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6.7 cummins coolant

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For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The rear cylinders on the 5. This can cause excessive pressure to build in the cooling system, especially the rear of the block and blow out freeze plugs externally, or the smaller diameter plugs under the valve cover, leading to a failure.

Our coolant bypass kit adds a secondary thermostat, that unlike other brands, works based on temperature instead of excessive pressure. This solves the problem before pressure becomes an issue by ensuring consistent temperatures across all six cylinders. Why do I need a Fleece Coolant Bypass? One of the biggest issues on the 5.

The Fleece Coolant Bypass is one of the most important additions you make to improve the reliability and longevity of the Cummins platform. The - 5. The heat exchanger is designed for use in cold climates to warm the transmission fluid with the engine coolant. It is not necessary for use in warm climates or high horsepower applications, nor does it detrimentally affect the trucks performance when removed.

For model years - 6. For customers with a 6. All orders will be processed and shipped the week of July 12th. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. And there is no way we could not include it on our list of the best antifreeze for diesel engines.

It comes pre-diluted with distilled water at a ratio giving you an easier task of adding it into the radiator. It has scale inhibitors to protect your engine and cylinder wall linings.

But perhaps the best part is that it is free of phosphates and silicates. Silicates and phosphates are known for clogging up the EGR and cooler over time and is why we feel silicate-free coolants are better for diesel engines. This coolant protects your engine from overheating and can withstand temperatures of up to degrees celsius.

It can also withstand temperatures of as low as degrees celsius. The Zerex phosphate-free concentrate coolant is the best diesel coolant for the 5. It is approved by Cummins for use in its diesel engines and can also be used on European car models. One of the reasons it is Cummins approved is that it is formulated using Hybrid Organic Acid Technology chemistry.

This formulation protects against rust and corrosion. And while it does contain silicates, it is in a very low quantity. The coolant is phosphate-free and uses virgin ethylene glycol. The coolant is gold in color and does not contain 2-ethyl hexanoic acid, which is found in Dex-cool coolants. Designed for new models, the ACDelco dec-cool extended life coolant is a silicate and phosphate-free coolant that lasts for up to , miles.

It can protect brass, cast iron, steel and copper components from corrosion. The liquid is orange in color and minimizes the breakdown of metal parts that come into contact.

It is compatible with engines that use Dex-cool coolants. However, you can use it on a vehicle not originally using dex-cool coolant.

You will have to replace the coolant after 30, miles, though. This concentration is formulated using Carboxylate technology, making it ideal for hybrid cars as well. Changing the antifreeze on a Cummins diesel engine is pretty straightforward. You will need a 5 or 6-gallon bucket and a funnel. Twist the dial to the left, and place the bucket under the radiator. The coolant should pour out into the bucket. This may take some time.

To speed up the coolant drainage, loosen or remove the radiator cap. Once the coolant has drained, tighten the white dial. Use a funnel to pour about half a gallon of distilled water into the radiator cap. Check for leakage under the radiator, and if there are no leaks, add the coolant. You will notice that the radiator is overflown. You may have to drive to get the water to drop.

Once this is done, close the radiator cap. Not every antifreeze will work with your Cummins engine. Knowing what kind of coolant to buy for your engine is therefore essential. Here are some of the things you need to look for when shopping for the best antifreeze for Cummins diesel. Some antifreeze comes premixed with water. This is a good thing as it means you do not have to do the mixing. However, most antifreeze comes undiluted, and you have to dilute it with distilled water when adding it to the radiator.

Both antifreeze options are good, and it will depend on your preference. If mixing water and the antifreeze at the correct ratio gives you trouble, a pre-diluted choice will be ideal. However, if you want to control how much water you add to your antifreeze, go for undiluted.

The active ingredient in almost all antifreeze is a compound known as ethylene glycol. This compound is highly toxic but very sweet. Because of this, modern coolants come with another ingredient known as a bittering agent. The purpose of this is to make the ethylene glycol bitter to prevent animals and even kids from taking it.

Whether a coolant has a bittering agent or not will not impact its performance. Other ingredients include silicates, phosphates, and nitrates. Some coolants do not contain silicates or phosphates and can be better for diesel engines.

The recommended coolant for the Cummins engine is actually silicate-free. These types of antifreeze are common in older cars, particularly those made before the mids. These coolants use silicates and phosphates to protect metal parts from corrosion and are usually bright green in color. These coolants should be flushed out after every 30, miles.

