transaction processor 1 service delivery conduent salary
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Transaction processor 1 service delivery conduent salary accenture product

Transaction processor 1 service delivery conduent salary

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If you monitor your work, your paycheck will always be a few dollars short. They will correct this if you can prove it. Pros Great Co-Workers. Cons Micro managers, threats, politics. A typical day would be starting off working in Alaska and secondly working for Hawaii.

I learned how to process and deny medical claims and also my typing skills are better from working in data entry for Hawaii. Management was good for my manager but the overall manager was very rude and nonchalant with not a caring attitude at all. She accused me of taking someone's lunch and had no proof of evidence and I lost my job basically for no reason at all. The workplace contained a lot of unnecessary mess meaning everyone could not mind their own business and do their work they all were always worried about others.

The hardest part of the job was unfair treatment. The most enjoyable part was coming to work and getting overtime when needed. Pros Had healthcare vision and dental insurance. Cons Unfair treatment and management.

The days are very fast paced making sure you meet all the daily tasks to get the work done. The environment is a mix of both very relaxed and very drama-filled. I enjoy being able to dress in jeans, listen to my music, and if I so chose have purple hair, however the job itself is very disorganized where I am, and work is not getting done as efficiently as it could be with the new management.

There doesn't seem to be anything put into perspective as far as requirements they demand that simply cannot be accomplished in one day. There is also too much favoritism toward workers that is causing issues between co-workers, making the work enviroment an unpleasant experience as well. Along with a lot of backhanded comments with an attitude that should not be said to workers since it is very immature and unprofessional.

Management is very poor with this company. Communication is also lacking very badly. If you ask the same question to two different managers, both of them will answer the questions differently. Every job in the building is on piece rate, so you have the "potential" to make good money. Once you actually start making good money, the managers will question why you are making so much and try to find a way to cut your pay.

Mondays and Tuesdays are usually pretty bad in the mail rooms especially Monday because it is the busiest day. Everyone is expected to work really long hours. A lot of the sorters work from AM to about midnight or 1 am. They are then expected to be back in the building for their scheduled start time which starts around Some people are scheduled to come in later.

I processed pension and beneficiary forms. I processed for many different clients. Then was switched to just 1 client. Because of turnover I was forced to cross train and then was taken off of the 1 client that I was doing for over 2 years. I was told that because I wasn't fully trained on the particular client that they would not move me back to the client when they have 2 people who are fully trained.

But the time that was spent cross training could have been spent on completing the rest of my training for that client. But they still expect me to help on blackout days or when one of the processors is out of the office. Pros you can listen to music. Cons poor management, unappreciated, people who are above you couldnt do your job but tries to tell you how to do said job.

This company sucks. Not enough hourly pay for everything they have you do. Transaction Processor does not have a dam thing to do with Data Entry. They already have folks that key, scan. You're going in there to open mail and sort it. They hours vary daily which is something they need to tell you during the interview. Unorganized overall and need to know how to treat new employees and have everything ready for them before they come in not after they start you gotta drive down the street to do your I9 when that could've been sent in email prior.

Take you through background drug checks for under 14 hourly. Treat new hires like they nothing. Pros None. Cons Hours cut daily, Low pay, Management Unorganized. Working from home Answered Jul 2, How often do you get a raise at Conduent? When you get a promotion Answered Jan 14, What is the promotion process like at Conduent?

Apply after 6 months and be considered Answered Jan 16, Once your hired and get a promotion you get a raise Answered Jan 14, What is a typical day like for you at Conduent? Very busy Answered Oct 20, Providing patients and providers with information about benefits, claims, insurance.

Answered Oct 19, If you were to leave Conduent, what would be the reason? The pay is ridiculous. Current Job Title Optional. If you would like to be contacted about new positions at conduent, please check here. Email Frequency Daily Weekly Monthly. Sign Up. If you click to sign-in above, you will be added to the conduent talent network. Your information will not be shared or sold. Anonymous LinkedIn. Send message.

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Apply Now. View Career and Salary Advice. Average Total Cash Compensation Includes base and annual incentives. Total compensation includes the value of any benefits received in addition to your salary and some of the benefits that are most commonly provided within a total compensation package including bonuses, commissions, paid time off, and Insurance. The total cash compensation may get paid differently by industry, location, and other factors. Search Job Openings. Payments Processor.

Support Services Specialist. Canadian Solar Inc. Accounts Payable Specialist. Ensures payroll transactions are properly classified. ZipRecruiter - 32 days ago. Payroll Coordinator.

Respond to and ZipRecruiter - 1 day ago. Payroll Manager. Conduent Incorporated provides business process services with capabilities in transaction-intensive processing, analytics, and automation in the United States and Europe.

The Commercial Industries segment offers business process services and customized solutions to clients in various industries. This segment delivers end-to-end business-to-business and business-to-customer services, including customer care, human resource management, omni-channel communications, and finance and accounting servic. Data Entry Operator. Data Entry Operator I. Data Entry Operator II. Document Imaging Associate I.

Document Imaging Associate II. Eligibility Specialist - Hearings and Appeals. Healthcare Data Entry Specialist I. Healthcare Transaction Processor Albuquerque. Mailroom Clerk I. Mailroom Scan Operator. Mailroom Scan Team Lead. Mailroom Supervisor. Material Handler - 3rd Shift. Payment Processing Supervisor. Payments Processing Associate - Adjustments.

Print and Mail Processor. Senior Supervisor, Transaction Processing. Transaction Processing Associate. Transaction Processing Associate I.

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Change healthcare search payment Transaction Processing Associate I. Senior Service Associate. Everyone is on their own. Communicates with teams and managers to provide work status. Management is very poor with this company. Salary Company Job Openings. Conduent Ratings.
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Cinquantes nuances plus sombres pdf gratuit A lot of the sorters work from AM to about midnight or 1 am. Take you through background drug checks for under 14 hourly. You're going in there to conduetn mail and sort it. Senior Service Associate 1 salary reported. You may read article. Because of turnover I was forced to cross train and then was taken off of the 1 client that I was doing for over 2 years. Ensures quality and 11 is met during shifts.

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