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Ramesh sarangapani alcon adventist health community care avenal

Ramesh sarangapani alcon

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A two-surface reduced model eye was constructed with a corneal surface and an IOL surface. The corneal surface was reconstructed using averaged or individual high-order corneal aberration measured from the clinical studies. The IOL surface was extracted from theoretical design or bench measurement as a grid-sag profile with base curvature subtracted. Both surfaces were scaled and combined at the corneal plane where defocus was defined.

One-hundred pupil sizes were randomly sampled from a normal distribution of 3. Point spread function was derived by Fourier transform of the pupil functions. This improvement is more obvious for two diffractive multifocal IOLs with R 2 increasing from 0.

Two-surface model eye can serve as a useful tool to predict clinical visual acuity. Polychromatic and binocular summation will be further implemented to also potentially improve the clinical correlation.

Purchase this article with an account. Jump To Novartis E. Support None. Alerts User Alerts. You will receive an email whenever this article is corrected, updated, or cited in the literature. Defocus curve has been studied as an essential visual performance endpoint to evaluate range of functional vision of multifocal IOLs. The purpose of this study was to simulate the population-based defocus curve and compare against the clinical results. Methods : One-hundred virtual eyes have been generated using two-surface reduced eye model.

Monte-Carlo approach was adopted by iterating different corneal power and aberration, anterior chamber depth and pupil size. Light-in-the-bucket LIB were calculated at varied defocuses from Results : From The largest difference between the simulated visual acuity and clinical visual acuity was 0.

The averaged absolute difference at varied defocus levels was 0. Between Conclusions : The simulated visual acuity and defocus curve using population-based LIB metrics have been generally consistent with clinically reported defocus curve for the trifocal IOL. The population-based simulation of defocus curve can serve as a useful tool for lens design optimization and IOL trial planning.

Purchase this article with an account. Open Access. ARVO Annual Meeting Abstract July Comparison between simulated and clinical visual performance in pseudophakic patients with trifocal intraocular lens.

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WebOct 6, аи Patents Assigned to Alcon - Justia Patents Search. A method for enhancing digital images during a microsurgery, e.g., an eye surgery, includes collecting digital . WebPhysiologically based ocular pharmacokinetic modeling using computational methods Authors Paul J Missel 1, Ramesh Sarangapani 2 Affiliations 1 Data Science and Digital . WebMay 1, аи Ramesh Sarangapani, PhD, and Lu Yin, PhD, are with Alcon Laboratories in Fort Worth, TX. Burton Tripathi, PhD, is from TrueVisionSystems, Inc. in Santa Barbara, .