator manuals? Some of our most popular operators and installation manuals are now available for direct download.

View RV Generator Manuals. Sign-up to receive tips and insights any RVer would enjoy. The information you are looking for is on cummins. RV Generator Parts and Maintenance. Cummins parts differ from "will-fit" parts Don't settle for aftermarket or "will-fit" parts.

Air Filters Genuine Cummins air filters are designed with a special foam pre-cleaner, for use specifically in RV generators. Spark Plugs Genuine Cummins spark plugs come gapped correctly from the factory for your RV generator engine.

Oil Filters Cummins RV oil filters feature valves that allow oil to bypass the oil filter during cold starts, or if the filter becomes plugged. The generator should be turned on and warmed up before turning on the computer, and usual precautions for home use should be followed for RV use as well. A: Yes, all Cummins-installed generators meet National Park sound level requirements. A: Many conditions affect the amount of power your generator will produce including load, temperature, and altitude.

Q: How can I keep mice and rodents out of my generator during long-term storage? A: We recommend using rodent prevention techniques around the generator compartment in the same way you would treat any other area of your RV.

There are many factors that need to be kept in mind regarding air conditioner use with your Cummins generator including running additional appliances, the wiring of your RV circuit breakers, preventing short-cycling, and more. Q: Is it effective to use the generator to power a roof air conditioner while traveling on the road?

A: Yes — a generator is meant to provide portable, electrical power. It also uses less fuel than your vehicle engine, so it will help lower fuel consumption.

This use also provides an opportunity to exercise the generator. A : This is possible in lower temperatures and altitudes or with high-efficiency ACs.

Cummins 2, and 2,watt generators may be overloaded when the AC unit cycles off if the microwave is running. However, all other Cummins generators can operate both appliances at the same time. Q: Will a high-efficiency air conditioner provide more power in reserve? High-efficiency units also have higher cooling output than standard air conditioners. A: While an air conditioner is running, the compressor builds refrigerant pressure. When the compressor is shut off, it must stay off for a period of time to allow pressure to equalize.

Short-cycling occurs when the air conditioner is restarted before the pressure equalizes. If this happens, a circuit breaker may trip on the generator or breaker panel, the generator engine may stall, or the air conditioner compressor could trip its overload.

Ignoring exercise suggestions can cause moisture buildup and fuel system degradation that will affect performance. Another part of maximizing performance includes keeping up with regular maintenance intervals. A: Under ideal conditions, Cummins generators should run for at least two hours every month. Once started, apply as much load as possible including air conditioner, heat pump, appliances, etc. This is necessary to heat up the alternator windings and remove or expel excess moisture.

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RV Generator Maintenance (Full Time RV Life)

WebCummins Onan 10kW Diesel Generator for RVs—Onan Quiet Diesel Generator | HDKCA Norwall's Low Price. $13, Compare View Details. WebGenerator Fuel Pump, For Cummins Onan Generators, Electric. KY Generator Fuel Pump, For Cummins Onan Generators, Electric. Write a Review. Onan Generator . WebNorwall PowerSystems is a certified Cummins Onan Distributor of RV Generators and is a part of the largest certified distributor/dealer network in the industry. Call Norwall today .