alcon multifocal colored contacts
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Alcon multifocal colored contacts

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Currently, according to Alcon data, only 2. Current Air Optix users will not need to be refit should they wish to purchase one of the colored lenses, he said. The lenses will be available in two color groups: subtle, which consists of pure hazel, blue, green, gray and brown, as well as vibrant, which consists of brilliant blue, gemstone green and sterling gray.

Murphy said it is disappointing that the contact lens market has been relatively flat despite all of the innovation in the contact lens field. People should expect optimal visual acuity. And we want you to look your best. Read next. March 15, Receive an email when new articles are posted on. Please provide your email address to receive an email when new articles are posted on. You've successfully added to your alerts.

You will receive an email when new content is published. Click Here to Manage Email Alerts. Plus, their monthly replacement schedule is easy to remember. As we approach 40, our eyes lose the ability to focus on near objects the way they used to.

And nothing feels better than a fresh, new pair of contact lenses. Bubbling action enhances surface protein removal to give your eyes the comfort they deserve. Designed for refreshing comfort with every blink so you can make the most of every day. New contact lens wearers who want a comfortable and convenient contact lens wearing experience.

Only your eye care professional can determine the best wearing schedule for you. When not changing into a fresh pair, remove your contact lenses daily to properly clean, disinfect, and store them. In case of emergency, please phone our office at the number listed above and follow the instructions. Allows the most oxygen through the lens of any available soft contact lenses.

Wake up and see comfortably, wherever, whenever. Consistent comfort from day 1 to day Top choice for lens sleepers among eye care professionals. Those with presbyopia and need to see at near, intermediate and distance.

Consistent comfort without compromise. Consistently clear vision. Outstanding visual acuity. Clear vision at all distances, near through far. Smooth transition between a wide range of distances. Comfort throughout the wearing period.

A Contact Lens that feels like nothing on the eye. You want highly breathable daily disposable contact lenses for white, healthy-looking eyes. Search: Search. Citilight Optometry, Edgewater. Phone: Fax: Email: citiopt02 gmail. Citilight Optometry, Jersey City.

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Successful Multifocal Contact Lens Fitting Made Easy: The Alcon MF Fit Process - Dr. April Jasper

WebToric contact lenses are specially designed to correct your vision if you have astigmatism. Multifocal Multifocal contact lenses are specifically designed to help you see clearly . WebDAILIES TOTAL1 Multifocal contact lenses are silicone hydrogel lenses that contain nearly % water at the lens surface, so nothing touches the eye but a gentle cusion of . WebMar 15, ATLANTA Alcon has expanded its Dailies AquaComfort Plus line of contact lenses with the addition of toric and multifocal options, the company announced .