These types of coolants are used in newer car models and do not contain silicates or phosphates. Instead, they contain carboxylic acids to inhibit corrosion. The colors of these coolants range from pink, orange, bright red, blue, and dark green. It is recommended to flush out these coolants from the cooling system after , miles.

They are found in most modern cars and are usually yellow, pink, turquoise, blue, or purple in color. These coolants need to be flushed after every , miles and contain added silicates and phosphates. So what is the best coolant for diesel engine? Hybrid organic acid technology-based coolants are recommended for diesel engines and, in particular, for Cummins diesel engines.

The primary purpose of the coolant is to protect the engine from overheating and freezing. As such, the temperature range it can withstand will also be necessary. The best antifreeze for diesel engines will typically be able to withstand temperatures as low as degrees celsius.

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According to numerous user reports as well as expert reviews, the 6. This head gasket failure has been occurring most probably due to either the sheer power and torque that the manufacturer makes for the 6. Users also reported encountering common symptoms such as w hite smoke coming out from the exhaust, an unusual sweet smell coming due to coolant burning, a blown head gasket that allowed oil to mix coolant system, and prompt overheating due to high pressure in coolant or coolant pour out of the tank.

However, the good news is head gasket failure issue of the 6. Reports claim that encountering fuel dilution issues in the 6. In the regeneration managing process, the engine is supposed to trap the external particulates in the DPF and burn for cleaner emissions. Unfortunately, the 6. As a result, this entire process allows fuel to adhere to the cylinder wall and mix with the oil to cause dilution.

Cummins has launched a new oil analysis program and under this program, you can get the oil analysis done at approx. EGR cooler failure is not a new issue that only occurs with 6. However, most long-term diesel engine owners are already well aware of this trouble, and t he EGR issues mostly occur because 6. Fortunately, like all other 6.

When the problem visibly pops up just delete the EGR system, and another solution is to clean up the EGR valve or simply replace it. Taking your vehicle to any professional workshop, it will cost you approx. It is a relatively cheap repair service since professional assistance is not always required if you are maintaining its schedule maintenance. With regularly scheduled maintenance and proper care, A 6. Cummins brand is internationally famous for offering high-quality diesel engines and available in different sizes to meet the standard for delivering products that fulfill most equipment application demands.

Therefore, do not rush over and take your time to make the best decision. Detecting the…. Code P indicates that the turbo fluid pressure is insufficient. This could happen for several reasons, and…. Diagnostic trouble codes are like breadcrumbs that tell you exactly where to go next to fix your….

Although the Cummins engine has been reliable since , after running for a while, it regularly displays…. Skip to content The Cummins engines are widely renowned for their durability and reliability, and the 6. Contents About 6. Worst 6. DPF Clogging Issues 2. Turbocharger Failure 3.

Head Gasket Problems 4. Fuel Dilution Issues 5. How long do Cummins 6. Previous Previous. Next Continue. Brands Expand child menu Expand. Electrical problems like faulty or bad TIPM, difficulty in engine start-up. Take a look at the diagram and then follow our step-by-step instructions below. The most common place for this leak to occur is above the oil filter, and it can be a real pain to fix.

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem yourself, before taking it to a mechanic. First, make sure that your coolant levels are topped off; sometimes, the leak can be caused by low coolant levels. Next, check the oil filter housing for any cracks or damage. Finally, if neither of those solutions work, you may need to replace the entire oil cooler assembly. This is a more involved repair, but it should take care of the leak for good.

If your 6. There are two main culprits: 1. The first is simply age and wear-and-tear. Over time, the rubber hoses that make up your cooling system will degrade and develop cracks or holes.

This is especially true if your truck spends a lot of time idling which can cause the engine to overheat. First, check all of the obvious places for leaks — the hoses themselves, the connections, and the O-rings. One way to track down a leak is to use a piece of cardboard or paper towel and hold it up to the suspected area while the engine is running.

Another way to find a leak is to use soapy water — just put some on your fingers and run them along potential problem areas. Depending on where the leak is coming from, you may be able to replace an O-ring or tighten up a connection. In more serious cases, you may need to replace a hose entirely.

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Web2 days ago?·?1. DPF Clogging Issues. The Cummins engine has a very common and significant issue that most users and auto experts have reported. According to their real . WebJan 14, ?·?Fleece FPE-CLNTBYPS-CUMMINS-SER-KIT Coolant Bypass Service Kit. $ / Cummins (For Fleece Bypass Kit) Usually Ships in 24 Hours. . WebMoreover, the wet surface of the duct makes the air moist and damp, which creates a cooling effect. The price of the duct depends upon the volume of the cooling system. .