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Our Jr. High Students will have Quarterly Capstones to complete. Students in 7th grade will learn what it means to be a good employee by participating in a Job Shadow and then having the oportunity to apply for a job at the Winter Carnival and working. HighMark Charter School will provide an opportunity for students in 8th grase will display acquired business skills through participation in yearly Entrepreneurial Fairs.

They will create a company, develop a product or service, market and sell their product or service, and then exhibit their experience during the Entrepreneurial Fair. Students may work in groups or individually. Our 9th graders will learn about non-profits and volunteer at Gigi's Playhouse to give back to the community as part of our entrepreneurial cycle.

They will also have the opportunity to create a resume and participate in mock-interviews to prepare them for the real world. Each grade will have different requirements according to their level of business knowledge and understanding. HighMark Charter School will use only research-based curriculum that aligns with the Utah State Core to best meet the needs of our student population. Reading and Math instruction will occur in both grade level and ability leveled groups.

Students may work together in mixed ability-level groups to teach and learn from one another. Students will have the opportunity to group in curriculum areas such as math and reading. This process will provide students with the opportunity to learn together, build self-confidence, and master skills.

Teachers may work together on grade-level instructional teams in order to address all learning styles and abilities. Tier 1 instruction, or general instruction in Core subjects, will be given to all students.

Some students will participate in Tier 2 instruction, which is early intervention instruction for students identified as needing extra support in specific academic areas. Tier 3 instruction will be provided to students needing a more intensive intervention. Tier 2 and Tier 3 students will be identified using a combination of screening, diagnostic, benchmark, and progress monitoring assessments such as curriculum based assessments, UPASS assessments, and teacher observation.

Charter schools are publicly funded and are not private schools. They are open to all students, are committed to improving public education, demonstrate a record of student achievement, and have specific educational missions and focuses. Charter schools are public schools created by a group of parents, teachers, or community leaders who see an educational need in their community and want to meet that need. To operate, charter founders must submit an application for approval by the State Charter School Board or the board of a school district.

Like other public schools, charter schools may serve students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. They allow educators freedom to try new strategies to inspire students and to experiment with innovative ways of educating students.

Also, charter schools allow individuals and organizations outside of the traditional education system to create and run public schools. Yes, like other public schools, charter schools must be open to every child regardless of race, religion, disability or academic ability.

However, many charter schools have specific educational missions focusing on particular topics or students with particular needs. Also, charters have a cap on enrollment. HMCS will use a randomized lottery process for the enrollment and registration of students. Charter schools, by design, offer innovative curriculum, greater flexibility and accountability, and more opportunities for parents to participate significantly in school governance and operation. Students tend to be motivated by an interest in the focus or teaching method of the school instead of proximity to the nearest traditional public school.

Charter Schools have a cap on enrollment legislated by the State of Utah, which leads to more flexibility in the classroom.

Charter schools are funded on the principle that state funds follow the student. In distributing funds under the Minimum School Program Act, to charter schools, charter school pupils shall be weighted, where applicable, as follows: The vast majority of funding comes through the WPU.

In addition, the legislature appropriates funds each year to replace some of the local property tax revenues that are not available to charter schools.

Charter schools may also apply for state and federal start-up funds and specialized funds if qualifying students are served in approved programs. A charter school may not charge tuition or require students or parents to make donations and is subject to the same rules regarding school fees as other public schools. Utah public schools are partially funded from revenue collected through property taxes.

Much of the state of Utah, however, is federal land and property tax revenues are not collected from federal lands. The U. Congress, in exchange for not taxing federal land, gave lands to Utah schools at statehood to help compensate for the lost property tax revenue.

The lands are held in a legal trust for Utah public schools. Utah public schools own 3. The lands are managed by the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration and must, by law, be used to generate money for public schools.

An Investment Advisory Committee appointed by education representatives act in an advisory capacity to the State Treasurer. The interest earned from the permanent fund now goes to each public school in the state. School and district-level committees prepare plans, approved by local school boards that identify an academic need and a proposed solution using the annual dividend.

Distribution of the funds is based upon student enrollment numbers. Parent involvement is a crucial element in student success. HighMark Charter School asks that families volunteer a minimum of 20 hours per academic year.

Please note this expectation is per family, and not based on the number of students enrolled per family. Charter Schools are public schools and therefore have the same requirements as all Utah State public schools in regards to student testing. Code R The following designations or levels apply to educator licenses, license areas i. When the educator completes the program, they will have a professional level. Academica West provides charter schools with comprehensive services and support.

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